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The Trap

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

It is very upsetting to see this web page turning into attacking field against honest and decent people. These nonsense arguments will not help our country but it will destroy our unity. The evil forces started to use us to destroy ourselves. They set the trap and we all fell for it. Brothers and sisters please, stop wasting your time and energy on fighting each other. Remember our main purpose. We have to fight the bad evil not each other. This trap set by the mad dogs to break our unity. The ugly crow knows if we get our act together; we will be a threat to them. But if we are divided then they will sleep better. So, brothers and sisters make sure the evil never rests, keep united.

The mad dogs are scared to death of the strong free-minded people. So, they will do anything possible to destroy the credibility of anyone who is a threat to them. Let us start concentrating on the main issue. We have to be one powerful hand to punch the lights out of the mad dogs. Time is very crucial and we have to use it very wisely. We need our energy to keep going. We all LIBYANS have one thing in common, FREE LIBYA. LIBYA is our main issue. We have to be united to fight the bad evil and his mad dogs.

I have confidant in the ability of the people who write on this web page and I am not talking about the mad dogs that are trying to create bad feelings between the LIBYANS on this web page. I have two words for them GET A LIFE. To the pen fighters, I salute you. You are amazing. You can produce very high quality articles and facts hoping that with these facts we can reach everyone in LIBYA.

Unfortunately, not every Libyan has the luxury of the Internet at the tip of his finger. We should expand our boundaries and create more powerful and effective tools to damage the regime and get more LIBYAN people involved.

If we can visit every home in LIBYA in the same time every night, don't you think this will cause a big? problem to the dark evil! Just one hour every night it will make a difference in our people and restore hope to them.

Most of our people inside the country have Satellites, do you agree! So if we can establish a net work TV station somewhere in the universe and start airing, in my opinion, we will succeed 100% than fighting each other on this page. So, if we can establish this link with our people inside the country, we might have a chance to make a big change in our people behavior. And when the time comes, the whole country will be ready. Just a suggestion.


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