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" These are the issues that people who care about Libya and its people should raise"

Dear Dr. Ibrahim:

          Thank you very much for providing this forum so that Libyans abroad can communicate with one another and discuss a variety of political and social issues related to Libya. I have followed your webpage for quite some time and have never been moved to write before now, primarily because I have been in basic agreement with most of the views published on your page. Recently, however, I have become disturbed by the dialogue regarding the group of Libyan Americans that have met with the Libyan Ambassador to the United Nations who ( with his newly dyed hair and slick new look ) is trying to present an image of forgiveness to Libyans living in the United States. I am especially concerned about the motives of all of these individuals, including one in particular with whom I am acquainted and will discuss below. And I am concerned about their impact on the attainment of social justice and democracy in Libya.

          Based upon the summaries of the meetings that have been presented by these individuals, it appears that the Libyan Americans have been seduced by Qadafi's invitation to embark on new business enterprises with him, including food export companies, medicinal companies, and the development of Libyan-American schools. Food? Medicine? Schools? Are we to believe that Qadafi will be content with importing these items from the United States or is it more likely that he will use this as a means of obtaining electronics and computer equipment to strengthen his oppressive regime? Why would he suddenly be in need of such friendly export items when he can obtain these -- perhaps more cheaply and expeditiously -- from other European, African, and Middle Eastern countries?

          And even if these were the items Qadafi seeks, why should any of the Libyan Americans, most of whom left Libya because of Qadafi's oppressive regime, engage in any business enterprise with Qadafi? There is no mention by those that seek to establish new business relations of the state of chaos and oppression that currently exists within Libya. There is no mention about freedom or the fact that Libya has no constitution. No one has asked about or even mentioned the thousands of political prisoners that are being held hostage in Libya; nor did any discuss human rights or Qadafi's latest tirade in which he incarcerate hundreds more political prisoners again last year. These are the issues that people who care about Libya and its people should raise.

          With respect to others who apparently have met privately with the Libyan Ambassador or have expressed a desire to meet with him, the same might be said. None have issued any statement describing their position or motives or even the content of their discussions. Does this mean they are not so proud of what they are representing to this Ambassador? Were they truly committed to achieving democracy and social justice in Libya, would they not have clarified their ambitions? In failing to raise these issues, the Libyan Americans who are now negotiating with Qadafi and his representatives seem to be placing their own interests in money and social status above any concerns about their homeland and friends and families still living there.

          In closing, I have a bit of anecdotal information to share about one of the members of the "delegation" of Libyan Americans that we have all been discussing. This individual once lived in Dayton where he was a member of the Libyan student union. As president of the union, Dayton unit, I was personally acquainted with him. He was at that time openly opposed to Qadafi, and he frequently raised the flag of Islam and Jihad in discussions with the members. And then he got hired by a Saudi Academy in Washington, D.C. where he seemed to have forgotten his Libyan heritage. Upon his termination from that job, he went to visit Libya. He returned from that visit with a mission from Qadafi to start his Libyan American Friendship Association of which he became the leader and began waving the green flag of the September 1 coup. One wonders what kind of deals he made while he was in Libya? How much of his words and work are truly his own? And now he wants to found, among other things, Libyan-American schools? Where will the money come from? Who will control it? Will the Green Book be at the heart of the curriculum? Is it possible that our leader of the Libyan-American "Friendship" Association will receive more personal monetary rewards as headmaster and/or chief financial officer of these schools?

          So one cannot help but feel sorry for these Libyans who will allow a man of such character to lead them in a plan that will certainly undermine the struggle for freedom and undermine the efforts of Libyan people to get rid of Qaddafi and establish a democratic government that respects the human rights of all people in Libya. No one should give the current regime legitimacy by negotiating with it and forming business relations with it. Qadafi stole power from the people. We should all work toward a complete removal of Qadafi and work toward developing a free Libya. Then we can have all the schools and computer science teachers and engineers we want in Libya. Congratulations to sister Huda who sees the plan of the "Friendship" Association as the ruse that it is, and therefore remains a bright star in this debate. Her discussion of human rights brings honor to all of us Libyans and Muslims.

Thank you.


Mohamed Ali
Long Live Libya

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