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Dorda's initiative is no dialogue at all

As we all know, Dorda invited a small group of Libyan expatriates to New York to discuss consulate services such as securing passports, dissemination of Arabic textbooks, relief for catastrophic circumstances, etc. However, these kinds of services do not require meeting directly with Ambassador Dorda. Such matters can be resolved from a distance. Dorda also advised the attendees to establish social committees with appointed representatives all over the United States. The true purpose of this structure is to endorse the Qaddafi regime's oppressive policies. Dorda's only goal is to establish groups that will be puppets of this regime.

After attending the third meeting held by Dorda, Mohammed Buisir published a letter attempting to mislead the community of Libyan expatriates. Buisir claimed that the meeting was a dialogue between the regime, represented by Dorda, and the Libyan expatriates, represented by the attendees. Such claims are an insult to our intelligence. If the regime truly wants to open a new chapter in relations with the Libyan people, then the initiative must begin with Qaddafi himself.

Qaddafi must release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. He must renounce all oppressive policies and regulations. He must disband all the riffraff committees and other subordinates who engage in mob tactics. He must redirect the country toward justice. But how can Libya bring these criminals to justice when they are still taking orders from the country's biggest criminal: Qaddafi himself? A constitution guaranteeing basic human rights must first be established to facilitate dialogue. Because such guarantees do not yet exist, Libyan expatriates all around the world are the ones who must discuss mechanisms for facilitating such dialogue step by step. But this cannot happen unless Qaddafi initiates the democratic reforms listed above.

Nothing can be accomplished to develop the country if the Libyan human being is not respected with dignity and freedom. But, in reality, Qaddafi is not even close to such a position. As a matter of fact, he continually escalates his oppressive policies against the Libyan people. At the same time, he is begging everyone else--e.g., the Europeans and Americans--for the chance to open a new chapter in Libya's global relations. Qaddafi is even trying to be a peace facilitator in Africa, negotiating democracy and a multiparty system for Sudan. Simultaneously, he is doing exactly the opposite to the Libyan people.

Buisir and the other attendees of the Dorda meetings were not invited to New York as representatives of a political party or as human beings possessing legitimate political opinions, but only as individuals to discuss and solve personal problems--only as potential pawns of the Qaddafi regime. For Mr. Buisir to claim otherwise is very misleading. Mr. Buisir wants to deceive other Libyan expatriates so they will support his actions. Then he will be able to say that he is representing a group of people, and this will legitimize meeting with Dorda again to serve Buisir's self-interest at the expense of the people he is trying to mislead.

Only a dialogue that deals with Libya's national problems can become a real dialogue, and this dialogue must begin with Qaddafi himself--not a meeting in New York with a few Libyans, most of whom came to the meeting with selfish interests in mind.

Finally, I would like to comment on the issue of anonymity in our ongoing debate, either on the Internet or through any other medium. Contributors to any discussion with an autocratic, criminal regime are free to choose whether to use their real names or pseudonyms. The names, real or fake, are irrelevant. The issues being discussed are the items of primary importance. We have to keep in mind that the only party to benefit from the use of real names is the Qaddafi regime.

Kamal Naji

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