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To Abou Mesab

I have been watching your postings for a long time now and the conclusion is very simple, you are a paid puppy I can picture you sitting at your desk in the so called "Alkharegia".

Why is it so important for you people to post and reply on this page? Why aren't you busy building your "great jam" forget about a bunsh of people living out of the country and have nothing to do but write about your "well respected, well known regime."

You people always try to connect us with what you call organizations etc.. Get real, we belong to ourselves and the beloved Libya.

Face it, you failed miserably. Look around you, what's left of Libya is just its name you miserable low life.

1 - People have no jobs.
2 - If they have jobs, they don't get paid.
3 - People buy water, what happened to your great river?
4 - Health is unheard of.
5 - Education deteriorated.
6 - Economy, where is it?
7 - Sanctions, what sanctions other than the one imposed by your devil...the only sanctions that were in place were the ones imposed on the airlines.
8 - Have you visited Benghazi lately?

The list goes on and on, these are just what comes to mind right now...

But here's the deal...your devil will scrap all of you soon just like he did to many others before, but this time it's different, the time has come for his final play with you and many like you...very soon you'll see blacks of Africa becoming your masters, then him too will be finished by the blacks as one historian put it.

Can't you see, it's a systematic destruction of a whole country, slowly indirectly he would shoot every body in one day but that would be too obvious. A better way to do it is to get people to hate living there, get them hungry, get them very sick "aids disease" and more. Simply, get them finished without actually killing them.

This is for you and many like you:
Death will come sooner or later you can't run or hide from it, then you'll be put in your grave...there alone in the darkness of the grave and only then, you'll acknowledge the truth.

A Libyan

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