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To Abo Mes'ab

Dear Victim,

I just wonder about your name and the name of your cousins?
Abou Mes'ab: the father of one who makes it difficult or hard.
Gadaf El demm: the one who is vomiting blood ( in medical language comes from Hematemesis). And there are a lot of such funny names in your system.

And when I read your nonsense, you should be called abou Jahel: the father of ignorance. Actually El Gherbal overestimated you when he tried to read your letter from right to left and then from left to right, from up to down and topsy-turvy to understand. Mr. El Gherbal should have noticed that this is nonsense, nobody can understand it, not even you Mr. whatever your name is.

In your last nonsense you doubted the opposition's democracy, because as you said they attacked you. Mr. Intelligence, democracy means to attack and to be attacked and you have to accept it, fair or unfair, it doesn't matter. Do you understand my dear? And what is your Gadafi`s democracy? Can you tell me? Neither of you allow anybody to attack or criticize you, and if she or he would do that you are going to hang or shoot her or him!

You wonder, what's going to happen to Libya ( by the way it's not only your Libya; it's ours too) if the opposition take over? I can answer this, if it's going to help you, may be they are not perfect, but they are not worse than you and your master Gadafi, because you are the worst, nobody in the earth can be as bad, as you are !!

I am a woman born 01.09.1969, and though I'm from the new generation, the nonsense of your master Gadafi and you couldn't convince me of anything, except that your system is evil !! My father loved Libya and in the beginning he believed in you, and when he discovered your truth, your destructive motivation against Libya,YOUR TRUTH, you killed him in a brutal way. And when I grew up, I decided to devote my life for Libya. And with my high education, my western passport (which you dream of both of them) and my beauty, I was just chasing any one who is belonging to your evil system (dogs, but they miss stray), when they visited the west (which all of you hate as you say) to enjoy their life. And do you know what I've found? All of them, those who belong to you and your master are just drunkard, wasting the Libyan money everywhere, and do you know what? When they got drunk they begin to tell the truth and the secrets of your system and your master in a very brutal beautiful/ugly way.

I Know what's going in your birdbrain, don't worry nothing happened to me , because they were all (...), physically and in their minds too!!! I know that you're ignorant, but try to find somebody to translate and explain to you my letters, even psychiatrist, and don't wake up, please my friend don't wake up, because may be you know this: if you wake up and in case that you are not Gadafi; they are just going to kill you; kill you; and I don't like that; so be like your friend and get drunk !! Just keep on spending your life like a candle in the wind !!

Why wait until it's your time to die before you learn what you were born to do? There are no more words I can use because the meaning still leaves for you to choose and I couldn't stand to let them abused by you.

God bless you and sorry for the one you hate; democracy.


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