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To Nouraddin!

As-salam alaikom

First, I would like to thank Dr Ibrahim for big job he is doing to keep this page alive and in this condition.

Second, I would like to say that I'm one of the addected readers of this page, but, this is the first time I write a letter here.. ( unfortunately my PC does not support Arabic so I did not write before to this page).

Just wanted to comment on what Mr. Nouraddin have said in his letter dated 13 May, 2001. I would like to thank Mr. Nouraddin for his tryings to show the facts !! ( at least he believes so!) . And I would like to tell you Mr Nouraddin that you made me reread the letter ( Khwater (1) - 21 April, 2001 ), written by Mr. Tefinagh more than once and comparing it to what you've said about it, but I did not find what you said about mixing things etc...

On the other side, I found that you did mix alot in your letter (Fi qadiat al amazigh aw al ibadiah - 29 April, 2001) and you were asking in sarcastic way, and answering yourself in the same time, and then you put your point at the end by saying they are two faces of the same coin.. That means you weren't asking to know, but you were asking to put your point ( you can say NOW that you didn't mean it that way, but that would make no sense.)

All I can say that you and before anyone else, should reread what you wrote and you will see for yourself that you were mistaken and you are the one who did mix things not anyone else ... I guess you do know that you are mistaken, because you seem to be smart, but, your problem is that you think that you are smarter then others, and that is a big mistake to think so, becuase you are writing to 1000s of people who read this page. So, you might be smarter then some, maybe me one of them, but sure not smarter then all the others. So, Please respect thier minds and opinions, then you may be respected as well... but you seem also stubborn ( goat even if it flew). So, I'm not sure if there is a point in telling you all of this...

Mr Nouraddin, when you write on this page next time, do not underestimate readers's opinion... I hope you understand this ...!!

Thanks dear readers for your petience ...


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