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To Elmared (Elgaddafi)

It is a positive sign to see Libyan intellectuals on both sides exchanging ideas and engaging in debates. This is a promising process that may soon transform into democracy application in Libya. However, all of the contributors to this great open platform, LIBYA OUR HOME, from Qaddafi’s side still exercise arrogance, the type applied by those dressed in green outfits with silky Jebotties. The type of people who joined the revolutionary committees for no reason other than power, which is mostly not used but abused, and for the privileges that go with it which are not available to the general public. The relatively educated members of those committees usually join Azzahf Elakhdar and Aljamahiriya weeklies and the Voice of Africa formerly known as the Voice of the Arab Homeland.

In Elmared’s reply to he used a title to describes the state of arrogance Gadafi’s declared loyalists suffer from. They follow their boss’s path of downsizing and degrading anyone who differs with his point of views or merely imply an impression that may seem not to go along 100% with Gaddafi’s declared views and feelings. They not only accuse those ‘suspects’ as reactionaries but also brand them as enemies of ‘the masses’ and, therefore, must be crushed. It is the same mentality repeating itself time and again over the last 31 years.

Let’s take your reply point by point:

At the opening of your second paragraph ‘Lack of evidence to prove how Libya has suffered a great deal under the one man rule’. Well, are you trying to cover the eye of the sun with a Ghirbal? What proof do you require other than the huge mess the Libyans struggle with in their day to day life for over 31 years now? Does it need a proof? How can you contest actions, which already have taken place and have documented as history? What had happened in Libya in the last three decades is widely reflected in our present and extending through into our future.

If you only take the questions listed in the article and honestly answer them one in a time you will find yourself painting a sad portrait reflecting the agonies Libya has gone through in the last 31 years. A portrait would be filled with sad memories, saturated with violence, killings, home demolitions, property confiscation and grabbing, wide spread sense of fear, resentment and restlessness, Gaddafi’s unending calls for crushing and crushing of the ‘enemy of the people’, his foreign adventures and blunders, and, and, and…. and… The portrait becomes too small to fit his entire savage handling of Libya and the Libyans. You would need a frame as large as the land of Libya itself to include all of the sad events that have taken place in those sad and heartbreaking years. The painting will hardly contain any bright spots. If you only remember how, in 1984, the university students fleeing the school and jumping over the fences in a stormy April day. All gate were closed and all students were jammed in the square while Gaddafi erected the Gallows and brought up their friends and colleagues to be hanged at around 11 in the morning while all students were forced to watch the macabre. You probably would be desperate to play a balanced act and find any actions taken by Gaddafi that served the Libyans in any way other than bringing them more of the same miseries and disasters, one after another. You will find nothing to compensate for the shortcomings unless you want to use lines of ‘Injazat’ and the ‘Authority of the People’. When you are done with that painting the tragedies and tragic events will fill all the time and the space of the 31years in the portrait. The Libyans suffered a great deal during Kaddafi’s 31-year tenure matched only to Mussolini’s 31 years before he grabbed the power from King Idris on a black September day in 1969.

Disaster after Another:

Let me remind you of some of the major disaster that encompassed the Libyan people since the soldiers wrestled away the power from the constitutional monarchy in September 1969. Do not tell me that was not a military coup but a revolution:

1. 1973
Nullifying the laws and declaring ‘Cultural Revolution’
creating a state of lawlessness and declaring war on knowledge, emptying libraries and the archives off their millions of books and references through Gadafi’s version of Mao Tsee Tong’s 1969-1970 Cultural Revolution. By doing so he created knowledge vacuum, forced Libyan intellectual elite to exile, thus paving the way for a long painful bleeding drain of the Libyan brains. Today, Libyans pepper the 5 contents as refugees seeking protection. They are the creme of the crop: University professors, doctors, engineers, writers, artists, bank managers, high ranking military officers, and many other professional.

2. 1975/76:
The Birth of the Green Book:
Crushing every and each one who voiced different opinions other than Gadafie’s, the Green Book was born. In the name of his model of democracy, Elgadafi concentrated his oppressive effort mainly on the student movement. He erected the gallows and brought the beloved sons of Libya in droves to be hanged in public in broad daylight. The idea was to terrorize and to deter, just like Mussolini did to Eshaheed Omar Almukhtar.
. Do you notice that several writers are drawing parallels between Kadafi’s era and Mussolini’s on this page and others?
. Why did Gadafi take the option of physical elimination of whoever disagreed with his ideas?

He sure did not do that for the good of you and of the Libyans. He does not give a damn about you or them. He simply wants to prolong his hold on power regardless of the price the Libyans, not he, have to pay.

. What good did we get out of that?
. Was he building the country and those guys disrupted his effort?

Well, even if they were to disrupt his ‘good intentions’, let them do so. They are the population and they just did not like having him in power anymore. 6 years already passed and they already had enough of him. Arbee' min fum eddar iban.

. Have the Libyans gone through anything similar to that prior to his jump to power in September 1969?
. Do not you remember how we took to the streets prior to 1969 whenever we saw it was the only way to get a government action corrected?
. Do not you remember how we saturated the press and the media with articles whenever we needed to express our opinion about a certain strategic event and our opinion be heard and our feedback be taken in the government equation. Go see Ezwawi cartoons printed in different papers and magazines if you do not believe me.

Elgaddafi told us that Elkitab Elakdhar is here to solve the problem of democracy. You know he used this new invention as his main line of defense to deprive the opposition off a platform to sound their opinions. Ironically, democracy means the very thing he opposes. Democracy is the antonym of dictatorship. Would true democracy take root he would have never been able to keep his hold on power for this long. Democracy was exercised in 1975/ 1976 when people made their say “ enough is enough. “ But Gadafy reacted brutally and destroyed the hopes for true democracy and he further reinforced his version democratic dictatorship.

Trust me, starting from the second man to him, if there is one, down to man number five million, all agree that everything Elgaddafi did or say since September 1, 1969 to date has nothing more than serving his own purpose of staying longer in power. It served the Libyans with nothing but hellish realities. He seems to be 100% convinced that he could last only as long as he has enough fresh skulls to sit on. He seems to be 100% certain keeping a strangle hold on the population is the only way to have a strong grip on power. He simply deprived the Libyans of their basic rights of existence and has kept them under siege for over 31 years through the use of a great variety of chaotic tricks, oppressive terror and intimidation.

3. 1978
Confiscation of private property
and hereto the confiscation of the Libyan identity. Libya now is not permitted to mention the names of her sons but Gadafi’s and only Gadafi’s name. All Libyans are anonymous (Nakira). He forcefully let it be known that he is the only Ma’rifa in the country and the only Fahal. He confiscated the intellectual rights of the Libyans. He is now toting the idea is bringing more females qualified or otherwise to key position in his government. The idea is not driven by his love for justice or his drive for equality. His real intention is to insult and humiliate the Libyan men through his notion of ‘You, Libyan men, are no good, women are in a better position to lead you.’
Why has he denied of the hard working Libyans of their rights to be known to their fellow citizens by their names and their achievements?

. Why do we not hear any more of names like Ben Sasi, Elbedri, Tatanaki, Anga, Almijrab, etc? We do hear only of Bel Finger, Phillip Holzman, Dawoo, Hyundai, Samsong, etc.
. Isn’t it better that Libyan contractors and businessmen do the jobs the others are doing?
. Or are you too full of evil to bear seeing a Libyan with a good social and financial standing working in Libya and for Libya?
. Or has Libya become sterile to bear anymore of the likes of those good men?
If you ask any of the wise men and women of old age, they would tell you straightforward with a deep sad sigh, “Rabbi Yfarrej alaina, yawlaidi.”

4. 1979
Uganda Fiasco
in which hundreds of Libyans either killed or still missing.

. Why has the Libyan blood become so cheap in the eyes of el-Khadafi?
. What good did we accomplish through that type of action?
. Has Libya conduct any of this kind of action prior to 1969?

5. 1986
The burning of Ettasjeel Alaqari documents.

. Why did he do it?
. Can you give a rational explanation of such a terrible and unprecedented action?
. Isn’t an obligation of any nation to preserves the Archives?
. Have any traces of that sort taken place prior to September 1969?

6. 1984
‘Annaher Assina’ai Al'adheem’.
Over $30 billion spent and over 16 years of ‘construction’ the Libyans are still recycling their sewage as the only source of water. Go and see the homes in Tripoli especially in Busleem and Elhadhba. Almost every 3 Household has dug a 10-20 meter deep well inside their home. Well digging lulled for a while in the summer of 1996 but to their disappointment, although not surprised, after having a trickle for a few months; the water mains went dry again. Not exactly as Eshamekh declared in the summer of 1995 when he said, “ Hathihi Akhir Sa’ifa for Tripoli without water.” Well digging resumed.

. Where do you think the water they have been consuming in the last few years is coming from?
. Do you remember that most of those communities got connected to the municipal sewer system only a few years ago?

Up to that point, most of the homes were disposing of their sewage just outside of the main door of their homes at the underground cesspools. The sewage water filtered down from those cesspools and accumulated in the shallow aquifer 10-30 meters deep. That is the very aquifer the Libyan homes are tapping now. If you have doubts, go see for yourself, take a water sample and analyze it or ask your neighbors. Now, the contractor (Dong-Ah) is failing and Gadafi is there to pay the billions to bail it.

. Do you smell the odor? How can you justify that?
. Have any traces of that sort of mess taken place prior to September 1969?

7. 1987
The Chad disaster.
Thousands of Libyans died, taken prisoners, or missing. Billions of dollars worth of equipment lost. Libyan dignity and pride were buried in the desert.

. What did Libya get out of that blunder? Is there any justifiable defense can you put forward?
. Nothing, right?
. Or Ahi Ghalta?
. Have any traces of this kind of acts taken place prior to September 1969?

8. 1992
The shooting down of the LN 1103 with 159 passengers aboard.
If you do not believe that, go ask the two pilots in Fashloom who were, until 1994, put under house arrest there. Of course, you can not go and ask or even mention the story or you place your life in jeopardy. Am I wrong? If you think I am, go ask Bakkar who was to investigate the incident when Hsan Ezzadma ran him over.

. Have any traces of this sort of criminal and murderous acts taken place prior to September 1969?

9. 1992
The Green Caravans.
Their Job was to roam the Libyan landscape and to destroy the newly starting private businesses and raze them off the face of the ground. You can still see the demolished warehouses along the coastal highway as a testimony of Gadafi’s Karr wa Farr against the Libyans in Libya.
. Have any traces of that sort of economic war taken place prior to September 1969?

10. 1996
Lijan Ettatheer.
‘Men Yutahher Men?’ cried Ezahf Elakhdhar.

. Did Mr. Gaddafi really mean well by unleashing those Lijan kids who saw the opportunity of their life wide open to hit and run?
. Was not that one of his tactics to keep the population off balance at the same time to deny them their hard-earned and sweated-for property?
. And to throw in jail and humiliate the people who became relatively wealthy in the post 1988 years after the relaxation of restrictions and who started to attain a social standing?
. Aren’t you anti social?
. Were you trying to do justice in the country?
. Do not you see horrendous contradictions in your behavior?
. Have any traces of that sort of economic war and humiliation of Libyans taken place prior to September 1969?

11. 2000
United States of Africa.
That is the united states of the HIV carriers, of the criminals, of the organized crime, of the sick, of the Ebola virus, of the yellow fever, of the Meningitis, of the tuberculosis, of the drug dealers, of the poor, of the hungry, of the tensions, of Jahannim as a whole. 100% of Libyans oppose the approach and the idea. They see no viability in it, no space, as you describe, no prospects, nothing but dark future and assured catastrophe. It is a fact that no one can escape or dispute or contest. 100% of the Libyans agree that you are finally playing the card of margining and reducing them to a weak, ineffective minority in their own land. By flooding Libya with millions of black Africans, You are sure they, the Libyans, would cause you no more threat. They would be drowned in the sea of the new immigrant population. They have already flooded the country and caused havoc while the idea is still in the conception phase.

If Africa were as good and beautiful as you claim and have described, why would the Africans run away from it by the millions?

Just imagine if 30 to 50 million of them are jammed along the coastal strip of Libya. What would they do? Do you think they would transform Libya into a super power? Cana Bouzaid Ammar raho Ammer Swani Bladeh.
Do you think you will accomplish your declared goal of transforming Africa into a power among powers? Cana Bouzaid Ammar raho Ammer Libya…

History shows that you have bent on the destruction of the country. Leaders are evaluated by their achievements.

. What are your accomplishments?
. Arab unity?
. Local economy?
. The state of the nation after 31 years?

You are nothing but a total failure, an evil conspirator who hoards deep strong hatred to Libya and the Libyans. Alli Ma Lgu Ahlah feeh khair ma yalguh lukhreen.

. Have any traces of these confusing acts with the smell of conspiracy so strong taken place prior to September 1969?

Downsizing and under estimating the abilities of Libyans:

You say that only one or two write to this page although they assume numerous nicknames.

. Why do you downsize the other side and downplay their role?
. Do you not know that the creme of the crop of the Libyan population either fled the country and live as refugees abroad or sent in groups to prisons.

In 1998 alone, more than 100 intellectuals including university professors, medical doctors and engineers were thrown into prison. Check this link (
There are more than sixty thousand of the best-educated and trained Libyan live in exile. If anyone of them voices a counter opinion and criticizes your policies, the especially tailored collective punishment law “Mithaq Asharaf” would be enforced against their relatives and their communities at home. It is basically wrong to describe those as laws. The laws seized to existed since April 15, 1973. Laws are made by law making bodies elected by the citizens. Elgadafi tailors his own laws for his own use at any point in time to fit the mood of the moment. The rubber stamp ‘Mutamar Asha’b El’am’ is only there to make Gadafi’s laws appear legitimate.

Libyan Women working as house maids in Malta:

As for Libyan women working as maids or Saftoolat, as the Maltese call them, is actually a shameful phenomenon. You blamed the parents to have their daughters end up as servants in homes of Maltese. Their parents are not to blame. Most of those saftoolat are either ex-army recruits or ex revolutionary nuns. Those girls either rebelled on their families upon Gaddafi’s inciting in the mid eighties when he was executing his social fabric alteration project. Ironically, only 31 years ago Maltese women were serving in Libyan homes as maids.
What do you think went wrong?
People served us prior to 1969 when we invested $130 million a year. Now we spend 100 times as much but our daughters are serving as saftoolat to make ends meet for their families.

. Isn’t that strange?
. Does that tell you any?
. Shouldn’t have been 100 times better than 1969?
. Do you remember the Libyan saying “Alf Crarty ula Malti”?

Sa’di Elgadafi, in an interview with a global satellite TV station a few months ago, described the Libyans in Malta as criminals and they who stand behind most of the crimes that take place in Malta.
Isn’t a great insult to the Libyans for the son of their ‘leader’ to call them as criminals over an international TV station?

. Wouldn’t be his duty to defend them in face of any criticism, let alone describing them as criminals.
. Shouldn’t he follow the simplest form of protocols when speaking in public, let alone on a TV station watched by millions around the Globe?
. In case the stories out of Malta are true, isn’t his father who drove the Libyans into desperation?
. Weren’t the Libyans almost worshiped by the Maltese prior to 1969 when they stop over in Malta on their way to Europe?

Going to Malta prior to 1969 was a shame. Malta was nothing but a big rock in the middle of the sea. A few shops here and there but a lot of bars. Maltese were impoverished. Education was limited. They spoke Maltese Arabic and some English. After 27 years of steady injection of Libya’s money, Malta and the Maltese changed a great deal. The live in beautiful villas with double car garages. The drive the latest models of BMW’s and Mercedes Benz. They profess English and Italian among others and applying to join the EU. They have become too good to do the dirty low paying work. They left it for the Libyans who calculate that each Lira they make is worth 10 Dinars. It’s a bonanza. Working in a pig farm, dish washing, loading limestone blocks in a quarry is the norm for the Libyans. Maltese left those kinds of jobs to them since a few years ago. Now they say Alf Crarty ula Libiano. Ellibiyani Makhmoojeen.

. What does that tell you?
. Since when the Libyans have become Mkhamjeen?
. Since September 1996, right?

Injazat Caused Social Decadence:

You (Gadafi) blamed the social decadence and deterioration of the economy on the rapid moving pace of life and as a product of advancement. You emphasized that morals have to deteriorate and not to stay still as they were prior to 1969. It is obvious that you are trying to justify the great failures in the social sector by ‘Aljamahiriya was too busy building strategic industries, making scientific and technological advancements to allocate attention to education and cultural preservation.’

. Can you give me one example of just one of those ‘ too busy building…’ business and how it reflected on the lives of the population?
. Should have the Libyans not been 100 times better than 1969 because the ‘invested’ 100 times per year as the did in 1969?

We know that over $400 billion of Libyan money were spent but Libya has become in Gadafi’s time a backwater country, with impoverished population and rundown infrastructure and so backward as he admitted to the US and World Report reporter last April. Libya has become unable to even provide the minimum catering for her sons. Her sick struggles to seek medical treatment in Tunisia and Jordan. The international and local statistical data and economic indicators all point out that Libya is the wealthiest country in Africa yet it has the poorest and least served population in North Africa.

. How do you justify that?
. Why can that be?
. How can the education, health, and security services deteriorate so badly especially in the last few years?
. Do you blame that on the Embargo ‘Hisar’? It was only an air embargo, which really was nothing but a lost luxury for a few years. Countries’ economies are driven mainly by land and sea transport modes which, in the Libyan case, has never been interrupted.
. How was Libya compared to Tunis and Malta in the late 60’s, early 70’s and today?
. Wasn’t a dream for the Maltese and the Tunisians among others to visit Libya and do their shopping there?
. It is very sad to see how she has become under your rule, isn’t it?

Everything is in Disarray:

. Do you remember how the Libyan students back in 1969 and before had access to laboratories in their secondary schools in Libya, just like their similes in Europe and in the Americas, to observe and conduct experiments in geology, biology, physics, and chemistry?
. Do you find any traces of those today? Even in the universities, labs are in short supply and extremely under equipped if they do exist.
. Isn’t that sad?
. Is it because the ‘Jamahiriea is transforming itself to the state of the masses’ and that is a price Libyans have to pay?
. What are they getting in return?
. State of the masses?
. Sultet asha’b?
. Ettajheel instead of Etta’leem?
. Suppression instead of democracy?
. Oppression in place of freedom?
. Poverty instead of wealth?
. Lawlessness and disorder instead of law and order?
. Chaotic state in place of a state of the institutions?
. Death instead of life?
. Drinking sewage water instead of drinking sterilized bottled water?
. Driving 15-year-old steel junk, which can hardly be described as cars instead of driving Mercedes Benz and BMW’s?
. Why do Tunisians and the Maltese drive them?
. Isn’t it the Libyans’ money that Elgaddafi grabbed away from us only to give it to those living beyond Libya’s borders in one form or another?
. Isn’t that sad?
. Or do you think the Libyans should wait until Sarookh Aljamahiriya is ready to take them to where they will never come back?
. Is Sarookh Aljamahiria not like Annaher Aladheem? Another black hole to suck away whatever left of Libya’s natural resources?
. Do you remember the numerous industrial and agricultural projects; the projects that consumed billions of Dinars before they all failed and got dismantled as soon as their building contracts expired?
. Do you see any output from those projects in the Libyan marketplace?

In Reverse:

Prior to September 1969 Libya was going through a great business development. There were different brands of products springing up virtually every month. They come and they are there to stay and multiply. We used to see names and brands like Ellfallah, Elmansora, Reem tomato paste brands, Elmijrab, etc. We used to wash our cloths with Eshams, Tide, and Parseel detergents. We used to see quite often-new Libyan products making their way to Libyan consumers. Now you hear about elma’Mura and you see its products as images only on TV. It is an irony that Elma’mora was built on the ruins of Elmijrab’s confiscated Reem industrial base. But Shattana bayn Athurayati wa Athara. The unstable social and political atmosphere combined with the instability of the economy created short term planning to be the only viable mechanism to risk taking by the -Now you see it, Now you don’t- private sector. A product made by a Tasharukiya that may be available today may disappear tomorrow because that Tasharukiya seized to exist for reasons all Libyans know so well. Prior to 1969 stability was the essence on which private business used as building blocks for healthy growth. That atmosphere of stability gave insurance blankets to investors. In return, the economy got stronger and expanded by the day. Now the Libyan economy is in limbo waiting for a day to come.

. Isn’t that sad?
. Do you name the motion in reverse and the atmosphere of uncertainty as advancement and technology? It may be to a leader like yours who has described long lines crowding streets outside of his ‘Munsh’aat’ as a civilized phenomenon.

Covering the Eye of the Sun:

Why do you call the List of Comparisons between Two Recent Eras as a form of intelligence collection? It is only a click away for anyone to find all of that and more on the Internet. It is only a comparison between how Libya was then (in 1969 and before) and how we it has become now. The list seemed clearly to draw a line between two eras. Check the Internet and navigate the sites, which post information about Libya including photos old and new. Go and look at the pictures of Libya in the sixties and Libya today. All you can say is ya hasra.

. Do you call the deterioration of the Libyan cities as part of what you call the rapidly moving rhythm of life?
. Do you call the demolition of historic sentimental sites like Mabna Wazaret Alkharijia in Tripoli, soug Edhlam and Alahli ClubHouse in Benghazi as part of your rapidly moving rhythm of life?

The Libyan cities and towns suffer from neglect and reckless demolition, which has lasted for three long decades. It is sad to almost see the tears pouring out of the eyes of once bustling Libyan metropolises. They almost can talk to you and say; “you see what happened to us?”

. Isn’t that sad?
. Doesn’t it load up every Libyan soul with rage and anger?

Injazat Alfatah:

Can you tell me what Injazat you are talking about? The foreign bases were debated in the streets and in the parliament as soon as Nasser called for their evacuation. The French left early in the 60’s, the British and the Americans were to fallow suit. Their contracts were about to expire when Gadafi Sharraf. They had no intention to request a contract extension due to the growing popular opposition to their presence.

. Do you remember how Libyans demonstrated freely in the streets of the Libyan cities and towns and called on the government to evacuate the bases?
. Can Libyans exercise the right of demonstrating, protesting and loudly expressing their opinion now?

When your Gaddafi took over he found everything ready to claim credit for himself. As for the Italian settler presence, the Libyans never contested it or brought up the subject in the streets or in the media as they did with the bases case. I do not remember a single anti Italian demonstration took place in any Libyan city or town. But had that to take place the government would have then supported the people’s will and ordered the evacuation. The settlers would have left just like the French did when the Tunisians asked them to do so. So, no big deal there and no great accomplishment on the part of your Kaddafi for that reason.

. What other Injazat have made available the Libyan citizens?
. The soviet-era apartment blocks in Haiy Alakwakh and in Soug Etlat Elgdeem?

The residents of those blocks were much comfortable when they lived in the temporary residence of Barrakas. It was a matter of a few years before they moved away to a new modern home and left the barraka behind for the younger to follow suit in an equal opportunity market place. The residents of those blocks regret the day they moved in to those substandard apartments. They have to break their backs to suffer potential heart attacks carrying gas bottles, water Jerry cans, and sugar sacks up to the eleventh floor. Elevators are nothing but cemented empty shafts. Pools of raw sewage surround each block. The early 70 residential blocks however, were made out of a deformed form of Idris Liliskan project.

. Do not you see how sleekly and still clean and functional the residential buildings that were constructed in pre Gadafi era?
. Take a look at the Mustashfa Aljala residential buildings and compare. Weren’t they built to decent standards?
. Do you call the sewage puddles around the ‘Ahia Sha’bieya’ Injazat?
. The deteriorated health, education, security, telecommunications, transportation, etc. etc. Injazat?
. Do you call the every deteriorated form of every life aspect Injazat?
. Can you list a few?
. Do you know that Tunis will complete, among many other projects, in the next year or two the construction of a super, wide, limited-access highway extending from Benzart to Ras Ejdair?
. Do you remember how the Tunisian roads were only a few years back?

If it were not the Essahili Road that was constructed in the 60’s Rahi Rahat Lail.

. Has your Gaddafi modernized or transformed that road to a limited access way to make movements of Libyans safer?
. Do you know how many lives unnecessarily lost to accidents in that road mostly colliding with animals?

The only limited access (not anymore) road in the whole of the country is a few signless kilometers extending between Alghiran and Soug Ujjuma’a. Even Malta has been busy in the last decade constructing limited access and tunneled highways, super ports and airports, specialty hospitals and clinics, high class public services. The sole source for the Maltese advancement and the real Injazat would never have materialized should not have been the constant and steady flood of money coming from the south, from Libya. Nothing new has taken place in the economies of both Tunis and Malta other than the one way flood of Libyans’ money.
Can you tell me if any new resources are added to the Maltese economy rather than fishing and tourism, which have been the only modes of the economy through out the decades preceding the Libyan encounter?
What else has been added to the Tunisian economy other than the Libyan cash flow? We all know throughout the last decades that the three pillars of the Tunisian economy are olive oil, Degla, and tourism. Those sources had made what Tunisia was in the 80’s and before. To top it up, Gadafi gave away the offshore oil and gas fields worth more than $10 billion based on today’s prices to the Tunisians. Do the Libyans agree with that? Does he care if don’t? He took the authority away from them at gunpoint in September 1969. Didn’t he?
Sure we love to have close and mutual trade relations with our neighbors but our people’s interests must come first.

He is the only one who got the right to own a gun. To make his point clear he confiscated the rights of the Libyans to own shotguns for self-protection. He disarmed them and took away their guns to leave them at the mercy of criminals.

. Would have not been tough for the black Africans to rape and murder Libyans should they have had easy access to their shotguns?
. Do you call disarming citizens and confiscating their lawfully owned shotguns Injazat?
. Do you call Libyans getting killed stampeding over a box of bananas Injazat?
. Do you call getting your monthly food rations from a Jam’aiya Istihlakia Injazat?

Libyans are shrewd businessmen only if they find the right atmosphere. In the 60’s, a few names had become well known around the country for their contribution to the economy like Albadri, BinSasi, Tatatnaki, Elemshergi, to name a few.

. What happened to the Libyan business mania and entrepreneurial?
. Has Libya become sterile to conceive anymore talented and creative men?

They used to roam the world with dignity, securing lucrative contracts and making available to the Libyan consumer the highest quality merchandises at the lowest prices. The Italians used to Travel to Aroost Albahar to buy the best Italian goods and clothing because it was much cheaper to shop in Libya than to get the same brands from Italy.

Algaddafi gave some room for Libyans after 1988 to explore some form of private business. Some Libyans, mostly young kids dropped out of school, tried to look for a source of support to help their under paid and not paid for months fathers. They roamed the world only to bring the cheapest and lowest quality products because that is all they could afford. They had no bank facilities or could open letters of credit or by pay against documents. They purchased US dollars from the black market at 10 times the official rate. A couple of accompanied suite cases is about the whole deal. They usually end up getting those suite cases confiscated by the Libyan customs. The excuse they give to the disappointed business children is that the regulations have changed while they were away. Unless they pay the agents half of the worth or more those “regulation’ would remain in effect.

. Is it better now in Elgaddafi’s era or then in 1969 and before? Shttana bain Athurayati wa Athara.
. Isn’t that sad?
. Isn’t it degrading?
. Do you call people dying in a banana stampede Injazat?
. Do you call food rationing in a country so wealthy and with a very small population Injazat?
. Do you call the rampant crime talking place now in a country not long ago used to be so immune to crimes Injazat?
. Do you cal the quasi-official drug trade and drug pushing Injazat?
. Do you call the more than 4000 per year dug addicts seeking treatment in the newly formed drug rehabilitation center Injazat?
. Do you call the Televised declaration made by Gadafi when he said, “ It’s OK for young kids to try drugs. They will repent when they grow up.” Injazat?
. Do you call the over 50 students per class in deskless classes in doorless cold classrooms with glassless windows and sewage drenched schools in the richest country in the land Injazat?
. Do you call the spread of rheumatism among our school children because of the cold classrooms Injazat?
. Do you call the spread of aids in Libya, especially the deliberate infection of the 400 Benghazi children with the Aids HIV causing virus, which experts believe it was done by Gadafi’s agents, as a take back at the Al'asia city Benghazi in the wake of the uprisings that took place in that city Injazat?
. Since when Bulgarians spread diseases in Libya?
. Why now?
. Do you call the spread of Tuberculosis Injazat?
. Do you call the spread of radio active-related cancers in the eastern part of Libya Injazat?
. Do you call the over 50% unemployment among the Libyans Injazat?
. Do you call the decadence of social values, the wide spread of prostitution among Libyan women Injazat?
. Do you call the wide spread of various diseases unknown in Libya only a few years ago Injazat?
. Do you call the run down hospitals, which lack even the basic hospital requirements Injazat?
. Do you call the widespread poverty among the supposed to be the richest people in the world Injazat?
. Do you call the rampant corruption Injasat?
. Do you call the valueless Libyan currency Injazat?
. Do you call the 30% per year inflation, considered among the highest in the world, Injazat?
. Do you call the humiliation of the Libyan souls through food rationing Injazat?
. Do you call the neglect and deterioration of the Libyan cities and towns Injazat?
. Do you call the insults and the low class treatment the Libyans receive when the travel abroad Injazat? (Read this:
. Can you answer why Libyans have become to feel humiliated in Gadafi’s time and not before?
. Have any traces of that sort taken place prior to September 1969?
. Do you call the 10-year waiting for a telephone line Injazat?
. Do you call the total collapse of public transport system Injazat?
. Do you call the international media description of the Libyan generation grew during Gadafi’s revolution unable to speak a foreign Language and the only one who speak foreign languages are the older generation Injazat?
. Do you call the break in into Libyan citizens’ homes and forcing the legitimate owners out of them just to give them away to others Injazat?
. Do you call the run over offices and office take away by Gadafi’s sons and relatives Injazat?
. Do you call the failure of the administrative system in Libya and the state of lawlessness and disorder Injazat?
. Do you call 10 or more Libyans sharing one small apartment when they go abroad for medical treatment and buying flower to bake their own bread loves because they just can not afford buying ready ones Injazat?
. Do you call the sagging morale of Libyans Injazat?
. Do you call the feeling of non-belonging and non-caring Injazat?
And the list grows endlessly longer.

If you do call those Injazat, then shame on you.

You concluded your article by inviting us to present the facts to the readers who will decide whether we have a strong case.
. Do you think if I should print this article in Libya and have guys stand in street corners in Tripoli and Benghazi to hand it out to pedestrians will not be harassed by your agents?
. Is it safe for those guys to hand out the article or would they be immediately arrested and taken away to where no one will ever hear about them?

In the light of your invitation I would like to propose the following:

I would like to have the opportunity to talk to the Libyan people and present them with an agenda. I do not ask for airtime or printed media space. All I need is to setup my audio equipment and loudspeakers in a public square like Maidan Ashuhada in Tripoli and talk about how I can improve the state of the affairs in our beloved Libya if I get elected. I need no prior arrangements or prior notice. I would let the rally take shape in a spontaneous way.

I will put forward my agenda to the people who would start crowding the square as soon as I begin to set up the equipment, and who would have no prior knowledge of the rally about to take place. In a matter of minutes the square would be jammed.

I would tell the rally about my intention to run for the Libyan leadership spot and ask them to support me. I would tell them what my top priorities are:

. Reforming education and health,
. Restoring security and restoring the peace,
. Go back or up to, if you will, 31 August 1969 and bring back the lives of Libyans to that point in space and time.
. Start the building work at that point to compensate for their suffering they went through in the past 31 years, 31 long years of oppression, killings, and neglect.

I will touch on some history to remind them how Libya was before Gadafi made his debut in September 1, 1969.

. I will ask the crowed, which got bigger by now, if they were better off in 1969 or now. Most of them are too young to remember. Many of them were born much later than ‘69 but they all have been told by their folks how Libya was just like in the comparison list mentioned above. They were told how the Libyan economy was expanding at an astounding rate of 7% per year while spending only $2 billion in 17 years. An average of $130 million per year spent since 1951 and through to 1969 compared to $400 billion spent by Gadafi in 31 years or an average of $13000 million per year (100 times more}.
. I will tell the rally how the people where practicing democracy and how they protested, demonstrated, and rioted when they noticed corruption or election irregularities. How they attacked the government in the media.
. I will tell the rally how Libya was improving from one year to the next. How free expression was improving by the year.
. I will tell the rally about how many Libyans carried a university degree in 1951 (a handful) and how many there were in 1969 (thousands).
. I will tell the rally about the impact the increase of educated people made on the state of the affairs of the nation and how that expedited the evolution of democracy.
. I will tell the rally that Libya enjoyed stability and had one of the best democracies in Africa and the Middle East at that time despite all the irregularities existed.
. I will tell the rally that it was second only to Lebanon in the practice of democracy.
. I will tell the rally that it was one of the first countries to gain independence in the regions mentioned and to be the first country ever to be born in the hands of a popular constitution that was supervised by the United Nations during its formation.
. I will tell the rally how Libya was heading for the greatest economic boom to take place south and east of the Mediterranean as was indicated in the independent international economic institutions and the United Nations agencies including UNESCO, FAO, WHO, UNICEF, UNDP: “Libya…is it New Hong Kong in The Mediterranean in the Making?”.
. I will tell the rally how the Libyans, when traveling abroad, enjoyed respect and treated with royalty like top diplomats and how they are treated now. How they are treated with suspicion and as the lowest and most hated cast in the world. You do not have to go far away to find out for yourself. Just go west of the border or to Malta. See how they both treat you. Ask yourself, your father and grand father how those very places treated Libyans in the 60’s.
. I will tell the rally how trust worthy the Libyans were. How international firms singled them out for a royal type of treatment. How they ran no credit check when issuing credit deals to Libyans. How exclusive representations were handed out to the Libyan businessmen as soon as they asked for them.
. I will tell the rally I would work so hard, day and night, along with my colleagues, the parliament, and all government agencies, to restore that great image Libya had enjoyed in the international arena, that was badly smudged and tarnished by Gadifi and his policies. Help her to return to its role as a country of peace mutual international respect. I will work day and night to assist Libyans restore their pride and dignity and to be as proud of themselves as like never before.
. I will show how Gadafi had messed up the country.
. I will tell the rally about how many people he executed and how many he threw in prisons.
. I will tell the rally about how many died in road accidents and criminal acts as a result of his deliberate neglect of the public services. I will not forget to arrange my figures in percentage ratios comparing how we were before and how we have become after to show how life has badly deteriorated under Gadafi’s leadership.
. I will tell the rally if elected, I will push for the reformation of the Constitutional Assembly with a certain number of representatives elected from all over Libya.
. I will call upon my still living and able colleagues of the old Mu’atamar party, along with the living members of the original assembly, to form a panel of advisors. The job of the panel is to advise the elected assembly members and to use the original constitution as the building blocks to form a thorough and balanced constitution that guarantees the rights of the Libyan citizens, their freedom and their rights to free speech. Using the constitution as the only source, laws will be made by an elected legislative body.
. I will foresee the formation of three bodies that form a democratic state: the executive, Judicial, and legislative bodies.
. If elected, I will do my utmost to remove all the effects of the past 31 years and start rebuilding the country from where we stopped in September 1969. My once and foremost priority would be the reform of education, health and security.
. I will announce a detailed plan to include the issues of restoring the national and international integrity of Libya and of the Libyans. I would give the utmost priority to the internal issues including reforming the economy and restoring the economic regulations and condition that promoted private ownership and individual talent and creativity which existed in the pre September, 1969 coup.
. I will tell the rally that I will help the economy restore its strength and in turn restoring the former Libyan pound along with its original strength.
. I will place Gaddafi’s Dinar in the national museum.
. I will tell the attendants that I will promote national reconciliation and highly discourage any acts of revenge against the Gaddafy followers because we all know that they are waiting themselves for the day to be free. They were mislead and deceived and got themselves into a no return situation.
. I will work to establish excellent relations with the neighbors of Libya and the rest of the world but Libya’s interests must come first. The billions will be spent in Libya to make the Libyans the wealthiest in the world and the most respected. The ingredients are still there although Algaddafi made enormous long-term effort to damage Libya beyond repair. But at the end he failed. Libya is alive and well and so happy to have her sons come back to her rescue and to her loving arms.
. I will do my best to carry on with my responsibilities and be responsible before the parliament and before the Libyan people. Not like Elgadafi who declared that he is responsible before nobody because, as he spelled out, the Libyan people did not mandate the power to him but he got it at gunpoint. He calls that process ‘Ashar’iyya Athawriya’.
. I will declare to the rally: I will be responsible before you, the Libyan people, who entrusted your leadership to me. Through the privatized media, the parliament and
through the polls, you would evaluate my progress and whether I would be fulfilling my campaign promises. If I miss to fulfill my duties, there are 5 million replacements for the people to chose from and to elect to take over and lead.

I will conclude my statement to the people who now jammed the square and filled Jaddat Omar Almukhtar all the way to Tripoli Trade Faire, 24 December Street all the way to Jannat Al’areef, and Jaddat Al’istiqlal all the way to Maidan Aljaza’ir, I will conclude by repeating loudly the historic slogan Tahia Libya Tahia Libya…. The hundreds of thousands of people will sing the song over and over again until the sun rises and the nightmare is over forever.

You may have the guts to ask me to present these views in your ‘people’s Mo’tamarat’. My answer to you would be that we do not recognize this process. These are your tools. You present them to the public and use them as part of your issues in addition to your list of Injazat to convince the Libyan people in your campaign to chose you for the leadership position. We use our own methods to debate our agendas and to communicate our plans and thoughts to the public. We let the people make their choice. If they select us to lead them you simply have to step down. Use your background and Injazat history when you campaign for the next term.

What do you think Elmared (Alqadafi)? Would the Libyans follow me or go hope for more Injazat? Why do you not give it a try? You may legitimize your illegitimate rule. Take a lesson from one of your former students, Jerry Rowlings of Gana who gave democracy a try and succeeded. Now, after his term is over, he simply stepped down and let democracy take roots. He now can spend the rest of his life in peace with his mind, his family, his community, and his countrymen not like you who would end up in disgrace like Shah of Iran or Maboto Sesiseko of Zaire. However, those two and many of their likes found safe havens. For you it would be a different story, an uphill struggle to find a taker when you are finally run over by the will of the people who have refused and rejected you for so long. It is still, however, not too late. I promise that I will campaign for your pardon if you follow Jerry Rowlings suit.

Algaddafi is 100% certain if any one is let to speak out his mind and touch on the issues mentioned will get the full support of the population. That is why he is spending the billions so as not to allow any probability of that nightmarish scenario to take place. Even providing the most limited expression that goes opposite to his way would have total support of the people. Therefore, Gadafy will not allow or tolerate such an undertaking. That is why Malta and Tunis are building the express ways and the 21st century infrastructures paid by the Libyan financial ‘Aid’ as a ransom paid for not to allow any opposition activities to take place there no mater how peaceful and law abiding they would be.

Gaddafi knows that he is despised and hated by the Libyans. For that reason, he has been, for the last three decades, active to change the demographic map of Libya and transform the Libyans to a weak and small ineffective minority through flooding the country with outsiders. He is now playing the African card but we will never give him the chance to have his wish come true. We, Libyans, are strong. Our country is rich. We gave Gadafi a chance. We tolerated his oppressive actions. W e remained passive for so long hoping for him to change. We are peaceful and nonviolent people by nature but our resolve is not as weak as he may have stereotyped us. It is high time to restore the democratic process to the Libyan landscape and to preserve Libya for the Libyans and only the Libyans. If Libya is under populated; she can always make laws through her constitution to provide for controlled immigration just like the existing democracies. Human right must be made as proud Libya’s symbol.

. Why are we voicing our opinion on the Internet and not in the local media: TV, radio, and newspapers?

We oppose Gadafi’s views and actions and his very stay in power for so long. We would like to tell that to the Libyan people and want to get their reaction.

. Why only he does have full access to the media while we have zero access?

Anyone who disagrees with your points of opinion is branded as an enemy of the people. If the whole population declares in the open that they disagree with you, you would pronounce them all as all are the enemy of the people.
. The whole people are the enemy of the people. It is confusing isn’t?

All Libyans know that when Gadafi says Ethawra he means himself. When he says the people he means himself. When he says Sultat Esha’ab, he is Sultat Esha' ab. When he says Alfatah he is Alfateh. When he says Assulta Watharwa Wassilah fi yad esha’ab he means the three are in his hands and in the hands of nobody else. He spent $400 billion dollars on himself for his protection, for prolonging his grip on the power, for forming an army to fight the Libyans incase he, some how, is forced out. He once declared that he is ready to sacrifice half of the population should ‘Gaddafi’s Thawra’ come under attack by the Libyans.

This is our proposition to you:

We want to speak to the public in a public square.
. Would we be intimidated by your security?
. Would we be bothered or harassed by your agents?
Would you reply to our questions in a civilized manner or would you blast us as usual using your way of ‘crushing the enemy of the people, the stray dogs, the reactionaries, the enemy of the people’s authority, the agents of the west and east.’

We are awaiting your reply

Signed by Libyans "your most frightening nightmare".

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