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How easily detracted we can become from the real issues

Dear Ibrahim:

As you can see from the numerous letters that you are receiving, you are obviously providing Libyan-Americans with a valuable platform to express their opinions, and to learn valuable lessons in the essence of true democracy and freedom of speech. I thank you for your valued services.

I was following the debate closely since the New York meetings. I appreciated the fact that several members of our community had taken part in the debate. However, I was disappointed to see so much time was devoted to discussing Scandarani's letter. I felt it was undeserved attention given the trivial content of his letter. I was surprised to discover how easily detracted we can become from the real issues facing Libya.

We all know that the U.K. has resumed its ties with the tyrant of Libya. The United States will soon follow the British in resuming their ties with Libya. I fully support the resumption of ties with the West. However, I want to see that resumption of U.S.-Libya ties are conditional on Gaddafi meeting a set of conditions, which I listed in a previous letter that was published on this web page. I will reiterate those conditions for those who have not read my previous letter.

1) Release of all political prisoners,
2) Declare a legitimate government with recognizable infrastructure,
3) Declare rule of law and respect for a nationally-approved constitution,
4) Respect for human rights,
5) Accept responsibility for all the heinous crimes committed against the
     Libyan people for the past 30 years,
6) Return all stolen properties to its rightful owners, and
7) Dissolve all the terrorist agencies set by the regime.

In a previous letter, I proposed the formation of a lobbying group to educate our elected officials from Congressmen and Senators. We can begin on individual basis and develop into a full-fledged lobbying body. This is how business is conducted in the U.S.A. We should learn to work within the system and use it to address our concerns. The Congress and the Senate are currently debating what should be done as far as Libya is concerned, so let's reach them before they finalize their policies. Let's be proactive and take initiatives that will benefit Libya. Time is of the essence, so let's not waste it discussing the trivial personalities of Dourda, scandarani, or any of their kind.

We should each reach our local senators and congressmen to educate them on Libyan-American concerns, and to ask them to support resumption of ties conditional on the regime meeting our demands. I urge you all to discuss how best we can serve our people back home, and not to be detracted by trivial matters. Let's keep our attention sharply focused on the real issues of our homeland.

Mubarak El-Werfalli

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