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Destroyer of the dream

Libya, despite what some of you think, is one of the most homogenous societies in the Arab world, blessed with natural resources, prominent geographical location and to say the least a great potential. Yet it has been the victim of misfortune.

Every nation ( if Libya is one) should be judged by the best it has been able to achieve, not the worst. What did 30 years of misrule do to this weeping widow? what happened to our dream? shall we base our judgement on a couple of " Whiskey" bottle shaped office blocks and a few highways, is this all we could achieve with $400 billion of oil revenue?

Prisons, torture, confiscation of dignity and freedom have been the modus vivendi of our beloved country. Corruption has become a privilege not a crime. It is an unstable " pilot" who steers a leaking ship and the blind is leading the blind straight to the pit. Alas it seems that if you put a Libyan on the spit you can you can always get another Libyan to turn him. I believe that the worst death is to die while you are still living.

We are psychologically annihilated, the fabric of our society torn to pieces and still some people are thinking of business opportunities at the expense of the suffering. Wise up, your wealth is going to Western and African war lords to name a few. The Libyan is not entitled to his wealth unless you are a warden of prison called Libya.

Dear brothers and sisters I have been browsing this esteemed site for few months now and read comments from those who are sincere and unfortunately those hypocrites. However, I could not help but notice those armchair warriors who think that they could get rid of the despot by wishful thinking or maybe by remote control.

It is not enough that we fight. It is the spirit, which we bring to the fight that decides the issue; it is the moral that wins the victory. Yes Gaddafi is holding the helm but then again any one can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

Brothers and sisters sometimes we would not know how tall we are until we stand up. May be at this stage we are not able to stop the injustice but we should not be unable to protest against it and loudly.

Ibn Libya

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