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Fear Allah Ya Fawzi

With a lot of sadness and surprise, I read the several letters that Mr. Fawzi Abdel-Hameed (Al-Eirfia) posted on this page. Almost without any exception, all of his writings are full of hate and insult to Islam and to muslims who want to live by their Deen. I wonder, does not he know that the vast majority of Libyans are muslims who love their Deen and do not condone any attempt by any body to humiliate their Deen? If Mr. Fawzi loves Libya ( as he repeatedly claims), then he should not do any thing to hurt the feelings of the majority of Libyans, especially in something extremely important to them as their religion.

Dear Mr. Fawzi:

Remember that you WILL die one day, as all of us will. You will be put in the grave alone and no one else will be with you except for your own deeds. You will be questioned in the grave about who your "Rab" and your religion are? What are you going to say? Are you going to say that your Rab was the West and your religion was "liberalism"? When you will be asked what do you know about beloved prophet Mohammad (pbuh), will you then say I used to make fun of him and his sunnah?

Ya Akhi, fear Allah! and repent to Him before it is too late! Look for another subject you write about so your name can be seen! Libya is wounded and has been bleeding for more than 30 years. Libya needs us all against the brutal and barbaric regime of Khadafi.

Your misinformation and deception against our beloved Islam, our beloved Qu'ran, our beloved Prophet, our beloved Sunnah will only serve the enemies of Islam, and at the top of these enemies is Khadafi himself.

This is the month of mercy, forgiveness and protection from Hellfire. I invite my brother Fawzi, whom by the way I know since the late 60's and early 70's in Benghazi, to STOP his accusations and misinformation about Islam and muslims, and to repent to Allah (SWT) from all what he committed against Islam and muslims. I do that out of love for Fawzi from whom I want nothing!

All praise are due to Allah.

Dr. Ibn Al-Islam, Ph.D

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