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You should not publish destructive letters

Assalamu Aleekom,

Dear brother Dr Ibrahim,

Thank you for your website which became the club of all Libyans living out side their beloved country. I have one comment regarding your site, I think you have been living long time in a country practicing democracy and you tried to apply it in your site. The problem is that some of your Libyan brothers don't know how to make use of the freedom of speech which democracy provides to them so they misused it. People like Zwaree, Kabawee ...etc used the chance that you provide to them to create frictions between Libyans instead of brining Libyans together and think how to solve their problems.

Those guys are talking about Berber civilization, I say every civilization got proofs on it like cities, temples,...etc. Lets come to North Africa Qorena (Shahat) in Aljabal Alakhdar bulit by the Greeks, Lebda built by the Romans, Sibratah and Kartaj built by al-Fenekeeyen and those Fenekeeyen are ARABS ( they call them Arab ba'eda like Thamood and Ad ) so what kind of civilization they are talking about? is it Aldawamees (holes in the mountains) or Lilat Algaltah ( the mistake night ), or maybe they produced heros pay their bloods to protect Libya like Bin Shaaban ( who died after he fall in water well because he drunk ) who helped Graziani to occupy AL ZAWEYA.

Dear brother, you should not publish this kind of letters because it is destructive letters and try to publish constructive and intellucutal ones. Gadafi time is soon to finish inshaallah, that is why those guys are preparing to their dream which we will fight to stop it until the last Libyan (or as they say Arabee).

Brother, don't help to make Libya like ex-Yugoslavia or Northen Iraq where there are Akrad. Don't help to make Fire Belt Plan ( created by Israel ) reality. If anything like this happend, Allah will ask you in the day of judgment because you gave chance to spread those bad ideas.

Thank you brother

Libyan who loves all the Libyans from Ras Ejdair to Emssaeed to Algatroon

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