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Where are ElTawerian?

As we started getting some real discussions in very interesting subjects which affected all Libyans, our colleagues ElTawerian stopped writing. This will not affect me as I believe they will come back and share with us their views as all of us Libyans and Libya is our country. We love Libya and no one doubted this even if we are far away and they are in Libya.

Many things said about Gadafi and his family recently in the news papers and journals. The article in El_magla was very interested about Gadafi Family. Gadafi reacted very angrily about this and the editor of this journal was sacked and the relation between Libya and Saudi Arabia is not in good terms. Gadafi is been emotionally effected as he is still alive and people want to take power from him. By his daughter as he is not believe that any one can share the power with him as long as he is alive. It is proven that Gadafi family are exploited and uneducated and not fit even to manage a corner shop. Some of them is running business but not under his control, One is crazy about football and spending money on No 10 shirts. I do not want to go on details about every one as this is known to every one and will not make any difference if I say it or not. I want to emphasize that Gadafi is preparing his family to take over and only reacting in way that people believe that he is angry and no one will take over. He always saying no president and no one govern the country but it is not true. Most of us know what he is meant by that and what he is planing is not what he is saying. Eltawerian can not do any thing to stop Gadafi from promoting his family to take over and they only watching from distance as it is funny game they can not enjoy it. Most of ElTawerian are very rich and they never dream to have all this wealth and power and their families are not matter for them. Their hearts with Gadafi and pleasing Gadafi is their priority as well as his family. The ElTawerian children are not to be included in Gadafi plan of handling power to his family. Most of the Gadafi family building their future followers from people who are not in power at the moment and one day Gadafi will go as well as all his followers and Eltawerian will be left behind as well as their families. This may not happen and a lot of people calculated this and may will have chance to take over before it is too late. ElTawerian are struggling very hard among themselves and with Gadafi family to gain powerful positions now and secure future place. However this carried me away from the main subject which has connection to all the above explanation.

As we always saying that Gadafi like power and not want to share with any one. He may let his family share a little bit while he is alive. He is behaving like a lion when lioness kill for the others. He will eat first and then start annoying the others when they want to eat. Gadafi is almost satisfied now but not yet want let it go. He still want to suck the last drop of Libyan blood and leave nothing to his family as he feel every thing belong to him. Libyans are struggling with him and they do not know what he wants from them. He killed their sons, terrorise every one, starve them, and even want to send them to live in Africa. He accused Libyans as coward people when he was defeated in Chad and Chad now is one of his strong allies and they pick as much as they want form the Gadafi sack. He is now preparing major thing for Libyans after they attacked African workers and I believe the Hanging Sanrio will start again in near future and his family will play major role in it. Any one trying to obstruct or cause any thing for Gadafi ideas he/she will be crushed even if he/she is Tawery.

Gadafi build up his system in the last 30 years on the basis of terrorising people. Even some people are back and used to be his opponents now are his allies, they will be crushed one day by his family. Gadafi family now playing forgiveness card and trying to invite many opposition people to the country or send envoys to talk to them. This is part of strategy of crushing the opposition and throw away all ElTawerian. Gadafi family want new blood and new system which Gadafi proved this and is helping them, but he still does not want to give it up yet.

- Why Gadafi is very angry when some one wrote about his family and their emptions to share power with him?
- Is Gadafi really want to hand power to his family?
- Will ElTawerian be included in this struggle between Gadafi and his family?
- What is the situation of ElTawerian children in this struggle?
- Is it really that Aisha will be Libya's president? Why not?
- Can we help young generations in Libya and prevent Gadafi Family from influencing their lives?

Going back to our colleagues ElTawerian who are the main affected people in this struggle and they will be the losers. It is better for them to act quickly and decisively before it is too late. There is always a loser in this game, Libyans; they lost long time ago, opposition groups have no hope, Gadafi and his family are winners and Eltawerian are losers. They should think about their families and themselves as Gadafi family is as brutal as him. Gadafi family know the only dangerous people are ElTawerian not all opposition groups or Libyans. The opposition groups are hungry for money and always want to be chief executives, managers and rich and they may be given this and every one will be very happy. There are opposition groups who is real Libyan and strongly believe in God will not respond to all the seduction by Gadafi and his family. These groups are survivors and no one can affect their believes as always they believe Gadafi and his family have to go.

As always I am delighted to find ElTawerian coming forward and discuss and read what is said on this page. Some of the writers attack vigorously on ElTawerian which I find it is a little bit harsh. It took many years for them to respond and they the losers in this struggle and we should encourage them rather than ignore and dislike them. One day they may suffer what we are suffering now in a foreign country even if they have a lot of money and use to be powerful people.

Eid Mubark


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