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Analysis version 1.1

This report is analysis of the whole Breik Sweisse/Salem Elwaer fiasco. I myself found this situation and everyone that got dragged into it very amusing, as I'm sure so did many others. Well lets get some facts straight.

1. Salem Elwaer, Lajnat Taqassi Haqa'iq (October 1993)
No one could care less what you have to say about Mr. Sweisse. Sure there are those who dislike him, but at the end of the day the only reason you created this personal attack, is because he said that you have no presence. Well I’m sorry to break this to you but in reality you have no presence, you command no respect and you’re not known amongst the real opposition.

2. Breik Sweisse.
You should be careful about what you say. I'm sure telling you this will break your heart, but not many people like you. After all with so much crap flying about on your name, I'd wager even you're having a hard time of keeping track of what you have, and haven't done.

3. Mohammed Saleh AKA Breik Sweisse?!?
Who in their right mind would defend Mr. Sweisse except for Mr. Sweisse himself. But this raises another point. Mr. Sweisse couldn't write this good even if his life depended on it. Because if that were the case he'd be in a different profession altogether. As for Mohammed Saleh or whatever his/her real name may be, what kind of an idiot writes so much about someone you know so little about. Next time go do your homework before boring the Libyan populace.

4. Mohammed Buissier AKA Mohammed Saleh?!?
Ooooohhh!!! What do we have here? Well if it isn't an attention seeker. You know it must be really embarassing trying to take credit for someone else's work. What was even more pathetic about this, is your approach in doing so. Let me see if I remember this correctly “I am not Mohammed Saleh, just because my name is Mohammed Saleh Buissier” or something to that effect. Basically what you're trying to do is get the not so bright people to think that you actually wrote it. I think its safe to say that anyone with a pulse will realise that you're not capable of such things.

5. “Breik Sweisse is the man!!!!”
Nice try Sweisse Jr. but you're in over your head on this one, let the adults talk, while you play with your (...) doll.

Now last and very least …

6. Abdu
You're clearly new at this so let me give you a little tutorial in the correct way of launching a personal attack, especially when the person lacks intellect just like yourself.

A is for (...), B is for (...), D is for (...), U is for Unworthy

Oh well, lather, rinse, repeat and you more or less will get a pretty accurate idea of what you are. Practice what you preach Abdu, or as the Arabic poem says:
You criticized Mohammed Saleh, because he did not give his real name, how about you Abdu?. Oh Abdu, you disappoint me. You better thank your merciful god you are hiding behind your computer, because I know people that (...) on cowards like yourself.

Final Word
I don't really care what any of you morons have to say. But knowing human nature like I do, some of you will reply all gung-ho, talking big but not having the spine to back it up, most of you know who you are. The so called intelligent ones will try play it cool by not replying at all.

For those that are eager to get chopped down in size you can just go through the regular channels. Stay tuned for Version 1.2 coming soon!!!!Whoever said I don't spoil you kids!!!!

Hisham Ali

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