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Shame on us

Elsalam Aleekum Dr Ibrahim, and thank you again for your effort in keeping this page an excellent one. Keep up the good work.

This is in response to Mr El Shibbani's letter. I am very concerned about this issue, it is a sensitive issue to a lot of Libyans though I do not think that this issue is worth talking about, mainly because this issue could open another can of worms, which we do not need right now.

Although Mr. El Shibbani, I respect your concern and I do feel the need for awareness to this matter, but my argument is that we should not focus or touch this issue right now, and I also believe that racism and discrimination is an over rated issue and a lot of people using this weapon to excuse themselves to attack others.

Personally, I do not believe that there is a racist motive behind the attack on these gentlemen you mentioned in your letter. Although I never used the other site mainly because of what I heard about it so I suggest you do the same. You have to understand that there's some angry Libyans out there who I would not blame nor condone because they feel that they were forced out of their own country where they had to leave their families, friends and love ones.

My friend, racism becomes an issue only if you recognize it, I do not believe in the existence of what so called racism. Racism is a weak weapon to use for your own advantage.

I know so many friends that they use this word daily to criticize and blame North American society for their own failure, I believe that if you want something in life, go for it with hard work and dedication and ignore racists or racism because it only can stop you, and by taking that rout you will never get anywhere.

My friend, I agree with you that the Libyan people are divided, but racism have nothing to do with it. Libyans are divided into so many groups, mainly because of only one reason (Politics). Here is the groups that Libyans are divided into:

1 - People who believe in the regime in Libya and support it.
2 - People who do not believe but yet still support the regime to get whatever they could for themselves and their families and friends.
3 - People who do not believe in the regime yet they keep quite for one reason or another.
4 - People who do not believe and object to it and choose to run away and fight it with whatever they could use.
5 - People who do not believe and still at home facing the corruption and the hunger and all that the regime hit them with, (with dignity and bravery).
6 - People who do not believe yet they try to support it in a way,so if things did go the other way they will be safe. Those people we all know and do not respect.

My friend, this is what divides us, not whether we come from the east or the west. At the end we all in the same boat. We all know that we have to unite ourselves and we have only two options:
1 - To support the Libyan Government, or
2 - Oppose the Libyan Government.
We can not play or serve both ends, and in the two situations we will be happier than in our current situation.

My friend, the worst people that you can not ever trust or rely on are those who try to serve both the Libyan government and the opposition, because they are only looking after themselves, and Libya and the Libyan people mean very little to them.

My friend, after 30 Years, we have only one man to blame, we can not blame the Libyan people for supporting a change in 1969 nor to blame the Libyan people for criticizing the Libyan leader. My friend, you think we are divided because of RACISM. All what I can say is: Shame. Shame. Shame on us



December 21, 1999

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