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Wake up!

I read the sisterís letter with tears in my eyes. I admire her courage to tell her story to the world. It is sad, very sad to hear about this kind of behavior going on in our Libya, in front of our peopleí eyes.

To my people in Libya who watched this and did nothing, may God help your souls? What is happening to our people? Is it bad to the point that we are afraid to protect our mothers and sisters. How can we justify these actions? This unacceptable behavior from our people has nothing to do with QUADAFFI. Our people in Libya start to think like there is no hope, and these criminals know that. Because every time these criminals do something to hurt someone or some family, no one stands to these criminals and says or do something.

Our people inside the country have forgotten about Allah, brothers. Our priorities are screwed up brothers. I am not sure what else we have to wait for to overthrow these criminals. I swear these criminals are not Libyan. Brothers! Libya is going down hill faster than the speed of light. Brothers! Open your eyes; canít you see how these criminals destroying our country, our culture, our values, our history, Oh Allah, what else these criminals will destroy. The truth is, I cannot take this anymore. Who the hell give these criminals, these (...) the right to control our Libya? We have to take it back, we have to do whatever it takes to free our LIBYA.

It is time to wake up brothers. What happened to this sister could happen to any of our families. I am sure we all aware that Libya is the poorest country on the face of the earth my dear brothers, not because that we do not have money or the resources, but these criminals took everything from us. These criminals destroyed our schools, our universities and the people common sense to act in bad situations like protecting their sisters when they scream for help. It is time to do something dramatically to take control of the country and introduce our Libya back to the world. Quadaffi and his family took everything from us, from the oil to whatever he gets his hands on. But Quadaffi will never take our love to our LIBYA. This is something he bets his ??? on. It is time to claim Libya back.

Brothers, Allah wonít help us until we start helping ourselves. I cannot imagine the sad situation that poor sister was facing, brothers, our sister was screaming for help and NO one came to rescue her. Do you imagine? My brothers, just take a moment and imagine the screaming women was your mother or your sister or your wife or your daughter or someone you really care about, and the brothers were just watching and no one moved a finger to do something to help her.

Dear sister, I am sure these words will not bring what these criminals took from you. I am not sure how to comfort you. My bleeding heart is with you and all the sisters in Libya. Do not give up hope and pray to Allah to destroy these criminals and remember that Allah is above all of us and always remember that the end is near for these criminals. No one will live forever.

Our Love to Libya.


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