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If not NOW when, and if not US who?

To all sincere Libyans, who fear Allah and nothing else, and who want to see their country regain its dignity and honour:

Until when do we keep silent towards the dictator Kadafi and his repressive regime? Until when are we going to do nothing except perhaps writing on this page to express our anger and relieve our frustration towards the criminals in Libya and their leader Kadafi? Do we think that Kadafi's terror and crimes are not yet enough to make us act and revolt? Do we really think that words alone can change things in Libya? If we do, then we must be very naive.

Kadafi came by force and only force can get rid of him. I do appreciate the good words and analyses of many brothers and sisters on this page like Gherbal, El-Metghashesh, El-Shamekh, Haila, Al-Motawakkel and many others. I think that our fight against the tyranny requires such writings and we do need to expose the crimes committed against our people over the past 3 decades. Yet, words alone CANNOT change the situation. If words alone could, then the mere revealing of the Glorious Quran from Allah would have been sufficient to bring victory to the beloved Prophet (pbuh) and there would have been no need for the Prophet or for the Sahaba to fight and spill their blood to establish this Deen.

Shouldn't we learn from the young heroes in Palestine and how they fight one of the strongest armies in the world almost bear-footed and with the simplest of all weapons (primarily stones)? Shouldn't we begin a similar campaign of suicide bombings against Kadafi and his closest aids? I do think that once some concrete actions are taken against Kadafi and/or his inner circles of criminals, then the rest of the Libyan people will find the motivation and the courage to join the fight against tyranny and begin to form an uprising that will soon engulf the entire country and bring to an end Kadafi and his opressive regime.

If every one of us thinks that the other should do something, then absolutely nothing will be done. If every one of us fears for his life, then all of us will live in fear. If every one of us wants to live after Kadafi, then all of us will die and Kadafi will live!

O children and grandchildren of Omar El-Mukhtar wherever you are (in Libya or outside), rise up against injustice and oppression, and uproot the dictator Kadafi and his tyrannical regime!

Allah (swt) says in the Glorious Quran in the meaning of: "Allah has purchased of the Believers their souls and their wealth and in return will give them Paradise: they fight in His cause and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in Truth, as written in the Torah, the Injeel, and the Quran, and who is more truthful in covenant than Allah." -Surat El Toba, Verse 111.

O Allah, instill in our hearts the fear of You and only You and help us change ourselves as a prelude to changing our condition. O Allah, Kadafi has done a lot of harm against a lot of Muslims, O Allah help us get rid of him and of all his evil. Ameen.


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