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Follow al-Ketab wal Sunnah

Marhaba ya ustad Ibrahim

I think the aim of all Libyans inside Libya and abroad is to have a fair and just ruler who rules Libya according to the " Ketab and Sunna " not according to man-made ideas and philosophies.

During the King era we had a corrupt inner ring around the king fixing up contracts and having fancy feasts, although the king himself "Rahamuhu Allah" was from a pious family and want the best for Libya at that time but the inner ring around him was rotten to the smell of a did rat. Then comes the revolution and the Libyans poured into the streets and thought ( at that time ) the good has arrived but as time went on the obsession with the Palestinians and their cause took Libya into a tornado bigger than itself and as a result of which it is still being twisted that day.

The responsibility from the first day lies with those who had power and those who lacked the insight to know that a 27 years old single officer can not lead a nation. Gaddafi was lower in military rank than many of his companions who organised the revolution and helped him succeed and now they are harvesting the outcome of their stupidity. To get rid of Gaddafi is easy; just follow the following steps:

1. Follow "al-Kitab" and "al-Sunna" letter by letter, if it is not permitted or the prophet (SAW) never did it leave it and run away from it.

2. Go back and educate your Nation.

3. Raise your children with a 100% Islamic character; clean, honest and vigilant and remember that bad rulers rule only in nations struck by "Haram" practices such as alcohol consumption, dancing and where music is more popular than reciting the Quran.

4. Love each other like you love your own children.

5. Avoid fighting or creating any within Libya, otherwise the nation will become like Somalia where people eat grass.

In this way you will never have a bad ruler, the new seeds you planted in the ground will create a new generation that is educated, has a strong Islamic foundation and pure. I can assure you now and then that if you do not follow the "Quran and Sunna" you will go from the bad to the worst and you will never prosper.

In summary, change the bad crop by planting a better seed underneath it.

Ashat Libya
Victory shall be to those who follow Rasoul Allah.

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