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To Mr. Ali El-Sherif

Mr. Ali El-Sherif

I have read your post "An Advice" and after a moment of bewilderment, I decided to send you this note. I am sorry I have to do it over Dr. Ibrahimís page, but there is no other way to let you know my response to your post. I wish people would feel confident enough to put an e-mail address that would permit us to set any record straight outside this page. So here it is. With all due respect I want you to understand the following:

  1. This is not a struggle between Errishi and me. I do not know Errishi. I have never met Errishi and I do not know if anonymous is Errishi. For anything to be personal, you must know the person.

  2. Silly? Yes I will be the first to grant you that, but please tell me what am I supposed to do? I accuse you of something you did not do, and then give you a different personality that is not you. And, if you say you are not, I say you are. I dare you Mr. El-Sherif to prove otherwise if you can. Also please note I DID NOT USE FOUL LANGUAGE to bring down the value of any website, even though foul language was used by these imps against my family and me.

  3. Do you think that the regime would leave Ms. Haila alone had she used her own name? I assure you not. They would have created for her, not only one anonymous but three or four or however many it takes. She would have been subjected to the worst type of filth that only they are capable of. They already tried to trace her identity from her e-mail address. Why? To say thank you Ms. Haila for your wonderful posts that bare our lies and show our theft and misuse of funds. I think not. For your information the regime pays people to do what anonymous tried to do to me. Only when decent Libyans came to my support did the regime know it failed and hence shifted the argument to me attacking Errishiís wife and his mother. Dr. Ibrahim is alive and well and if he wants he can testify to my innocence of that vile attack. My question to you sir, would you call the ensuing give and take a personal conflict between an anonymous and Ms. Haila?

  4. I assure you people turn to this site not for the literature but for truth about Qathafiís regime. This is not to belittle any literary works presented on this site. If you are looking for a literary site then may I suggest you look elsewhere. This is a long and a nasty war that will take many, many battles to win. However inshaa Allah, with truth, we shall over come this rotten evil.

  5. Finally, HILMAK ALAINA ya ustath. This is not a karakose, but a serious fight for survival. If by any chance you feel offended seeing any post then donít read it, and look for a post you can enjoy reading. I agree with what you said in your post, but if we want to start censorship when do we stop. You are after all enjoying this website because no one is censoring it. Think of how much you will miss if someone was.

I mean no offense to you so please do not read any in this post, and if you need to contact me you can. In the meantime stay in peace.

Mansour O. El-Kikhia, Ph.D.

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