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Racial cracks along Libyan ethnic lines

Thank you Dr. Ighnaiwa for having a clean educational site that makes most of us proud of your effort. I wish that others could learn from the example you set here on your page. I thank you again and wish you the best of luck on maintaining this great link to our hearts.

My topic today is just my observation on the chat room of El Muntada and few points that caught my attention in the last 5 months or so. If we go back to the issue of the Libyan Mission at the UN and the invitations that were sent to some but not all Libyans living in the US. When the meetings took place during this year and the names of the participants were published, a vigorous attack was mounted on LFC on some of the people who attended them. Starting from Mr. El Escandrani then, Prof. Ali El Rishi, Mr. Ali El Deeb, and Mr. Mohamed Buisier. The attacks were in most cases personal and totally below the belt. Names of family members were dragged in this undemocratic way of conveying opinions. Even the dead was not spared in this embarrassing episode of Libyan democracy, if I can call it that. And the funny thing is, that the attacker stop his war after the threat of a legal persuit against him and all others who joined in for the ride.

If we go a little bit farther back, there was a wave of degrading language between Libyans from the East and the West of it. But thankfully it didn't last for long and died soon after. Now, and after months of Libyans killing each other on LFC, I ask where is Mr. Tareg Bagdadi. Did he forget to monitor his page and do what he promised us to do? Is he too busy for deleting offensive write ups? Or is this democracy to him? Let me quote this from his page just as a reminder:- "MUNTADA is a discussion forum providing an opportunity for Libyans all over the globe to communicate amongst each other, in a setting that guarantees everyone's freedom of speech. With freedom, however,comes responsibility. Your freedom ends when it infringes on others. Consequently those who choose to post libelous & threatening material may be legally liable. Hyperlinks to pornographic material on other web sites will be automatically deleted." Well, if he did forget, then I tell him that us Libyans can't be left alone anywhere or the little Gadafi within each one of us will shine and rise to the surface and make us do bad things to each other. And if the answer is that he is busy, then he should close it down right away because he is not up to the responsibility. But if he thinks that what is taking place on his page is democracy, then I really have a problem with him and question his motives.

Let's go back to the NY meetings and the names of the people who attended. 29 Libyans answered the invitation by Mr. Dorda, but how many people were attacked. 4 people out of 29. How many names were from the East of Libya and how many were from the West in those 29? Less than 9 people were from the East [Benghazi], and the rest were from the West. Let's see where those 4 people come from in Libya. I know that they all come from the East of Libya except for Mr. Ali El Deeb, I am not sure which part he is from. Some could answer by " they were the ones who wrote letters to this page on Libya our home, so that is why they are being bisected". Well, I answer them and say, if the motive is to expose and uncover the truth and motives of those who attended the meetings, shouldn't the person taking charge in doing so, and he is the person with the name of Orkin Man, investigate the rest of the names on the list? Shouldn't he treat all the names equally at least. And then why would you go after a person who wrote, in broad day light, why he attended these meetings. Shouldn't he, Orkin Man ask himself, how about the others? Why they kept quite? Were they safe because they didn't challenge the intelligence of the Orkin Man? Or is there again a hidden motive here?

The thing that really disturbed me alot was when our Libyan hero, Omar El Mokhtar was attacked on LFC just because he was from the East of Libya. And that is when I started reviewing all the previous posts from LFC and taking notes. OM gave credit to King Idris and Gathafi and that it was them who made Omar El Mokhtar our only hero and left the others out. Well, I tell this person who wrote these ignorant remarks about a hero who represents all of us Libyans, East and West and not only that. Omar El Mokhtar was the only Arab hero fighting the occupiers in a time where all other movements in the Arab world ceased between 1917 and 1931. Can you Mr Orkin Man tell us where was Omar El Mokhtar when the Italians Occupied Libya in 1911 and whom he was fighting? Omar El Mokhtar gave his life up for what he believed in. By saying this, no one is taking away anything from all of our heroes that fought the Italians. And for that matter, you can choose any of them to be your idol. But for Omar El Mokhtar, he was born a man, lived a man, and died a man if anyone forgot that. Let me tell you this true story, when the parliament was being established in the early days of the kingdom, discussions were heating up on how should the votes and members be taken in the new parliament. One of the members from Tripoli said [ and I won't quote any name here] we should have more seats in the parliament because we out number the Eastern side. And the famous saying was when another member from the East said, don't forget that when we were fighting the Italians in the East, you guys were having babies. And that describes what the East was doing against the Italian occupation. And again, this is a true story that comes from our history.

That same person, Orkin Man attacked Mr. Mansour El Khikia and wrote us a silly story about his friend the drug dealer who died and compared Mr. El Khikia to that drug dealer. Once again, Mr. Mansour El Khikia is from Benghazi. And the person with the, not so good remarks, is not. How did I know that? I read it in one of the posts. Here are more questions for the Orkin Man, can a person jump ships and take a stand against his former employer? Is every person working in and with the current regime, is a bad apple? Would you call a Doctor who works in El Jallaa hospital in Libya, a bad Libyan because he or she represented Libya in one of the medical seminars abroad? How do you define a good person from a bad one? And finally, what crime did Mr. Mansour El Khikia commit that you hate him this much?

Now let's take all the names of the people who were bisected and skewed on LFC, our hero Omar El Mokhtar, Mr, El Khikia, and then Mr. Al Escandarani, Ali El Rishi, Ali El Deeb, Mohamed Buisier and his father, the late Saleh Buisier. All of them but maybe one, are from the East of our beloved Libya. The only other two who were attacked vigorously but weren't from Benghazi or the East of Libya, were God and the Prophet Mohammed [PBUH]. But the rest were from the East. And that is where my question comes in, is this happening just by coincident? Is Tareg Bagdadi being caught sleeping on the job or is this an orchestrated thing that we are watching?

I hate to say this my friends, but what I see is, Racial cracks along Libyan ethnic lines. I also put the blame on Tareg Bagdadi %100. He should've stopped this joke from day one. I don't see any freedom in swearing or letting people step all over themselves. Mr. Tareg El Bagdadi, when you said "Your freedom ends when it infringes on others", did you really mean it? And when you state and out line your responsibility and don't go by it, wouldn't you be legally liable before all of those who were hurt by Orkin Man the run away train. Plus it is not a first amendment right any more, because you set the rules and guide lines that you yourself, Tareg El Bagdadi were the first to break. You're hurting and not helping the image of us, Libyans, East and West. A person's satisfaction in hurting others in their beliefs and their loved ones is not freedom of speech. Tareg Bagdadi, you are obligated to stop all of this at once and post a big apology for those who were massacred on your page. You also have alot of explaining to do on why you let it drag on and on and on. I also believe that a united legal stand should be taken to stop this Orkin Man from succeeding in dividing us even more.

Libya is East and West, North and South. Libya is every particle of sand that exists on its land. No one is better than the other, and no one is inferior to the other. We must take a stand against those who want to divide us and divide our land. Let's teach them a lesson on how strong we are and at the same time how passionate with one another. Let's tell them that they will fail in inserting hatred among us and that peace and harmony will be our only way. Long Live Libya United away from any racial cracks along our ethnic lines.

Ahmad M. El Shibbani

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