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Welcome Back Fouad and Disappointed Abu Musaab

How nice it is to write about something which is bringing people back. If we keep writing about our feelings we will never get anywhere. We need to write about facts and reasoning thoughts and there are many ways we can do it, instead of coming to this page and write words which are meaningless or very insulting to other people feelings. Writing is art and every one can write if he is able to do that but not to go mad and forget about the basics. I am very delighted to see fouad back as well as Abu musaab. Abu Masab is starting to becoming angry and little bit annoyed about people writing about his ideas and philosophy. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but we should concentrate on one thing; Libya is first and last. Gadafi will go one day and Libya is staying. Libyans are going and coming and some are willing to work hard for Libya and some are ignoring and forgetting about anything called Libya or Libyans.

I just want to till Abu musaab that you concentrate on what you believe and provide us with facts not just headlines. You mentioned something about a newly built Tripoli Medical Centre. What about people far away from this centre like in Souk El-Gumaa or in ElFallah, Musrata, Ghadames or Benghazi. The Libyan regime, if he really cares about Libyans should build hundred centres like this. There is no need to talk about one centre which is only used by few thousands of Tripoli's population. The Libyan regime lead by Gadafi is able to do the same in each big city in Libya. This centre is not going to last if there is no other centres added. It will not last if all highly qualified Libyan doctors are working and living abroad because of the poor management and lack of resources in all hospitals in Libya. Maybe it is silly reason, but there are many other reasons. The Libyan workers, nurses and doctors will not be allowed in this centre as all services are given to foreign countries.

Look around you Abu musaab and talk and listen to people about their problems when they visit hospitals. They suffer great deal getting all medications, investigations and poor care in hospitals. I am not talking about the financial corruption in the health system in Libya which is another disease we suffer in all corners of all offices in Libya. I really feel very sorry for all the Libyans who I met abroad as patients. When they started telling their stories about how they have been mishandled by the health system in Libya. They always praise some of Libyan doctors and nurses, who are trying their best to deliver good service to their patients but there are always problems; either the medicines are not available or the machines were broken. The most important thing which I heard from all people is the availability of drugs. How could say there is health system with doctors, Laboratory, Hospitals that can not provide treatment. It is very weary to hear this from people. Maybe it is not Abu Musaab or Fouad's problem as they are close to regime.

I must say it is very sad to see both Abu Musaab and Fouad trying to justify that Gadafi is not behind all of these problems. Gadafi is not the only man to blame but many others who advise and work with him can be blamed. We know that Gadafi never listen or accept the others' ideas, but he is surrounded by many people who say yes to every thing he say or suggest. If these people stood firmly and said this should be done in this way and give evidences, Gadafi will not try to fool anybody again. These people are not there and they will never let get close to Gadafi.

It is very sad to say Libya is going backward and with all the resource we have. Blaming Gadafi will not solve all the problems. We should blame ourselves as we are letting him doing what he wants. But there is still time we can do that. I am sure Gadafi is fed up with Libyans and he is now African and not belonging to Libya as he cut out everything links him with Libya. He is not wearing traditional Libyan clothes any more. We do not need to go further any more and look for reasons to blame others for our own fault. We share a lot for all the problems Libyans are suffering from. Abu Musaab and many like him can help and get the wheel go forward again. We are still Libyans and Libyan souls are in our bones. Gadafi and many of his horses will go soon and time will come and we will be asked about what we have done for Libya. Some will say we worked hard and helped Gadafi to build and unify Libyans. Some will say we marched after Gadafi and stopped every one wanting to destroy Gadafi ideas. Some will go further and say that we helped him to create new Africa and carried all his gifts to African leaders. Some will say we are fighting him through help from foreign countries and we stopped because we fed up with all of this nonsense. Some will say we left the country and stayed away and left Libya for Gadafi and ElTawerian. Some will say we prayed for Allah to get rid of him. All of us are partners in causing all these damages in Libya. We have been sitting back and watching for long time. We let the rust eating Libya and we never bothered to do anything about it or try to treat it. It is not over yet, as we are human beings and we are different from other species with our excellent cognitive abilities. Each of us including Abu Musaab and Fouad and many others, should think about Libya only and what we can do.

I hope I have made myself clear to Abu Musaab and Fouad that I am not personally against their ideas but, calm down and think about Libya as your mother land. Both are very courageous men and to come forward and write with open mind on this page is one step to be followed by others. Many Libyans in exile are very hungry and thirsty to fight any one supports Gadafi. This fire soon will become ashes. Everyone is angry and tries to blame someone for all his troubles in foreign lands. It is very hard for some people to let Abu Mausab and Fouad and others to write in favour of Gadafi.

God bless Libya and the Libyans.


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