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Who are you guys kidding?

Do you really think that the Gaddafi apparatchiks are sitting on pins and needles in Tripoli waiting for the outcome and results of a “dialogue” in “Libya’s House” in New York with individuals they usually call “Stray Dogs”. With all due respect, I am sure that they will use the same kind of vocabulary plus or minus a word or two.

I understand that humans have been known to sell their souls to the devil since the ancient times of Adam at what is presumed to be their price. The only thing that surprised me was how cheap the price was for those who ran to meet with Gaddafi’s agent Bouzeid Bin Dorda.

If you really care about Libya, go there and start your dialogue and let’s see how far it is going to get you. Do not hide behind your US citizenship or green card and tell us you want to lift the suffering of the Libyan people. We can see through the crocodile tears that are being shed for the “suffering” of the Libyan people. You want the best of two worlds; residing in the US and reaping the benefits from the coffers of the Libyan treasury or what ever hand-outs Mr. Dorda is going to give you. Come on guys; let’s call “a spade a spade”.

Scandarani is missing the forest for the trees:

If the objective is to lift the sanctions and the embargo imposed on Libya by the US, you do not need to talk to Bouzeid Dorda. You need to talk to your Congressman, Senator and the US administration as a US citizen (I am sure that if you are not, your wife or children are US citizens). You do not need Dorda’s permission or blessings to do that. Dorda does not even need to know about it, if your intentions are really to help the Libyan people and not scoring points with the Gaddafi regime.

Scandarani said that he salutes the brother who has a brother in prison for 15 years. Thank you for the salutes Scandarani, but don’t you think that the matter needs more than a salute? I think you should bring the issue up with your friend Dorda next time you see him. Then you can look us in the eyes and say that you have accomplished something through your so-called dialogue.

Scandarani said that Dorda is the only Libyan UN Ambassador who has shown interest in Libyans in the US. This is a misleading statement. Firstly, as Scandarani correctly pointed out, it is not the job of the Libyan ambassador to the UN to provide service to the Libyan citizens residing in the US. Secondly, under normal circumstance - and God knows that Libya does not conduct its affairs in normal circumstance - this is the function of the Embassy and Consulate. Since the establishment of Libyan Embassy during the Kingdom days and even after that, the Embassy was providing excellent services to Libyan citizens until the embassy was over run by Gaddafi thugs committees and became under their control. During the days of the Kingdom you used to walk into any Libyan embassy and get treated with the utmost dignity and respect. I did not hear that any Libyan was tortured in the basement of a Libyan Embassy during the Kingdom and pre-revolutionary committee times. So for Scandarani to suggest that Dorda is the only one who is showing interests in Libyans welfare is false.

Scandarani, please ask your friend Dorda to help those who are in need in Libya. Ask him about the thousands of Libyan that have been jailed, tortured and executed while he was the Prime Minster of Libya and in his capacity while he was in charge of Ministry of Justice. The Libyans in US did very well without him or the services of a Libyan embassy for at least 20 years. Now that we do not need his passports or scholarships and have stood on our feet by pulling our own bootstraps, he wants to help us. Ask Dorda to direct his kindness to the Libyan people inside Gaddafi’s Chambers of Horror.

Sacandarani and his company who shook hands with Dorda, have forgotten that Dorda was the first official of Gaddafi tyrant regime who was accused of torturing and abusing the human rights of Libyan citizens in Misurata when he was appointed by his Master Gaddafi as (Muhafiz) of Misurata. Have you and your friends (who are trying hard to polish the picture of Dorda and sell it to the Libyans residing in the US), have you guys forgotten the theatrics of the Master when he arranged for his Arab Socialist Union during its first session in 1971 to demand the release of their revolutionary hero Bouzeid Dorda.

Scandarani may we ask you: Why do you need an invitation to visit LIBYA? Please clarify?

In His letter Eldeeb talks about breaking the code of silence. The Libyan people have been speaking out, but you Deeb did not want to listen. Where have you been since the early 80’s? Why now all of sudden you and your fellow Dorda fans discovered that there is a Libya and there is a problem and that you are the ones qualified to resolve it?

The problem of the Libyans is Gaddafi and nothing else. We are here in the United States because Gaddafi and his henchmen like Bouzeid Dorda, Musa Kousa, and Abdalla Sanussi to name just a few are there. Otherwise why would there be a Libyan Community in United States?

In Conclusion, one of the individuals who attended one of the meetings declared publicly that he went and he is not ashamed of it and he did it because he has “personal business” to take care of. Although I disagree with what he did, at least he did not shed crocodile tears for the suffering of the Libyan people. He outright told us that he is an opportunist seeking to beg for some contracts and he is after Gaddafi Green Bucks. As far as he is concerned: “to hell with dignity and self-respect”. I refer this individual and the other Dorda fans, which are now becoming frequent visitors to Gaddafi’s web of spiders in New York, to the Libyan Proverb, which says:

Bashir M. El Mizdawi

Chicago, Illinois

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