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Now that I got your attention, listen up. I know that what I posted on the LFC might not be what some of you want to hear, but as we say in Libyan take the word of one that makes you cry and not one that makes you laugh and laughs at you. Why is the fuss at what I have just said? I KNOW ABOUT EVERY LIBYAN ORGANIZATION AS WELL AS WHAT EVERYONE DID AND WHAT EVERYONE SAID. As I told you before, I belong to no organization except the Libyan league for Human rights. I was a founding member in 1980 with Mansour Rashid and a number of others good Libyans concerned about the deplorable conditions in our homeland .

Understand me please and do not ASSUME, I am not telling you to follow Imgarief, Zeid or Umr. I would never tell you to do something I would not do myself. What I am telling you, and you know that already, is that we are dead in the water and sinking and you are worrying about what you are going to wear to get into the life boat. Look at you, you complain and complain and complain. What has any of you complainers done lately? Show us. I was at the Woodrow Wilson Center doing my best to fight that vile regime. I would have loved to see 200 or 300 Libyans outside demonstrating against Dorda. Their presence would have given me strength and would have strengthened my arguments. What did I see? I saw seven brave young Libyans out in the cold holding banners of opposition to the dictator and his henchmen. I ask you? How many Libyans live in the Washington D.C. area that could have made time to lend a hand of support? It matters little whether they belong to the Inquad or any other organization. Let me tell you none of those kids even lived in the D.C. area and all came at their own expense to deliver their message. To these people goes my respect, not someone sitting on his butt on his computer and criticizing someone who takes the time to do something for Libya. Again on the 7th of April, only two showed up in front of the Libyan mission. How many Libyans reside in the New York area that could have lent a hand of support? Wake up and smell your own sweat. It stinks; so clean your selves first.

I do not agree with much of the NFSL's policies but do not impugn them. I am not saying this to defend them, because most of you should know me by now and know that I do not even belong to it. I attended one meeting in California in the early eighties, and decided then that the organization was not for me. But that should not, and it did not reduce my support for their major objective. I support them 1000% in their attempt to remove the dictator. Those kids who gave their lives in their failed attempt to attack the dictator didn't complain. They died for an idea and the belief that they were doing it for Libya. There are other excellent Libyan organizations opposing the dictator that have a lot to contribute but are not unable to. I am inviting all of them to chip in and participate not under the banner or Zaid or Umr or Imgarief. Call it what you want as long as it is done. Most important I am NOT calling you under my banner either I DO NOT HAVE ONE. I promise you I will be a good follower, just get the courage and responsibility and get together. All our organizations without exception must meet with no pre-conditions and must work on ways to remove this cancer from our body. Who better to decide who rules except the good people of Libya if we succeed in shaa Allah in removing Al Jathama. They are the ones who are living in his misery, not us.

Those hundreds of people I saw at some of these meetings and conferences, where are you and have you given up your fight against the dictator. Were you there because of your firm belief in removing the dictator or were you there for the check you got at the end of the month. Where are you now? I refuse to impugn your honor or accuse you of being users, but I need you to show the same commitment to the cause you showed before. Some of you left the NFSL and either started your own organizations or just gave up. If you are mad with the NFSL that is OK, forget the NFSL, you are not fighting for the NFSL, but for Libya. It doesn't matter what organization you belong to as long as we get together in a single unit unified movement representing all of us. That is what scares Qathafi and that is why Mansour was eliminated. It is not a coincidence that he was kidnapped after the Algeria unity meeting. Qathafi fears nothing more than a UNITED OPPOSITION.

Look, our problem reminds me of India while it was trying to remove the British. In spite of our small size, I am sure we have a more fractured opposition than all of India had. The difference is that they were smart enough to prioritize their struggle. To them they had to remove the British first and towards that end they joined together in spite of their diversity into the Janata Party. A unified party that succeeded in removing the British from India. Today India has hundreds of parties and movements. I will never presume to tell the Libyans whom to elect or choose to govern them.


How can we do it unless we agree to get together and put everything on the table and talk, agree, decide and then act? We do not have to have one leader, but a council made up of three or more members. These things we can discuss and talk about with an open and clean heart.

Now I gave you my opinion, and in my opinion, I do not want to live under a Talaban like rule. I am a Muslim, and Al-Hamdu Lillah I try to be a good one at that but I certainly do not think that the Islam of the Talaban is the one that I know. THIS IS MY OPINION, NOT YOURS. DON'T AGREE WITH IT BUT RESPECT IT LIKE I WILL RESPECT YOURS.

As for those you accused me of having mad cow disease, all I can tell you is come closer and maybe you will be lucky and I infect you with some sense and sensibility as well as a little bit of wisdom that my age taught me. If we do not respect our differences how different are we really from our persecutor. The debate continues wa alsalamu alaikum.

Mansour El-Kikhia

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