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To Sidi Gherbal

Dear sidi Gherbal,

Anaa wajietni mennek fi hajtain.

The first one: can you imagine that we have waited for your article almost for 2 weeks?. That is unacceptable at all. Please, work harder for us and try to write us an article at the maximum of 10 days timing gap.

The second one: I explain it in details: 2 days ago, in the early morning just before heading to the university, I visited the letters site and felt great as I read the name of your article brightening on the page. It was late, but I couldn't stop my desire to have a quick look at it.

I was shocked to find out that the first line of your article was contaminated by a thawr's name. I got angry and turned off the computer after reading about 4 lines of the article. During that day I kept asking myself why Sidi Gherbal did that and wasted his time replying to that thawr.

Back home late that day, I turned the computer on, printed out your article and read it. I was very happy to find out that the article turned out to be one of sidi Gherbal great articles. But that was really because of ELHAJJA who said that wise GHENNAWA ALAM and made you change your mind.

Sidi Gherbal, if you are not aware, then I have to let you know that you and your articles are so valuable for us as Libyans and therefore they shouldn't be contaminated by such names. Do you know why?. It is just simple. Having their names printed on your articles make them very famous and this is what these strangely behaved bulls like.

Let me ask you a question. What do you expect a dog to do when you wave to it? you are right. The dog will keep barking and barking as long as you keep waving to it forever. And if you ignore that dog, it will just be quite. Really we don't want barking dogs on this quite nice site, do we?

I do hope that you write something advising all our dear readers and writers on this site not to wave to the barking dog we unfortunatelly have on this site.

I deeply apolagize to all the dogs and bulls because I described the odd writer, we have on this site, once as a bull and the second as a dog. Dogs and Bulls are much more useful to the human race.

Sidi Gherbal, if I were a kid, I would bring you to court for describing that odd as a kid. This might be considered as kid abuse.

You have to excuse me in this letter, sidi Gherbal. It is long and I was frankly speaking to you. But I consider myself as your younger brother. Even if you are younger than me, you still wiser, better and more useful person than I am.

Thank you


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