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“That is all”. No, that is not all, Brother Ali

As a reply to the first letter of Dr. Ali Errishi, I would like to first extend to
Dr. Errishi and his family my sincere condolences for the loss of his parents. I have some thoughts and views I would like to share with the readers regarding this letter.

It is quite tacky to end the letter with a bonus (P.S.) point on an editorial page. The fact that you are an editor-in-chief has nothing to do with the spirit of this page. It is equivalent to some contributor stating “... by the way, I have a 2 for 1 pizza special this weekend”. It is also distasteful, and presumably oversight, for Dr. Ighniwa, with all respect, to allow it.

Dr. Errishi posited that Dorda engagement has no political significance, while, in fact, it does, regardless of the morality of that significance. Most of the points declared in Arabic are political. I am appalled to find out that a fine scientist, as Dr. Errishi is, who is trained to think critically and investigate systematically decides against this acceptable course of thought. I wonder how far a research paper would go based on flaws and patches in the scientific community. Dr. Errishi, also, stated that there are those who decide to go back for good and those who journey back and forth as they wish “That is all”. That is not all, Brother Ali. There are also those who, upon arrival, would be coerced into castrating themselves and forced to have their own dead testicles for a last meal, with no salt, before being shot to mortality. You know that well. I hope these words do not qualify for fanaticism because I do not wish to change the subject.

Dr. Errishi also mentioned visiting Libya with “peace and security” I doubt anyone needs a meeting with a high profile ambassador to secure what supposed to be secure in the first place in order to extract this security. “The belief if you love your country, then you must do as I do is a fascist belief ..” That is precisely what the regime in Libya is doing for 30 years. I heard Gaddafi and his loyalists, with the grandmother of my ears, threatening of liquidating those who do not meet the specifications, as if Libyans are screws and bolts. Libyans, old and young, male and female were executed in the broad daylight, in front of the engineering school. I saw it. Thugs pulled on their dying knees as they were dangling, half dead, grasping for air, on wooden poles. This was also broadcasted live on TV. Others disappeared in foreign lands and acid drums. “For the essence of fascism is the belief that life is political by nature” is half truth for even those who despise fascism often see it that way as well, but this common similarity is both insignificant and irrelevant.

“There are Libyans who, when it suited them, found it appropriate to collaborate with Saddam Hussein..” Has Dr. Errishi thought about or investigated as to why ? It is simply and partly because they were in a diaspora with nowhere to go. If they were guaranteed the “peace and security” at home, I doubt anyone would have done so. You would understand, forgive and expect your children to run into a dwelling of a crock, drunken and loathed neighbour when and if they were subjected to harm at home. Unless, of course, it is you who is the abuser. Try defending even the worst criminal by contrasting him to Geoffrey Dalmer, “oh.. your honour, at least he does not eat his victims”, and see how far you can fly with it, especially with a New Yorker judge.

“Nothing, not even the clarity of purpose which these Libyans allege, gives any one of us the right to gamble with the national sovereignty and terrestrial integrity of our country” is again half truth. Libyans, also, are a part of the territorial integrity and guess who decided to toss them like yesterday’s mascara. Mastery of sharp shooting is not an accomplishment if your mother’s breast is the target.

“You can not do it (politics) effectively unless you are willing to bear the stench of the sewage”. It is also much more effective to be allowed an air ventilator while at it and guaranteed no one will drown you in that mess. Dr. Errishi talks about politics too loosely as if opposition and consensus building is tolerated in Libya..

“Unless yourself is willing to die the same way”. Thanks a lot to Dr. Errishi, and while at it why doesn’t he change his name from Ali to something else (say Attila the Magyar ?). His parents chose him this magnanimous name for it symbolizes justice, virtu, sacrifice, knowledge, honesty and leadership. You do not have to die the same way as “Ali” while enjoying the name’s nobility. On a second thought, as all know, a name is just a definition and is not a trade mark.

“Going home or not going home is not a political matter” while, in fact, in this case, it is a political matter, unless the individual goes back and forth like a lizard of no purpose, or as we, Libyans, say “zay elkalb elli emdawda withnah” = “like a dog whose ear is infested with worms”. There are numerous Libyans who would “die” (no pun) and can’t wait for the time when they be able to show their children their own birth place if they would come out alive and with no harm or harassment. Unfortunately, it is not possible. Life and death are natural and normal, but chopping necks intentionally and maliciously are a little bit unnatural and abnormal. I do not expect Brother Ali to vigorously voice his opinion about the atrocous acts of the Libyan regime, but at least he should not shun the voices that do. A few Libyan expressions come to mind “la ehaddif, la emid irrshad” = “does not through and does not supply rocks” and “la ekawwiz, la ya’ti eskanbeel”.

In conclusion, with all due respect, no malice was intended, just putting things in perspective.

A Libyan

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