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Mansour O. El-Kikhia: The Zoologist, The Featherless Vulture

I cannot believe my eyes, when I read Mansour El-Kikhia's attack on his fellow Libyan, Ali Errishi, under the name of Libyan Zoologist. His personal attack was viscous, cruel, and inhumane and his words show what kind of man he is.

I was unaware of this website until recently, when an American friend of mine told me about a Libyan Internet site, and gave me an article of "The Freudian Slip of Mansour Omar El-Kikhia" by an anonymous writer. It took more than one hour to explain to my fellow workers, why, we the Libyans do not use our real names. The article was a piece of literature, analyzing one of the most difficult international problem and discussing with fellow Libyans, the way how we choose our associates and our friends when it comes to our rights, culture, and people.

Dr. El-Kikhia's article "A Zoologist's reply to anonymous", was intended to hurt Errishi, personally with no proof that Errishi has anything to do with the Freudian of this Mansour. It is unusual we, Libyans, talk about someone's wife or mother, never mind talk about them in a bad way. El-Kikhia, in his intellectual bankruptcy, dissected deeply into Mr. Errishi's private life. Without "hiyaa" or respect to the other's feelings he was insulting all of us, by using bad words describing someone could be the mother of anyone of us. Errishi's mother is one of the Libyan mothers pioneered generation who are unselfish, honest, hard-workers and raised us to achieve what Ali and Mansour achieved.

Despite the hardship and wartime they were visionaries, who build a generation of baked or half-baked as Mansour likes to describe us. It is a shame on you Dr. El-Kikhia to use those impolite and aggressive words towards someone who could be your sister or your wife. You are a naked featherless vulture, could not survive in a clean environment and your only meal would be corpses. You have lost your mind after your shameless relationship with the gang of the Zionists and anti-Arab groups was exposed.

I am not a politician and neither pretended (Al-Nidhal), as you proclaimed. I am a simple Libyan citizen, who fled the country, and could not live under the tyranny as you and your family enjoyed. I do not have a political science degree as you do, but I do not practise the intellectual prostitution as you do. You can sell your mind and body to Pipes and his gang, but you cannot fool us with naked excuses and lies.

Mr. Anonymous' article, was a piece of literature that analyzes the Arab-Israeli conflict with sound knowledge of its nature and its Regional and International dimensions. He criticized Mansour Omar El-Kikhia's book in an academic way without personal attack, on the contrary he said "Mansour after all is a friend of many of my friends, I owed special courtesy. I knew his questionable association, but I thought they were his cross to bear". Where is the personal attack on this peacock, which led his headless chickens to defend him for?

Look at Dr. El Kikhia's response, "For all I know you might be one of Qathaffi's agents." What kind of ready accusations, and piece of intellectual terrorism. This El-Kikhia did not use his poison pen, but he showed his real nature of violent man and said "I am very angry with him and wish I can find out his identity to give him a real piece of my fist in person even if I have to go over to where he is." Slow down doc, and (... ...)! Mr. Anonymous explained the relation between Mansour Omar and Daniel Pipes, the Zionist. "Now, this same Daniel Pipes included Mansour Omar in the editorial board of the Middle East Quarterly, which Kurt Holden, quite rightly identified as Zionist." This featherless vulture, El-Kikhia, responded "whether you, choose to believe me or not, is up to you, but I have not, it's up to you....., I do not know Daniel Pipes". In an other paragraph, this violent, angry, sick man, said "three years ago he sent me a letter asking me if I would be willing to review some of the articles submitted to the Quarterly." Ya subhana Allah, what a lie and what a discrepancy in this featherless vulture response. He continues to try to cover himself with more naked lies and contradictions. He denied flatly his relation with Daniel Pipes and the Quarterly, May 12th 2001, "What you must understand is that I have no relationship with Daniel Pipes or the Quarterly," to contradict that in his letter dated May 14th to Daniel Pipes, offering his resignation from the Quarterly editorial board. "Had I sent it I would ask to be relieved form the board of editors of the Middle East Quarterly." Cheap soul! This is the featherless vulture and his peacock world.

The poor El-Kikhia assumed that the writer of an anonymous letter, which exposed him to the Libyans and showed his double standard slogans, and peeled off his mask as patriotic and as munadhal. This is revealed that he is just a poor man, who would do anything to survive the daily harsh life in a strange country. The academic doctor holds the machine gun from the middle and sprayed his bullets in all directions, in hate and anger just in case one of it will hit his real or imaginary enemy, regardless of the innocent victims he could injure in the way. The anguish and pain he caused to innocent families by talking about the mothers and wives in a disgraceful manner. What is the difference between this featherless vulture, El-Kikhia, and his headless chickens, what they try to label their imaginary enemies, as Qaddafi's agents, half-baked, half-educated, and Qadaffia and his henchmen when they labelled their enemies as CIA agents. Both are eating from the same plate and using the same language with different colours and decorations. Look at what he says about Errishy's mother and his American wife, "your mother's mermaid beauty, or of the loveliness of your American wife." It is disgusting, filthy, and unacceptable for us as Libyans. Poor, sick El-Kikhia, do you know how many Libyans are married to American wives, and how many Libyan children are to born to American mothers. You hurt us all, fathers and children of Libyan or American mothers, old or new generations. You are a sick, featherless vulture, who believes that we are a dead corpse and want to enjoy your meals on us as your Zionist mentors think Palestinian people are corpse and are non-existent. IN LAM TASTAHI AFA'AL MA SHEIT.

See how this featherless vulture tried to be a real peacock , "Errishi ‘Anonymous' letter can be translated to one big sentence: I hate EL-Kikhia. I hate him because I envy him. I hate him because he can say what he likes." Allahu Akbar! Antar resurrected after three thousand years. He repeated these phrases over and over. What a fake peacock. This is the language that this vulture used to insult our mothers and wives. It has nothing to do with his ‘Nidhal' against the tyranny in Libya, or for the tyranny in Palestine, which is conducted by his Zionist friends, Pipes and Sharon.

Another shameful words used by this patriotic featherless vulture, when he described Errishi, is an IMMIGRANT from Tarhuna to Benghazi. What a sick, impotent man, desperate to cover his shameful association , by playing the Benghazian patriotism. Errishi, Al-Aobaidi, Al-Fazzani and Albaraassi, all Libyan citizens they have the right to live any where in Libya and abroad, featherless vulture.

We know Errishi from his name and we know his noble Arab family, either in Tarhuna or Benghazi, but we do not know where you came from. Definitely, you are not Warfalli or Masrati to claim Benghazi as yours, and even the true Benghazians, Warfalli and Masrati, proud of the diversity of the true Libyan city. El-Kikhia, derived from the Turkish language, meaning the person who looks after the walley (governor), personal needs as his merchandise, jalsatu-alkaif and sexual desires. It means in frank English language, pimp. Now, we know you and your social class.

Rajib Ramadan

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