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Why Do You Bother Us?

Assalamu alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu wa Ba'ad:

I write to you from [outside] Libya, the land of al-Khair, the land of Uqbah and Ruwauf'a al-ansaari, and the land of Umar al-Mukhtar. The land that is eagerly waiting for its sons and daughters to stand against the Kufr and the corruption brought into it by Qaddafi and his gang.

I am writing this letter to say to those brothers and sisters who try to answer some the dishounest libyans "with small l" who to choose to side with agression and with those who corrupted everything good in our beloved country, that please stop doing that for it is:

-A waste of time and effort. Because these people are trying to distract our discussion and divert us from providing the forum that all Libyans are seeking. These people have no interest in Libya, Libyans or in being good to any body except their master. These people are talking from their hearts like all of you do (look at what they write) and therefore, they write because it is their job to do that, and every efforts to convence them of something will be a waste.

-True that these people are such a small minority in Libya, but one that has the power. And when Justice is asbsent, those who have power become monsters, even if they dress like angels. Just remember how Qaddafi looks, no matters what he wears, he looks like Iblees.

And by the way, I used to live in America, but now in Libya, alhamdullilah, and I know what is going on in it, both good and bad. And to tell you the truth, I was not going to ask those sisters and brothers to stop answering these (.....) revolutionaries of Lijan memebers, until this so called abou mos'ab said that there are no prisons and prisoners in Libya. I mean, my god, who stupid a lier can get? What is he going to say to killings of Ramadhan of 1984 and the play of Asbaha Subhu played by Qaddafi whem he said he freed the prisoners!!!

Common, there must be a limit to any thing. Please just ignore these people. Have mercy on us for God sake. Let us continue our constructive debate and discussion.

I do respect all including those who call themselves patriots on the Qaddafi way, BUT not those who say such lies. The poor creatures! They think that those who write for this debate do not know anything about Libya, I think they really beleive that. What (...)! They want us to believe that Qaddafi is the West's enemy! And that creature (who claims to be a woman) that wishes that Qaddafi had actually bombed the PanAm plane! What about the Libyan plane that Qaddafi destroyed on the anniversary of the Lockerbie? But you know, her real identity came out when she said that she wishes that they give from their live to Qaddafi so that he lives longer. Nobody ever think in that fashion except a true slave. Unbelievable! Not even the companions wished something like for for the beloved Prophet (saaws). Hey wake up, it is 2001 already and this is the Internet. Welcome to one the Freedom tools which are going to make stand to your real selves: midgets!

I am soryy I had to write in English, which I am begining to lose, because I am writing from ouside Libya now. I will hopefully write in Arabic the next time I write, from the Land of Libya that going to destroy all of its enemies soon inshaAllah.

Allah Yahfadhkum ajma'een, wassalam.

A. Bel-Hamad

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