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The Qadaffi's Criminal Image Is Beyond Repair !

In the last 15 months, Qadaffi has been trying very hard to change his image from the heinous tyrant he is to that of a peacemaker, a statesman, and an advocate of human rights. With no sense of shame, he now labors tirelessly to sell this image to the West. However, during the last 31 years, his tyranny over Libya and oppression of the Libyan people have damaged his image beyond any possible repair. Even the cronies who work for him defend his image only meekly, even though they are mercenaries being paid by him to do so. Qadaffi's supporters from other countries in the Arab world only support him because they, too, are dictators; they all rule against the will of the people. This is true of all Arab countries, not just Libya.

Qadaffi is nothing but a phony and a liar as well as a malevolent, morally decrepit animal with no sense of humanity. These are the reasons Qadaffi's image can never be repaired:

1. In 1974, Qadaffi announced a program called Urban Development, under which Libyans who either owned land or were capable of buying land were eligible for a government loan to build houses or other structures such as businesses. Many people in the cities were eligible for this Urban Development program, but many of them had to sell their assets in order to qualify. Three years later, Qadaffi reneged on the government's promise and confiscated all the new construction. The owners of these properties lost everything. Later on, Qadaffi redistributed these properties to his cronies.

2. Qadaffi established the Revolutionary Committees and numerous other committees under various names with only one purpose: to suppress dissenting opinion and establish an environment of fear and obedience.

3. Qadaffi introduced and implemented physical liquidation and violence as political tools against Libyans who do not fully submit to official doctrine or his psychotic whims, which are actually one and the same.

4. In the late 1970s, Qadaffi nationalized all private businesses, from large to small, turning the entire Libyan populace into "government employees." Subsequently, Qadaffi brought in foreign companies to conduct business in Libya--e.g., construction companies and others services. Then one of Qadaffi's henchmen, Jadalla Azzuz Al-Talhi, prohibited these foreign companies from employing any Libyan. All employees, from the lowest to the highest, were to be brought from outside Libya. Obviously, Qadaffi considers the Libyan people Enemy Number One. He is filled with hate for the Libyan people and wants to degrade them. This proves the illegitimacy of Qadaffi's rule. For some reason, he is filled with a malignant need for revenge against the Libyan people. Qadaffi is like a curse and a cancer on the Libyan people.

5. Qadaffi hanged many political opponents and broadcast the executions on television. These events took place in various places around the country. Then the houses of the victims and their families were demolished. This is Qadaffi's brand of terror, the environment of fear he has created.

6. In the mid-1980s, Chad defeated Libyan troops in southern Libya, resulting in about 3,000 casualties among Libyan soldiers and officers. Chad also held about 1,200 Libyan POWs. After the war, Qadaffi officially denied that Libyan troops had ever been engaged in military operations against Chad and also denied that Chad held any Libyan POWs. This action prevented any imperative on Chad's part to treat the POWs according to the conventions of international law. This proves once again that human beings have no value for Qadaffi. He is willing to toss them away like cigarette butts.

7. On December 22, 1993, flight number 1103, a civilian Libyan airplane carrying 143 passengers enroute from Bengazi to Tripoli. Shortly before its landing, the plane disappeared after being hit by a Libyan fighter plane's missiles. Everyone died in this disaster. Boeing offered to send experts to help investigate the tragedy, but Qadaffi refused to allow anyone to investigate anything. One day later, he had the audacity to claim that--because the United States lost Pan Am flight number 103 on December 22, 1988, and Libya lost flight 1103 on the same date five years later--the two countries were now even. Qadaffi planned this entire tragedy from beginning to end. Not only does Qadaffi have no respect for the Libyan people, he also places no value on their lives. He orchestrated this disaster merely for the purpose of achieving some kind of twisted parity with the United States' tragedy? This is nothing more than insanity. To Qadaffi, human beings are mere toys to be manipulated for his own childish ends.

8. Qadaffi implemented a law through the People's Authority (his puppet legislature) stating that all of his opinions and/or comments should carry the full weight and authority of law. Anything he says is not only above the law; it is the law. In other words, Qadaffi's insanity is the government.

9. Qadaffi also implemented a law through the People's Authority institutionalizing collective punishments. Anyone who acts in any way against the Libyan regime, subjects his family, his tribe, sometimes even his entire city to the possibility of severe punishments.

10. On September 1, 2000, Qadaffi demolished the most popular sports club in Bengazi because the fans criticized his son's demotion of the club to a minor league level. This destruction occurred at night when no one was awake to witness it--another form of Qadaffi's cowardice. The club had always played a large role in Libyan sport and social history, so its members organized a protest at which they chanted anti-Qadaffi slogans. For this, their club was destroyed. Today, as always, Qadaffi tolerates absolutely no dissent. So how can his image be changed? It cannot.

This list could be extended, for hundreds of additional points. Qadaffi's government should not even be honored with the term "regime." It is nothing more than a gang of criminals. How can a criminal this low possibly change his image? He's not human. His moral turpitude has been proven over and over by his actions. It is impossible for anyone to change the image of a criminal of this caliber. The entire civilized world should isolate this gang and forego all relations and affiliations with his career of crime.

I would like to salute the position of the Foreign Minister of France, who three days ago objected that the European and Mediterranean countries invited Qadaffi to their meeting on November 16-17, 2000, in Marseilles. France officially stated that Qadaffi is "very far from being in a position to attend our meeting." The meaning here is very clear. Qadaffi simply is nowhere close to being civilized enough. Period. I hope that other European nations will follow the lead of France by denouncing and excluding Qadaffi from their future meetings. Japan and Canada should also reject all dealings with Qadaffi. The United States, to its credit, has rejected the normalization of relations with Qadaffi. This policy is based on a number of issues, including the lack of democratic reforms in Libya, something that will never happen under Qadaffi. The civilized countries of the world should build their relations based on strategic, mutual benefits, because Qadaffi's gang will eventually disappear. Only the Libyan people will remain to pick up the pieces and begin the long journey to recovery from Qadaffi's reign of terror. Any relations or affiliations with Qadaffi's gang will only occur at the expense of the Libyan people.

Long live Libya!

Shaib El'ain

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