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Will we ever learn?

Gaddafi’s willingness to “change” is far from the national agenda of the Libyan government. Who said that Gaddafi is willing to change? Wasn’t the “intended” change the reason behind the recent visits by some Libyans to NYC and consequently the meetings with Dorda? The latest reports from Libya bring as usual some disturbing news. No signs of change can be detected in the horizon of Libya’s internal politics. The latest of Gaddafi’s wayward behavior is the forming of a new committee “lajna” that is supposed to judge/try the Libyans who made fortunes during the Lockerbie case. In other words, some Libyans will be held accountable for the amount of money they made when Libya was under the sanctions for the past ten years or so.

How would/should one perceive such news?! BEATS ME !!!! It is another slap on the face from the regime’s apparatus to the average Libyan people. Any bystander who has no interest whatsoever in Libya’s politics would know that the only people who made money during that time were Gaddafi, his family and in particular his sons, and the people around him. Any idle observer would notice that the only people who made money were the ones who support the system and the few other nouveau riche who took advantage of the situation and made few thousands.

The real “dough” is in the hands of the big guys. The real thieves are the ones who made millions of dollars from commissions that were collected illegally during the sanction years while the poor average Libyan didn’t have enough money to feed his family. After ten years of depleting the country’s national resources and oil money, Gaddafi finally remembers to try/judge yet another group of Libyans. After ten years of deeming this act lawful, his Excellency remembers that what was going on was wrong. After millions and millions of dollars have been accumulated, and after everyone had enough of green dough in their Swiss bank accounts, Gaddafi is going to try these new age wealthy Libyans. What a joke !!!

Take a wild guess!!! Who do you think is going to get hurt? Who do you think is going to be tried and found guilty? Do you think it is the people who are close to Gaddafi? Is it his sons? Is it his family? Or is it the other crime members who made millions during the last ten years because of the sanctions? The answer is none of the above! It is going to be the average Joe who is going to get the burnt of this action. Add to that the individuals that the regime has no use for any longer. The ones who have done their deeds, benefited from the system, and no longer are needed to do the system’s dirty work. In short, they did their bad deed and are no longer needed for more.

Now, and in light of what is going on among the Libyan community abroad, one can’t help but wonder how some people can’t see what Gaddafi and his policies are all about. For the life of me, I can’t begin to understand how a highly educated and intelligent person can not see that Gaddafi can’t and will never change. Case in point is the latest news I mentioned above. This news is a solid example of Gaddafi’s policies in Libya. This is not the first time that people had to go through this. It happened before with what he called “Lijan AttaT-heer.” Many of the people who got imprisoned in “Tajura” last time were not people who made most of the money. Again the real thieves are still in the clear. The people who got caught are the expendable ones or as we say “akbash alfeda.” I am flabbergasted at how some Libyans think that Gaddafi can lead a change in Libya? Gaddafi’s survival depends solely on the oppression, subjection, and domination of the Libyan people.

Over the past thirty years, Libya and the Libyan people has seen nothing but grief, lack of basic human needs, and a country that can best be described as being in shambles. Up to this day, all of Gaddafi’s actions point to the fact that “change” is the last thing on his mind. I said it before and I say it again, if Gaddafi needs to change things he has to start where it counts, and that is at home. The Libyan community abroad will have no qualms about going back if things did improve in Libya. Gaddafi wants his cake and eats it too. He wants to force the Libyans abroad to bow to him as he forced the ones at home. Few things Gaddafi and Co have to understand. One is that the Libyans back home have no choice but to capitulate because if they don’t, they will be facing a fate worse than they could ever imagine. The other is that the Libyans abroad do have the choice and they can say NO, if they choose, to whatever Gaddafi proposes through Dorda and Co.

I have read some of the letters that support the dialogue between the Libyan Mission at the UN and some of the Libyans in exile. With all due respect to the individuals who contributed in favor of the dialogue and regardless of their association or lack of it with the current system of Libya, I, yet would like to see one sound and convincing argument that would justify their action. If they are looking for change under the current system, then they have a long wait coming. If they think that they would affect the change then they need to think again. Not because they are lacking, but simply because no one would let them. I only wish that they would realize that.

Most of the Libyans who attended the meetings at the Libyan Mission had different reasons for attending. Some reasons were personal and others were professional. Regardless of what the reasons might be, the one thing that stands out is the fact that none of those who support the dialogue have “deep” convictions in the system or in its legitimacy as the sole representative of the Libyan people. Therefore, the outcome of their maneuver remains to be seen.

Bint AlwaTan

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