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To Al-Gaddhafi And His Family

Dear Seif,

It is very interesting to know that you lead a human rights and a charity organization in Libya.

I just have few comments and some observations to make if I may. In Libya our people live the real life of actual pain and discomfort. Libyans who worked all their lives suddenly found themselves poor ... why? In 1978 according to the green book (invented by your father) a Libyan citizen is NOT allowed to own a factory, more than one house, more than one car, not allowed to own a 4-wheel drive ..... even money was taken away, and only allowed 1000 LD. Is libya a poor country????

Things progressed in libya, now every one of us is frightened to travel a long distance because of check points every where ...... why do we need check points???? Libyans are scared to travel in and out of the country ... four or five lines of security, feeling humiliated, insulted, betrayed and rejected by their own country ...... what's going on ?

Human rights, do the Gaddhafis know the meaning of the word? Why is it only your family`s name is the only name allowed to be mentioned in the media (tv,radio and newspapers) every body else mentioned by their position, interestingly even football players mentioned by their numbers!!! Why is it that neither you nor your father is man enough to listen, discuss or accept the other opinion, why does he have to be the inventer, the teacher, the engineer, the doctor ..... basically the everything, please go and find out more about the state of human rights in libya, visit places such as Abusleem political prison, go and find the families who lost their loved ones in the lost wars of Chad and Uganda, the families of those who died by hanging or shooting publicly .... you know why? BECAUSE THEY SAID NO TO YOUR FATHER MOAMMER AL_GADDHAFI(ABU JAHAL) .

Instead of buying weapons from North Korea, releasing western hostages and wasting Libyan resources, try and build the infrastructure of Libya. Schools are lacking electricity, heating, education essentials, desks(do you know that students and pupils sit on the floor in classrooms), health checks of pupils, toilets and sports facilities. The state of our hospitals is another story, it is shameful to tell .... how could you and your father sleep at night in spite of the damage and corruption which engulfed our Libya, our beloved home.

The standard of our universities was very high competing at international level, even our military academies have been destroyed and infiltrated with corruption ..... what has happened??? what went wrong??

Our salaries have been frozen according to law number 15, it is still 190 LD when you first qualify. It is equal to the average price of 1 meter of land, and to buy a car you have to save all your income for 3 years, the funny thing is that the wages are paid every 4-6 months and they last for few days of the month!!!!! I have an equation, Libyan population is 5.5 million and Libya is one of the richest countries in the world, why most Libyans now live below poverty level in comparison with 25 years ago.

I thought I just have to draw your attention to some points you probably unaware of!!! Please don't pretend to be blind and start to look around you ,the world is changing.

Trust me on this Mr. Seif, you, your brothers and sister and above all your father (ABU JAHAL) will all be held responsible AMAM ALLAH YAWM ALKIAMA. The Prophet MOHAMED SALLA ALLAHO ALLIEHI WASALLAM SAID: KOLLOKOM RAEE WA KOLLOKOM MASOUL AN REAIATEH. Unfortunately because of the position you hold you and your family will be questined by ALLAH about the welfare of each Libyan ..... It is bad news for you unless you do something about it.

Assalam Aliekom.

Muslim from Libya

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