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We no longer accept closed doors, dark cloaked meetings

Dear Dr Ibrahim,
Assalaam Alaikom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatoh

I have been reading the discussion which has made your page its host and which is taking place between the "pro-dialogue" on one hand and the realists on the other! I happen to subscribe to the latter camp.

It is believed that one does not have a dialogue for the sake of just appearing to be having one nor does one enter in a dialogue with an opposing party without a clear agenda of what is to be discussed and what are the objectives of such an exercise. A common platform is also needed from which a discussion is to be carried forward and various avenues to be explored.

While it is true that Mr Dorda has called some Libyans (and I shall not judge the motives of those libyans) for talks and discussions, one has to keep in mind that Mr Dorda himself is a criminal and is very much responsible for the deaths of some innocent Libyans (namely in the city of Gharian) and he represents a tyrant who stole Libya and her resources as well as destroying its social fabric, killing and maiming its people, and many other crimes that we all know of .....
It is naive to think that any discussion with a criminal who does not want to change his criminal grip on the country and its people would bare any fruits. How can one have a so called "dialogue" with a criminal gang and their leader who pretend to be the all good doers while they are still commiting their crimes?? It is only logical that before one tries to reform, one has to stop doing the things one is trying to reform??

I can not fathom some one sitting with these criminals and pretending to be having a useful dialogue with them while these same criminals are carrying on business as usual in destroying a society and raping a country and her peoples! Call me a simpleton if you so wish but I would not sit and have a "Dialogue" with a criminal who represents a master criminal who is in the business of killing and destroying my family while I am having this so called "Dialogue". If these criminals are interested in reforming their criminal ways then they should do business in the open and in daylight! We no longer accept closed doors, dark cloaked meetings with some one who has had 30 long years to mend his ways yet still carrying on with his destructive agenda! If he and his criminals want to talk then they better start at home and they better conduct business in the open for all to see and they would have to apologize for the crimes they have commited as well as being welling to stand before the Law and to be accountable to what they have done! Anything else is just plain rubbish!.

For any progress to take place, first and foremost the criminal regime has to stop its pillaging and remove its heavy weight that has been residing on the chests of Libyans for over thirty years till no longer can they breath. Then, they have to admit that they have done wrong and say so plainly in their propoganda machine (tv, radio, ...) then and only then an open Dialogue can be carried for all to see and a discussion that we Libyans want to carry on from there once we are rid of this 30 year old cancer ... Other than that you can sit and talk and talk and talk and talk while your family disappears one by one either to the sword or to some stress related disease resulting from the absolute opression that exists in beloved Libya.

Finally, I would like to say that sitting with a criminal (who is still carrying out his hedious crimes) under the pretence of having a fruitful "dialogue" does nothing to our nation other than give some dignity and credibility to such a criminal and his henchmen.

With kind regards


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