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Response to "Beware!"

Dear Dr. Ighneiwa

Here is our response to Mr. Rahmatu-llahi 'ala ashuhadai kaafah. Please publish our response to make it clear to the above named and any others who rush into judging people without giving a second thought, and who try to use scaremongering.

Our first BAYAN which will be put on the website very soon should clear our objectives even further.

Praise is to Allah and peace and blessings be on His messenger and the seal of prophethood.

Assalamu Alaikum

It seems to be a naive judjment that you are making. If we take the regime as a far left then you are a far right then both will never meet. Our motto is to look for the right and suppress the wrong. We are not Gaddafi agents like you assumed, far from it; in fact we are on the wanted list. Putting up this website is to attract people with some mature political experience and maneuver and not for another dictator. The captions you have related from our website was unfair to be quoted the way you did. The definition of an opposition group: is to oppose what is wrong and show its weakness, and to support what is right and show the good that comes from it. The regime has to come to terms with the opposition group and the opposition group has to come to terms with the regime. Otherwise there will be no change what so ever and the regime will accuse the opposition of being traitors and the opposition will never have a chance to clear its name. You can not turn a blind eye to either sides of the opposition. Some are extreme in opposing the regime and this may or may not be a fair opposition. To oppose everything done under a ruler for instance is wrong for there might be some good aspects, and to support everything is also wrong, for there might be some bad things. Therefore, the mature opposition is the opposition, which will judge sayings and actions according to the scale of right and wrong and common sense. You cannot have an opposition based on hate or love, opposition is always based on what is right and what is wrong and we have to be impartial. The problem is you have misrepresented our sayings and you have misjudged us without giving us a chance. Keep browsing the website, there will be more new information to come. Anyway our aim is to establish the changes of the bases of government. If you have read those bases you would understand that our group would never be a Gaddafi agent, because we are asking him to go back to the constitution and to reinstate the freedom of expression and demonstration and freedom of law and the freedom of TV and journalism and the broadcasting rights for the opposition and the freedom of nomination and elections and the recognition of the opposition movement and giving it the political right to express itself and to free all political prisoners. In a nutshell we are asking the regime to change everything in a peaceful way. We think you should put your voice with us in encouraging introducing changes in the regime in Libya rather than be against us. Aggressive words and traitor messages will never get us anywhere. We assure you that we will never put our hands with the regime unless our bases of government conditions are fully met and seen internationally. We are as patriotic as you are or more and as cautious as you are which means we are in the same boat so do not rock it! We call upon every Libyan to voice his or her opinion by choosing a topic from the (Research and Discussion) items on the website and write it up and e mail it to us. Thank you for your good attention.


On behalf of the Libyan Opposition
Abou Isshaq

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