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Yibi Itabibha 'amaha

Dear Dr Ighneiwa,

As you know I have sent you my letter, "Just Be Careful Mansour," before Mansour sent his latest letter to you, which you posted on May 16, 2001. This didn't give me the chance to express my opinion on Mansour's letter.

In his "Letter of Resignation," Mansour O. El-Kikhia wrote: "If you need replacement my (sic) suggest Ray Takeyh of the Washington Institute of Near East Policy."

We Libyan say,
yibi itabibha 'amaha, or to put it in English, the cure is worse than the disease. It is a sad thing when a Libyan suggests a militant Zionist as his replacement. This makes Mansour's resignation look like a scam. Mansour would have been better off leaving his name on the board than suggesting Takeyh as his replacement. Besides, could not he think of any Libyan, Arab or Muslim political scientist who he could have suggested as his replacement. Why didn't he, you wonder? The reason is simple. Pipes would not have taken it kindly, and Mansour would not want to offend Pipes. Here is where Takeyh, Mansour's favorite replacement, work, as I mentioned in my first letter:

It is no accident that another promotional, though somewhat balanced, pitch of the book was written by Ray Takeyh, who wrote: "In the process, he [Mansour Omar] has produced the most lucid and balanced account of modern Libya in years."i Now this one Takeyh is a Fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The institute has an Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim mission and its members include Ze'ev Schiff, of the Israeli newspaper
Ha'aretz, and Ehud Ya'ari, from Israeli TV as Associate Scholars, as well as Lt. Col. Yossi Baidatz from Israel Defense Forces as a Visiting Military Fellow, among other Anti-Arabs and Anti-Muslims. The board of directors, for example, includes the names of notorious Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim militarists such as Jeane Kirkpatrick, Richard Perle, Mortimer Zuckerman, and Martin Peretz. Indeed, the same Peretz who on June 4, 1982, the eve of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, told Benny Landau, of the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, that the Palestinian problem "is beginning to be boring," and the fate of the Palestinians will be that of a "crushed nation like the Kurds "

Mansour wrote: "He quotes Edward Said who was not afraid of facing the whole Jewish lobby." And who are these people in the Jewish Lobby who you, Mansour, say Edward Said is facing? Your friends, people like Pipes and Takeyh, don't you agree? You do not read them writing praising reviews of his books, do you? And didn't you read what Edward Said wrote about Pipes in
The Nation, some of which I cited in my article. Please, do not use the man's good name in this way. You don't know Edawrad Said, and he stands against everything your friends stand for. You are making it very difficult for people to remain civil with you. And you are defending Pipes and his gang suggesting that they do not smear their opponents nor would they do anything to destroy their careers. Does the name Ismail Al-Farouki ring a bell? And you, yourself, is not your real fear that unless you continue to tow the line for them, these people will break you, in the same way they made you? Is not this why you had to mention in you letter that Palestinians who live under the Palestinian authority live in fear, when you said: "Where does he think he is in Tripoli or the Palestanian authority?" And how about Israel Mansour, do the Palestanians live in fear, that is, if they had the chance to live at all, under the Isreali rule? And how about Sharon, does he causes fear in the hearts of Palestinian mothers, or doesn't he? Is he a terrorist, a murder, a thug or is not he? Only Arabs can be described this way by you. Why did you not at least added to your statement, "or under Sharon's rule?" Now, you continue to talk this way, you choose as your replacement a man who belongs to an Israeli think tank, the mission of which is to wage war, sanctions and all, against Arabs and Muslims, (whose representative Patrick Clawson, who also happened to be the Managing Editor of your quarterly, just this week testified that the sanctions against Libya and Iran should stay in place), you do all this, and then you want us to believe that your letter of resignation is not a scam, a deal, friends doing a friend a favor and cover for him when he was exposed.

Look Mansour, I know you can do better than that, but I understand you predicament. It is your life after all, and I feel I have done my best. Please believe me to be sincere when I tell you I wish you and your family nothing but the best.


i The Journal of Libyan Studies, Volume 1, Number 1, Summer 2000. Perhaps I should mention that Ray Takeyh is in the Advisory Board of JLS. What is worse, while the Chief Editor, Youssef El-Megreisi, is a Libyan, he did not think it is important to invite at least one Libyan scholar to be a member of the board. Nicola Ziadah is the only Arab name.

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