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Yahdeena wa Yahdeek ya Muaten Lebe!

My good Muaten thank you for bothering to read and respond to my letter. Sorry for not being able to reply to you any sooner. Eid Mubarak!

It looks to me that you have just missed the main points I tried very hard to articulate clearly.
Please consider the following:

1 - Do you think democracy is essential to get Libya (and humanity for that
     matter) out of its current misery?

2 - Do you think the freedoms of thought and expression are essential to
     Democracy and to Religion as well?

3 - Do you think the Libyan elite (Yourself included) is Democratic?

If you answer NO to the first two questions, I do not think we have any thing to discuss. Furthermore, we will just waste your valuable time teaching us the Adab of toiletry!

I strongly believe you have the right to reject my opinion and consider my contribution to this debate unacceptable. However, I would like you to respect the fact that I have the same right. Equating my view with that of Qadafi's is rather misleading. Let us compare yours and his. You say: " We do not accept any rule other than "KITTAB ALLAH AND THE SUNNA OF RASULLIHI" in Libya". Meanwhile he rules, under the slogan: "Quran is the Sharia of society!". Perhaps you have more in common with him than you really think! We can run but we can not hide. Even under fake names THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY!

I also respect your pride in being an Arab. Again, I would like to remind you that Libya is not for Arabs only. Libya, I strongly believe, is for all Libyans regardless of faith, gender, national origin, language, skin color, social or tribal affiliation, economic status, or political and ideological beliefs and thoughts…etc…etc

My good Libyan Muaten, read my letter again. Think about it hard and try without exploding to digest the thesis I have advanced about the so-called Libyan Democratic forces (for the lack of a better term!). Should we end up in disagreement, NO SWEAT! As the Quran says: "To you be your Religion, And to me mine" (Surat Al-Kafirun no. 109, verse no. 6).

Good luck and best wishes!

Abdelrahim Saleh

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