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I am not selfish my friend

Dear Dr. Ibrahim:

I am sorry about my previous letter, I was a little angry but what I said is completely true, no doubt about it.

This is actually a reply to Mr. ALBAY comment, he stated that he knows Dorda, I wonder How and where and when did he know him, was it after or before 1969?

Sometimes I wonder where does (Albay) live? Does he live on Planet Earth? I wonder! I may not argue about Mr. Dorda's nationalism I do not Know him personally, he may be a nationalist, but that is not what I am questioning, I am questioning his credibility whether he can do any thing decent or not!! I am questioning whether he has a say with his master or not.

Anyway, these are only speculations and I may agree with you on one point: that he helped some people but who are these people? His family and friends and he helped himself with Libyan money. Tell me something, when did you see him driving a red Toyota pickup? 1968!! Come on my friend, we still live on planet earth. My friend: wake up and smell the coffee, you can never defend such a man unless ... !!!!

My friend, I am not offering anybody any thing but a word of wisdom and a voice of the truth and dignity that I kept along the way and honesty that I cherish, which is hard to find these days with the corruption and indecent acts from people like your friend.

I am not selfish my friend, and I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I work hard, and I help people with whatever I can (Word Of Wisdom, Truth and Honesty.) I am proud of what I achieved along with my wife and kids and I thank Allah for that, I do not thank Dorda or his Master like others.

As for those families that are living on the charity of others, I feel sorry for them and I will help with whatever I can, but they are a lot better than the puppets who are stealing from them.

And, as for you my friend, I think I know who you are, but I would not name you for everybody because I am a decent man and I would not use this good site for indecent information.

Well my friend, I would leave you with this: "What goes around, comes around and what goes up, must come down.

Wa elsalam aliekum.


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