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The Professor And The High School Teacher:
(Who Is The Weakest Link?)

As professor Noam Chomsky the famous American dissident was quoted by the unknown:

"It seems to me that the search for confrontations, aside from revealing a kind of intellectual bankruptcy, a failure to have found effective politics, may also become a manipulative and coercive tactic. I think it often does." I can only say, as usual, you are absolutely right dear professor.

First, a disclaimer that is not needed, but I must claim is important!. I barely knew Dr. El-Kikhia and I don't claim to be his friend, and the only impression I have of him is his originality and his love and commitment to all that is Libya.

So, this is not in defense of Dr. Mansour El-Kikhia nor an apology for him, as he (in my view) owes none and to no one!. Dr. El Kikhia is a gregarious individual who is totally capable and certainly qualified to answer for himself, as he eloquently has done, to all the claims made against him. Dr. El-Kikhia's misfortunes, if we can call it that, puts him in the epicenter of the sphere of influence of Jewish in general and Zionists in particular, namely the Social Sciences departments of the American academic institutions. Simply, for Dr. El-Kikhia, by virtue of his profession, they come with the territories. I'm sure that Dr. El Kikhia has had firsthand experience with the intrigue that goes along with trying to fill a vacancy in such departments when Jewish and non-Jewish applicants compete for the position.

Furthermore, it is a fact of life that academicians of all disciplines frequently get invitations to contribute scientific papers and to join editorial boards of specialized journals in their fields. Given the fact that Middle East Quarterly is viewed, at least in academic circles, as a legitimate journal specializing in Middle East affairs, it is expected of them to search for people who may contribute and validate their claims to such legitimacy. I'm sure that Daniel Pipes didn't invite Mansour El-Kikhia to join the quarterly's editorial board, because of his love for him or his editorial abilities, but simply to give his journal the flavor and the image of balanced coverage of Middle East affairs. Mansour El-Kikhia was and is aware of that fact, and his decision of "seeing before reviewing" is an indication of such mutual understanding. Furthermore, being on the editorial board of a journal is not like being on the board of a company. There are no board meetings or annual financial reports to sign on, or strategic policy decisions to require the convening of the board. Under such circumstances, it is very likely that Dr. El-Kikhia have overlooked or simply forgotten his hesitant commitment and involvement with DP and his MEQ.

But, if D. Pipes and company have chosen to keep Dr. Kikhia's name because of his name, then who is better to have on the editorial board of a Zionist propaganda leaflet than an Arab with the intellectual and academic qualifications and background of Dr. El-Kikhia? Arab leaders and intellectual delinquents in the Middle East are always in hot pursuit of the illusive "peace process" bandwagon, yet Arab academicians are viewed suspiciously if they were to engage well-known Zionists and Israeli sympathizers. How did Edward Said fair with his own leaders when he came against the Palestinian Authorities' newly found pragmatism of abandoning the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people for a principality in Gaza strip a la Liechtenstein, Monaco, Qatar or Kuwait!. Like the rest of his peer, the now infamous anonymous claims his admiration for Edward Said, yet he swears his allegiance to the official peddlers of the "peace of the braves" when he fears "Daniel Pipes and his gang (who) are up to no good" as he has warned Dr. El-Kikhia to be weary of them.

To the now infamous anonymous, what can I, or anybody else, for that matter, tell you? Your grandstanding, or as a Libyan would say, muscle flexing, is hardly a hidden subject within the subject, as you may have thought or believed. You may be as genuine and sincere in your feelings toward the issues, which you have raised, but all things being equal, you made your case at the expense of Dr. El-Kikhia. If you are in search of the truth, as you have claimed i.e. you have only wanted Dr.Kikhia to repudiate and severe his relationship with the quarterly and Pipes. Then, why didn't you or any of your mutual friends relay the message to him in a private and friendly setting and wait for his response?

But, no, you already have an article to publish, after all, as you said" I was asked twice before to publish my opinion of Mansour's work". Well, ! You have been asked not once, but twice to publish your opinion of Mansour's work. But who asked you? You are not telling us. Was it your friend Dorda, the high school teacher? You want us to believe that the pressure of your friend[s] was much too much for you to bear!. Get real; what is clear is that, there is more manipulative intentions oozing out of every paragraph, if not to say every sentence and word of your piece than any I can remember reading, and you have the nerve to accuse Dr. El-Kikhia of manipulative behavior. If, as you say, you really care about the issues of Zionism, totalitarianism, or Israeli democracy and Arab feudalism what stops you from attacking these issues head on, instead of using others to shield yourself and fight the losers' fight. You should admit as well as publicly acknowledge that there is Israeli democracy even if it is among thieves and within an abhorring racist society such as in Israel. What is more, the life of the average Palestinian hasn't changed if not got worse under the banner of the Palestinian Authority, lead by opportunists and remnants of the old guard of Arab nightmares of the 60s.

Daniel Pipes belongs to "lunatic fringes of Zionism" you say, as if you mean to tell us that there exists a benign and acceptable version of Zionism. For your information, all Zionists are created equal and the United Nations had officially branded them as a collection of racist breed. As an "independent private Arab citizen" you should never think in terms of lunatic and sane Zionists as long as both hold the same belief that their Jehovah had bequeathed them Palestine as their Promised Land for being his chosen people.

Here, on this web site, you can preach all what you want, but you must know or should have known that you will not be able to change the heart or mind of one single person frequenting this site. The reason, infamous anonymous is that all those visiting here had known all along what Israel and Zionism is all about. So, why are you preaching to them?. Is that because you fear "Daniel Pipes and his terrorists", if you were to venture beyond the confines of your own imaginative audience. You sing the praise of freedom and liberty of this country, yet you fear a "dark skinned" Jew who made a profession out of smearing everything and everybody, he perceives as endangering his Zionist dreams in Palestine.

Talking about courage in the face of adversity! When Gadhafi was asked, for his reasons of not coming to the aid of Palestinians under the Israeli siege in Beirut in 1982, and calling on them to commit mass suicide, while sending his troops to Uganda in support of his soul mate Idi Amen Dada, his response was that Beirut was too far to reach. Ibn BaToTa is not around, to teach the simpleton tyrant of Sirte the art of measuring distances, but teachers in third rate colleges can tell him and his slaves that Sirte is the center of the universe.

Fighting Zionists is in the mainstream media and academic circles not on a modest Internet site devoted in its entirety to Libya and the Libyans and their inveterate and unenviable plight. But I must admit that it is a good place, if you were trying to target and discredit a Libyan in particular and plant the seeds of division among Libyans in general. So, how much of either of those goals have you accomplished. I guess Dorda will be your judge, and his verdict will be translated into how many official functions you will be invited to or how many private audiences you will have with him to ease the troubles of the Libyan expatriates. Let us see it was March 16 when Dorda first had his famous encounter with Mansour El Kikhia, at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. It has taken you about two months to formulate your attack on him and revenge the humiliation of your bosom body. Talking of unbearable pressure, reviewing books and befriending tyrant's slaves! Talking of family ties of God and country and begging murderers for an electronic number to leave the country of your birth! Calling idiots and drunkers urbane and lovers of art and poetry and dismissing others as "fools, wranglers and eternal worriers". Please, meet the crème de la crap of the Libyan Diaspora.!!!

You have challenged Dr. El-Kikhia to give you some examples of Arab bastards who had crept into history books. I introduce to you the caliph "Alma'moon' the son of Haroon Arrasheed and the Caliph Alhakim be-amri-Allah, the grandson of Almo'iz ledeeni-Allah AlfaTimi. If you are not aware or don't accept the notion of their illegitimacy, then try to explain what ummu walad (mother of a boy) and concubine mean in the age of girlfriends and White House interns!.

While we are talking about history; who was it that said to Gadhafi in a famous public forum that the Egyptians' psyche and their docility and lack of militancy was a result of their long history under the tyrannical rule of the Mamalukes? It was you, if I may remind you, if you have forgotten or tried to. What is it in Libya, nowadays, that turns cowards into pragmatists and middle ground seekers? History repeats itself, and some can only teach it to others, but not learn from it. Pacifism in the face of tyranny is but another term for cowardice and apathy may not be used to justify acts, which under different circumstances can only be seen as treason. Your friend the 'urbane' Buzaid Dorda Arrhaibi was lacking in basic humanity when he physically attacked jailed individuals in the early 70s in Musrata, while he was governor there. Does an urbane and civil individual who is responsible for the welfare of his people allow himself to behave in such a manner. Of course not, but a thug is always a thug, regardless of age or place of residence. Buzaid in New York City is the same Buzaid in Musrata, or as he once described himself" Buzaid 'aryan, Buzaid labis" whether naked or clothed he is the same Buzaid. So, welcome to the brave new world of the Jamaheriya the 'Great' and meet her new and improved foreign minister (Shalgum) and the urbane and civilized ambassadors Dorda and Ezzway and their Rock & Roll Groupies!

You are admitting to being Buzaid Dorda's bosom body, Shalgum's address book and to Ezzway as your last resort to have your identifying "electronic number" chip inserted in your passport or who knows where. You are also proclaiming your lack of political affiliation (as if you have choice to admitting otherwise). Yet, you are on first name basis with the top three political operatives of Gadhafi's Jamaheriya the 'Great' and still call yourself an independent private citizen? How independent are you and independent of what? Are you a real citizen or a mere subject of Sirte and its Jamaheriya? And while at it, would you tell us, a citizen of what, for Libya is no more. Are you a citizen of the Jamaheriya the 'Great', the United States of Africa, or a citizen of the Komone(?) at Torelli?

Whatever happened to your attitude of kiss and tell and confessing all. Why didn't you have the "chutzpah" as Pipes would say, to name names when you "also met with two other gentlemen, whose political views were disagreeable to me, and whose major interest was to know what Abuzaid Dorda and I were up to, as if we were up to something." You are being selective and secretive for no apparent reasons. Are we supposed to guess the names of those two nosey people who are snooping around trying to find out what you and Dorda are up to? But, who told them about your "until then!!" backdoor relationship with Dorda? They must be from the many security agencies of Gadhafi's Jamaheriya the 'Great'. I have a hunch that they could only be Mousa Kousa and Abdallah Essanusi? What about Abdurrahman Elabbar or the Hijazi brothers. C'mon, give us a hint, the suspense is killing us!

In your "A Response" dated may 23rd you wrote two pages, and used the personal pronoun of the first person (I) more than (75) times, as in "I am not a political activist and, therefore, I do not belong to any political organizations(!)" that is a lot of heavy usage of "ana" for a devoted Moslem who must have known that "gul ana min 'amal al-shayTan" (saying I all the time is the work of Satan!!). With all this I, yet you avoided saying what you stood for beyond parroting the professional politicians' jargon of "for the good of my people". Do you really know what is good for your people? With leaders like your dear friends, Dorda, Ezzway, and Shalgum and the other two unknowns (nakeras!!) along with Gadhafi, you must be feeling satisfied that your people are in good hands.

Who wrote the article titled "The Freudian Slip of Mansour Omar El-Kikhia"? My five-year-old had an imaginary friend that does all the mischief in and around the house. Do you know what she calls her imaginary friend? You guessed it right, Anonymous!! , because she has just learned the word and she liked how it sounded, and because it made the rest of the house laugh and go along with it. But, she is only five years old and still exploring her limitless world.

O great patriot "Then came his (EL-Kikhia) statement that some Palestinians were worse enemies to their people than the Israelis ever were. Duty, then, made silence impossible". For saying that Abu Nidal have hurt the Palestinians more than Israeli's ever could, you let him have what was coming to him. Lucky for him, Dr. El-Kikhia, didn't say that Gadhafi is worse than Mussolini ever was. Then in responding to his answer to you, you quoted yourself ( you like quoting or what!!), saying to a friend "'It was not an easy decision for me to publish this article. I was intensely torn between two competing commitments, one to my friends and the other to my country'" Come again!, did you say friends or a friend, as in my good friend Abuzaid Dorda Errhaibi? And what country are you talking about, this time? Are we still in Palestine or we are back in the Jamaheriya the Great trying to put some magical make-up powder on the faces of its political leaders? You had me confused for a moment.

To Mustafa Ben 'Amer
To Basheer al-Sa'adawi
To Ali Owriath
And all the dead Libyans, who won't be competing with the name of the great leader of Elfateh the Great!

To all the non-Libyans who, nobody cares if I mentioned their names.
To Edward Said
To Samiha Khalil
To Uri Avnery
To Noam Chomsky

And then, and in another post!!
To my three little children.... and to their lovely mother
"his most honorable wife and good children"
"your gracious wife and lovely children"

Aren't those the hallmark of a great ANONYMOUS writer? Circumstantial evidence, you say? May be, but at least, we are not in Camp Zeist!!.

Saleh BuTalag

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