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To ... A. A. Ahmed

I though I should copy what you wrote in your letter, addressed to me and titled " To Haila ", here, and comment on it with: " NO COMMENT "...for, just reading it again, as is, will save me the agony of analyzing and commenting on the dullness, the ignorance, the unintelligent, the un-understandable, the backward, the boring, the doltish, the gloomy, words written by a person, supposedly carry the PhD degree.

I do thank Dr. Ibrahim Ighneiwa, for publishing these kinds of letters, to expose the ignorance and stupidity of their composers, without even commenting on them!!

As you might have noticed, A. A. Ahmed, I am not addressing you as Dr., simply, because I'm afraid I might start cursing the University, which sold you the PhD, which, seems you are so proud of addressing yourself with!!... Thanking you, in the meantime, for your eagerness that I buy one for myself as well!!

You wrote: ((
I hope that you will get your PhD soon to be a doctor. It is no harm not everyone is a doctor. You do not have to be a doctor to know how things work or to analyze the manner of life and the surrounding society. In the meanwhile you mistreated your way of thinking as your discussions and letters showed the following :

Thank you for comforting me for not having one ( the PhD ) myself!! But do you think what you wrote was good English language practice, or even meaningful??...
Let us examine, how, according to you, " in the meanwhile I mistreated my way of thinking as my discussions and letters showed: "

1. Let us start with: point No. 1
(Lack of information about many countries of the world specially the western countries.)!!!! .... I'm not going to let you, and for that matter, the others, off the hook, and get away with it again!!.... What kind of INFORMATION you are talking about??... What are the names of COUNTRIES of the world you are referring to???...And which WESTERN Countries specifically you're hinting at??... That is what you wrote in your first point...Can you tell me what was the objectiveness behind your statement??? If any!!!

2. Point No. 2..
(Lack of objective opinions and consistency in the way you approached the economic and political aspects of life.)!!!!....This point I cannot handle my self!! So I am going to leave it to the kind reader's judgment, whom, I can see, are smiling right now!!!

(Jumping to the facts relying on some sources which are not right, making your conclusions weak and for a specialist is a falsification and misguidance.)!....Can you tell me A. A. Ahmed, what are you talking about, again???... What are the FACTS I'm jumping to??...Where did you find these "SOME SOURCES” which are not right, in your mind, when you through this wisdom at me!!!... And what CONCLUSIONS are weak, and where are they?!!!...And I'm sorry I did not understand what you meat by your last sentence!!....
Where did you find ALL of the above in my writings...Can you give ONE example, or even ONE sentence, in my letters, to prove your allegations and your accusations.

4. Your Point No. 4
..((It is very hard to dictate the others with certain way of thinking. As said (difference is a kind of mercy), this kind of discussions is good. We live in civilized societies, we live in 2001.))!!!!! ...

Masha'allah..., I do really feel sad and sorry for you, and as I mentioned repeatedly, about the declining standards of education, of the new generation of Libyans, so called intellectuals and address themselves as Doctors., Professors and Thinkers!!... It is not your fault, but the 32 years living in the darkness and ignorance, imposed upon our people!!!
It seems to me that, judging the way you write, think and live, neither live in a civilized society, nor in the year 2001.

Don't you feel ashamed of yourself, to write such a letter??? And post it in this clean and intellectual site, where we discuss Ideas not Personalities and crap!!!

Go and
vomit somewhere else!!! May be on your " Al shams " newspaper!!, so the sun might dry it, clean it or burn it!!!
We intend to keep this page as clean as possible, from your alikes!!

Finally you wrote:
(Finally, I hope that you may read more about the political and economic aspects interactions and the reflection of these interrelationship to human life everywhere.)

Yes Sir, I will take your advice! After analyzing what you meant by that!!



P.S. I do apologize for using such language in this letter. For I had to answer every individual, and they are increasing by the day, with what he or she deserves. So they should think twice before writing another such a " letter!!”

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