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Western media freedom is a farce!

In the western world, its media both reflects and shapes the political mood of its rulers. I myself have always deprecated the notion that western media is free. It's balderdash. The passionate hostility of the foreign media against Libya and the Libyan leader is a well-known fact. The foreign media has been conducting its open warfare for a long time and it has become more vitriolic with the advent of the Lockerbie saga.

I know what happens in real life is harder to believe than what the foreign media and its tails alike say. However, I am very glad that facts do not lie. There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so. It entirely depends on one's point of view.

This inherent bias, I feel, is all about new journalism. Peter Arnett, CNN's star reporter during Desert Storm, recalled what a senior executive of CNN once told him: "I'll make you famous on the air. Just remember, if it bleeds, it leads"!

Another philosophy of the western media is that the news must be, at any cost, first on the air before anyone else, whether it is about politics or kidnappings or even food poisoning! You would have noticed that nowhere does it emphasize on facts and fairness in reporting which was what I was thought is the true journalism is all about! In the western media you will prosper and flourish if you know how to spin the owners' and their political masters' agenda and other vested interests.

The same, I suppose, could be said about LNL boy with his 'hand-picked' stories, but then LNL boy don't have a worldwide agenda; all he does is propagating whilst for other's agenda and at the same time denying the fact that he is even doing so! There lies the difference. They-western media- create the lies that serves their master's agenda, LNL boy promote without even knowing what he is promoting!

The funny part yet, he walks naked with his biased promotions. Last week, because the story would please the his masters, he posted it:

meanwhile ignored another story from the same newspaper:

Yet he claims not to be serving anybody's agenda!

Not to mention, that both stories came from the same newspaper, but to him each story has a different taste to be posted or not, pure stupidity, that is!

However, let me tell you what do we True Libyans think of the western media, I'll take a shot at what might the Libyan leader regard your beloved so called free media. There is no misconstruing that/but does we really care? Not at all.

Gaddaffi could have greatly diminished the criticisms of the foreign media by doing some things and abandoning others. He would have been given incentives, like less harassment, by doing so. But such a course of action would have been dishonorable and against the Libyan interest. I expect the leader to continue to play the card, which to others may not be an ace, and achieve the objective that he has set out for Libya. His primary concern is to protect Libya, not himself. However, western media is waging a personal vendetta against Libyans and the their leader.

What media freedom do you talk about when stories are distorted and slanted, only anti- Libyan views expressed, facts massaged and some reports have no resemblance to facts on the ground?

Western journalism has blurred the distinction between fair reporting on hard news and writing opinions, often over playing one story over another with a vengeance. They write with little regard to objectivity. Of course, no involvement at all, depicting the stereotyped image of western hacks being briefed by their bosses and western wanna-be, as is possible.

The stories, before they appear in print, would have passed through so many hands. Imagine the slant, distortion and misconstruing of facts/issues, either intentionally (most of the time) or unintentionally, that could have taken place along the route.

The Western media culture is dominated by liberals and they use their newspapers, magazines and TV channels to ply their political opinions and biased reporting.

What Libya has and is doing bothers them, and the fact that the Libyan leader likes to poke his finger in their eyes and point out their own shortcomings and myopia, and seems to enjoy doing so, only serves to infuriate them even more.

In return they write even more venomous reports on Libya and on Gaddaffi. Facts, to them, in their battle with Libya and its leader, are irrelevant and ignored.

Gaddaffi is a proponent of Arabian-African values - values that are hard for the Western media to accept. Although westerns wanna-be like LNL boy and the likes, do understand and pretend not to understand!

The Americans loved Fidel Castro when he was fighting the dictatorship of Batista. Their media portrayed him as a social democrat, and Suharto, Marcos and the Shah of Iran as benign leaders when they were useful for US foreign policy.

Now, however, Washington and its media are in a revisionist frame of mind and therefore apply different journalistic standards, to the very same people it had put on a pedestal and praised only a few years ago.

Gaddaffi has been unfairly pictured by the foreign media because of his strong stand against rampant Western interference in developing countries. I do not know if he is suffering as a result of this but I do know for sure that he does not care.

His real sin is that he is an apostate in an age of political conformity dictated by Washington and its media surrogate. The Western media is bulging with too many opinion features and has lost much of its one-time zeal for hard and fair news reporting.

Events make news and although owners and editors might disagree on which events are important and how it should be covered and presented, it must be reported as comprehensively as possible and with a great regard for facts.

The foreign media when reporting on Libya affairs applies different rules. It writes good stories about people and nations it advocates and bad copy on those it dislikes and wants to discredit or destroy.

There has been far too much editorializing instead of straight, hard news. Western media is beholden to a liberal social/political agenda, when it ought not to follow any agenda at all.

It should stop bending the rules of journalism and stop posing as independent and impartial media and hacks when they are clearly not. Let us have some dissenting voice in world politics and be fair to that voice.

I know, as you know, people have been lying for as long as they have been talking. In fact I have a sneaky admiration for journalists who can spin facts into fiction and even for outright lies on a grand scale.! I hope clowns parroting about the freedom of press and criticizing the Arabic journalism would come with better explanation, if they -in fact- have any! Its plain, simple and accurate, your western media as fair as LNL boy hand picked stories!


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