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Let's Seriously Debate Practical Steps To End Libya's Nightmare

Dear Dr. Igneiwa:

It is good to see Haila back, we look forward to see the writings of our other brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. My advice to all those sincere Libyans is to focus their writings on exposing the criminal nature of the Gaddafi regime, and not to be detracted by his mouthpieces such as Fouad and company. They are not worthy of our time or effort.

I am writing to propose a plan of action and seek your input, how to improve it, and ultimately to execute it. There is no doubt that the most important action must come from within Libya. However, this does not diminish the value and importance of what could be done outside of Libya. Libyans outside Libya enjoy more freedoms of writing, movement, and action. Libyans inside the country have a major role to play, but are in need of those of us outside Libya.

First of all, we have to believe in our ability to effect the course of our history and to chart Libya's destiny. IT IS NOT THE AMERICANS, EUROPEANS, OR ANY OTHERS who will come to our aid or decide our future. IT IS US AND US ALONE who will decide the fate of our country. We must believe in ourselves and in our ability to reverse the miserable realities of our beloved country, LIBYA. The Palestinian youth, on the streets of the West Bank and Gaza, are not leaving their destiny to be decided by Israel, America, or the corrupt Arab regimes. They took it upon themselves to liberate themselves, and in the process, are showing their fellow Arabs how to rid themselves of regimes, who sold themselves and their nations to others. Freedom has its price, it will not be handed to us on a silver platter. We simply have to earn it the hard way, the way of the youth of Palestine. Having said that, let's consider steps for Libyans to consider, Libyans inside and outside of Libya.

Actions by Libyans outside Libya:
1) Document all criminal acts of the regime, such as downing the Libyan airliner over Tripoli, wars against our neighbors, assassinations of Libyans abroad, kidnappings of Musa Al-Sadr, mansour El-Khikia, and many more.
2) Communicate with and inform political, religious, legislators, Senators, and human rights groups. Stay in touch with all of these mentioned, and do not expect immediate results. Persistence and consistency are the key to success. Those with endurance and stamina will undoubtedly prevail.
3) Libyan lawyers should sue Gaddafi for crimes against humanity, using information supplied to them by all of us. The international courts at the Hague and Belgium are appropriate venues for this effort. Efforts undertaken in step (2) will assist in this action. This idea was mentioned before. I thought it was excellent and worthy of pursuing.
4) All Libyans overseas should coordinate their activities, maybe there is a need for a web site, that will be created specifically for this purpose. Details and logistics will be left to those with expertise in Internet issues. By the way, the Internet has made it possible for all of us to stay in touch, despite our distant locations.

Libyans inside Libya:
1) Shun all dealings with the regime, and show your disdain to all those who are affiliated with it.
2) Stay away from all gatherings and activities planned to show support of the regime.
3) Embark on a boycott to all government establishments whenever possible.
4) Harass informers and reveal their identities.
5) Consider practical steps of civil disobedience.
6) Support those who are physically opposed to the regime, do not inform about their activities or their whereabouts. Many efforts at opposing the regime have failed because we could not keep a secret.
7) Ultimately, hopefully soon, there will be a direct confrontation with the regime. You must join the fight, and always remember that you have nothing to lose except your miserable reality. A little sacrifice will save Libya and put on the right track of progress and prosperity.

These are some thoughts that come to mind, hopefully, will result in a constructive dialogue between all of us, inside and outside of Libya.

Mubarak El-Werfalli

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