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"To Be Or Not To Be"

Dear Readers,

In many occasions and strikingly enough, great deal of people I have met in the course of daily affairs think and some even believe that Qadaffi is a smart guy and We Libyans are a dumb nation because he invented such a chaotic regime, that enabled him to stay in power till now. Well, this allegations are absolutely groundless because such chaotic regimes existed throughout history and the guy has not come up with something new.

A quick review of such manipulative regimes and their characteristics prove that Qaddafi was neither smart nor were We Libyans dumb; he simply knew that a lie to be effective had to be Big.

The Libyan regime had sprung up in imitation of the Soviet Union under the rule of Stalin, the National Socialist Germany under the rule of Hitler and the Fascist Italy under the rule of Mussolini and alike. According to historians these regimes, which the Libyanís had adopted, have some common aspects, such as: Mass manipulation and Terrorism, Leadership, a New Theory, Total Destruction of Education, Monopolization of Economy, The Secret Police (al Leejan in the case of Libya), Controlled Propaganda, and Total Exclusion of the Opposition and also Exemplary Punishment meted to them and their families.

I know that I have not come up with something new, at least to some of you, neither I proclaim to be an authority. All I want to say is We should take lessons and learn from the past; if others in Germany Hitler, Italy Mussolini, Romania Ceausescu had made it, We can as well.

What We need is a united effort to reach a unanimous agreement and then make a fresh start to push on from there. We need to stop this endless disputes and knocking one antherís heads off. We need a spirit of solidarity and camaraderie. We need team spirit and work, mutual trust and unconditioned love for each others. But what we need most is Fusion of Ideas and Actions.

Are We ready to do something or just fiddle while Libya burns? Or as we Libyans usually say: Khata Rasi Wa Qes. I would love to consult an anthropologist if he/she ever came cross such an expression in any known or unknown society. I wonder! Are We genetically self-centered people or profoundly brainwashed cowardly swans?!!! Still wonder.

Hey Libyans, wake up. It is not the task of America or Britain or any other country to end this come-tragedy and eradicate this ruthless rat from Libya. It is our own task and solely responsibility. The moment of truth has come and the everlasting question repeats itself:
          To Be Or Not To Be
Or:     Khata Rasi Wa Qes?

Best regards,

Reem El-Badia

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