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Interpol & The Misleading Message from the Editor!

In his campaign of misleading his subscribers, the so called LNL-Editor posted a message titled "Interpol: Fraudulent Claims"

In his misleading message he claimed that the charges against these "WANTED" list is "fraudulent claims"!

LNL-Editor is not only misleading his readers, but also he shown his ignorance if not stupidity.

The charges against these so-called opponents are not only valid, but it's verifiable. He cited the former Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhameed Albakoush, however he didn't mention that the same prime Minster used false Libyan passport to visit the Libya and intentionally got himself a traffic ticket in Tripoli. Few weeks later, he announced on propaganda radio founded by CIA that Libyan Authorities could check that ticket.

The second name he mentioned was a former minister and ambassador : Dr. Mohammed Al Moghareif, but again intentionally LNL -Editor failed to mention that this "Ambassador" Mohammed Youssef Al-Magrief, and his companion Ali Abdullah Al-Darrat. In the summer of 1985 the "Washington Post" published on its front page a long article by Bob Woodward and Paul Bandwarfok which reported that the US State Department had taken extraordinary actions in the summer of 1985, including sending for the American ambassador to Egypt and putting him in charge of a covert operation. According to the article, an American-Egyptian military action directed from the White House, whose purpose was an Egyptian invasion of Libya and the occupation of one-half of Libya's territory with American assistance, was to be cancelled. This plan had aimed at removing Qadhafi from power. To do that, CIA provided them with false Identifications such as false Libyan passports, driving licenses, etc. More details from 'American sources' could be found at these pages linked below:

I wonder if these independent sources that documented these plain facts were a fraud too! Am I misleading the readers or providing them with 'fraudulent claims and accusation', Mr. Editor of LNL? not to mentions that some of these people are back living in Libya, the list also contains arrest warrant for the international terrorist Osama Bin Laden. It's the Interpol page that needs to be updated, they still using the former name of Libya, Libyan Arab Republic! This could have given the so called Editor that these warrants were issued some time ago, if he was really making his efforts to bring the truth.

The irony, the leading Arabic Newspaper [Asharq al-Awsat] picked the story to make headlines! This is sad the story of Arabic press, instead of verifying the LNL-Editor misleading message, they decided to publish it to go first with the story! Unfortunately, Libyan sources reported in local newspaper 'Al-Za'haf Al-Akhthar' that most of these arrest warrants were issued back in 1986 on founded charges.

Outstandingly, the LNL-Editor demonstrates that his list is not only biased, but also subjective and misleading!

On a finale note, leading Arabic Newspaper like [Asharq al-Awsat] shouldn't fail for such traps, although- as I mentioned in other message-, I have a sneaky admiration for journalists who can spin facts into fiction and even for outright lies on a grand scale. I'll expect this leading newspaper to respect its readers and apologize for this unintended-misleading story. Well, Arabic journalism has its egoism too :-)


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