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The Martyr Ramadhan Al-Aihury

Name: Ramadhan Al-Aihury Mohammad Benwair Al-Subaiy
D.O.B: October 10 1959
Place Of Birth: Baniwalid, Libya
Academic Degree: Bachelor Of Military Science, 1977
Occupation: Major, Missile and artillery section, Libyan armed Forces.
Executed: January 2nd. 1997, Tripoli, Libya

Brief Biography:

Major Ramdhan was born for wealthy family with the values of those days, and he was one of four brothers and three sisters. Italian fascist captured his grand father Mohammad Benwair, during The Battle Of Algardhabiah, 1915. He was one of thousands of Libyan Resistance taken prisoners to Italy, and whose where about are not known.

During the Fascists besiege of the city of Baniwalid, the last stronghold of the Libyan resistance of the western part of our beloved Libya, his family fled the advancement of the cruel Italian forces and its African mercenary. His aunt Salima, five years old was lost in the desert and killed by wild animals, and his grand mother was left alone in a very difficult time to raise her son, the one year old, Al-Aihury.

After he graduated from The Military Academy, Ramadhan joined the Artillery and Missile Section in the Libyan Armed Forces, founded and led by the late Colonel Muftah Garroum Al-Warfally, a distinguished Libyan Officer. At those turmoil days in Libyan history, the young Ramadhan was the head of his family business, and found himself in contact with oppressed Libyan business and intellectual groups. According to his friends, he was very sharp and hardworking with clear objectives in his life. He was also very proud of himself, but open minded for others views. By the late seventies, Gaddafi's grip suffocated the nation, by crippling the economy, by banning the free enterprise, without clear vision or proper economic plan in place. The Gaddafi sharpened his teeth and claws, and murdered scores of Libyan citizens abroad and at home, for no reason.
The nation lost the cream of its finest children, who were selfless and their crime was the love of their country and the refusal to be Shahed Al-Zoor, while this Gaddafi makes its great people as experiments for his sick mind.

In 1992, Major Ramadhan joined group of civilian and military personnel of Libyans and tried to stage a coup d'etat, to topple Gaddafi and his destructive regime. They contacted a Libyan exile group, for political guidance and cover, and that proved to be a fatal mistake. The names of Ramadhan and his comrades were passed away to Gaddafi and his killing machine. Ramadhan was arrested in October 13th, 1993, with hundreds of Libyan citizens, and was murdered by Gaddafi's firing squad alongside seven others, on January 2nd, 1997. Ramadhan left behind six young children to be raised by their grieving mother as orphans, in the same way their great grand mother raised Al-Aihry after his father was killed by the other Fascists, the Italians, 85 years ago.

Four years later, Gaddafi's henchmen, executed his internal exiled brother, El-Barouni Al-Aihuri, a 43-year-old teacher, in February 2001. Rahima-Allahu Ramadhan and all the Libyan martyrs who died for the love of Libya during darkest days of Libyan history, under the both fascists, Gaddafi and Mussolini.

Saleh Mansour

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