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The Rounded Table

Though the terrain of frustration may be vast, from a stubbed toe to an untimely death. At the heart of every frustration lies a basic structure: the collision of a wish and unyielding reality.

The collision begins with the discovery that the source of our satisfaction is beyond our control and that the world does not reliably conform to our desires and yet we learn not to aggravate the world's obstinacy through our own responses, through spasms of rage, self-pity, anxiety, bitterness, self-righteousness and paranoia.

Nevertheless there seemed an unusual level of rage and frustration among Libyan transplants world wide, such rage is never beyond explanation for the simple reason of being powerless and their imposed quarantine from the political circle and decision making.

We must reconcile ourselves to the necessary imperfectability of reality and what is currently taking place on the grounds of truth. Cyber hallucination, collection of events, tailing of strategies and misrepresentation will only result in getting our focus out of scope and of course.

Our new standards of strategies are baseless and hollow, our substation from an open dialogue with the Libyan regime has far more damaging results. Our praise to the individuals who confronted Dorda in DC or Zwaee in UK contradict such strategy. Isn't our dialogue with Abu-Misaeb or Fouad proves that an open dialogue is deemed to be a MUST?

Our sample of this open dialogue through Libya News and Views is an eye opener to such strategy. We need to be talking to the people who make the difference and minimize our wasted effort on such samples where we have no return on our investment and our efforts. Exposing our intellectual property is one weapon of defense for the Libyan regime.

I see no difference between an open dialogue whether it's between some of the unauthorized through this web page or the authorized in the UN building. Dialogue is a dialogue, an eye winking, rutting smile or handshake is still considering a channel of dialogue.

We are dwelling on a sudden disaster and pay a price of our innocence it's because reality comprises two cruelly confusing characteristics: on one hand we find reliability lasting across generations and on the other we find unheralded cataclysms. We will end up finding ourselves divided between a plausible invitation to assume that tomorrow will be much like yesterday and the possibility that we will meet with an appalling event after which nothing will ever be the same again. It is because we have such powerful incentives to neglect our dialogue and keep praising our failure of getting organized.


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