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Wake Up Call To El-Agily

There are two kinds of people in every society. One kind who will make scarifies for others. This kind of people uses common sense and knowledge to assess the situation and get clear pictures. And then we have the other kind like your self who have the foggiest idea about the facts and the directions of our beloved country headed to.

I am trying to find some words to reply to your ignorance in a way that will simplify things for you. I am not sure what kind of drugs you are on. Look deep in your heart and honestly; tell me that you really enjoying the democracy and the civilized society provided to you by the green book and his author. Get real. All the writers on this web page start form Haila, El-Zwari, Gerbal, and others never once they doubted the intelligence of our people or our society. Our intention is to strip the ugly regime in any way we can, and make sure that our people understand the difference between bad and good. Moreover, to give them the real meaning of democracy and freedom. Something you really have to understand before you talk about civilized democratic society.

CIVILIZED, DEMOCRACY are very powerful words my friend. Do you know the meaning of them? You are the only sad soul, SORRY, you and your people feel that OUR country is a democratic society. OUR PEOPLE, the hard working Libyan people feel the opposite.

You said it yourself "for one year you are watching and finally decided to write for many reasons". What kind of reasons is that? It seems to me that you have been ordered to do so. Which people are you referring to when you say " civilized people who live in a democratic society"? Which country are you referring to? If you are talking about Qudahfi's Jamaheria you are in a dreamland or you are taking very powerful drugs that effecting your common sense.

What is wrong with you Agily? What kind of promises this man giving you? Wake up and look around you. Tell me this Agily! Can you trust a hungry wolf with your sheep? This man killed his close friends, relatives and he will not hesitate for a second to kill his own sons to keep him-self in power. Do you still think that you are in a civilized democratic society? Do not try to use this web site to justify the evil spirit actions. And do not use our Libyan people as an escape goat for your ignorance.

Before you start talking about those people who live in the western countries, make sure to understand the reasons why. Money is not the reason keeping us away from our beloved country LIBYA. We do feel the hurt and agony of our people and we pray to Allah every second to relief the curse and free us from the evil regime. We are the nightmare of your regime. We are the forces who will hit hard one day In-Sha-Allah. We are the sons and the daughters of the men who lost their lives for our beloved country LIBYA. And we will go back one day soon and claim our country back with or without your approval. And then we will see who is dreaming.

Honestly, you think we trying to make our people look bad, shame on YOU. Tell me how do you -in your opinion- define well-educated person? I am sure your answer will be a high degree. WRONG. You see, that's why we have to educate our people not because they do not go to school or to university, but some of them like yourself are VERY IGNORANT who live in dreamland? I am very proud to be Libyan and I have all the respect to the well-educated people who are not associating themselves with the evil regime.

I feel very sorry for you. I guess we have to work harder than I thought to educate you and your people and make you understand and learn about DEMOCRACY AND CIVILIZED SOCIETY.

My friend look around you and tell me what do you see? Let me make it easy for you and help you answer this. I see very sad people, very poor people, very sick people who cannot get a cold medicine. Very controlled people by an evil regime. Education, oh that's another story. Or let's talk about the law and the policies of the country . Oh, oh lets talk about the economy. Ops, I almost forgot about the prisons. Oh, lets talk about the Libyan money which invested in Africa for personal interests. Yes, lets talk about the sports. And, and, and! I can go on and on but!

You asked us to go back and learn from our people how to live and how to be civilized. Which people are you referring to? Our people, the ones who are suffering every day to live. Are you referring to our people who die every day in the hospitals and in prisons? Which people are you referring to? Please tell us.

Are you talking about the people who been raped or, are you referring to the ones who lost their beloved one because of your people. I can go on and on, but there is no sense to try to educate someone as ignorant as yourself.

My fellow Libyans keep writing keep educating. We are getting some where. The mad dogs getting very nervous. They are working overtime to destroy the credibility of this page. May Allah help us all?


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