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Please note that none of the persons mentioned in the following letter is the real “Sa'eed Salem, S.” who wrote the letter in question.   Letters
Anyone has read this letter?

Anyone has read this letter?
Smelling fishy?

Let me tell you what is fishy in this letter, I think it’s time for Libyan readers to get in touch with the desperado immoral efforts to 'insert' his name with other clean handed names.

This letter is from no “Sa'eed Salem,S” or any other “Sa'eed”. This letter comes from the one and only inventor of new terms in Libyan cyber space such as Gwaaada, zamzaka..etc, Tarek Bagdadi.

Funny how he complains about the kicks below the belts, when he was the FIRST to use these low tactics against many Libyans. Yet, in his own words he failed to mention these endless posts about others this Bagdadi (Orkina,Mrabit,..etc) used to post and to harass other Libyans who beg to differ with his views.

Bagdadi in his letter to LN&V pretended to be an innocent observer when he was the first to use terms such as "gowaada, pimps, zamzak, shalaka .. etc" against Libyans on many Libyan discussion groups.

Many honest hard working Libyans like Salem Zughaid, Saadiq Ja'rani, Safia Auode, Mabruk Derbesh, Ali Arrishi, Buisier to name few, their names where used and abused in his quest for his ultimate self-destruction.

Libyans abroad MUST know who is this Bagdadi and what he has done to the good names of these people on the net. Not to mention his efforts to collect information about anyone visits his sites like this LFC, Al-Sidra, Libyana and Sijjil only to be used against them if they express views that disagree with his.

Libyans from Libya who are surfing the net MUST be informed of such ill activity that practiced by this Grand Moron and the way he conduct his immoral information gathering about others.

In his letter, Bagdadi mixed his name with names like Dr. Ighneiwa, Buisier, Zwari and Bo-il'esha!

He doesn't know that Libyans DO KNOW who are these people.

- Dr. Ighneiwa has the most visited Libyan website on the net and I don't remember anyone attacked him below the waist as this moron put it.

- Abo Al'esha a name popped up because of TV show and never mentioned again.

- Buisier, used to write articles and his views about Libya in the past and the present. Also, no one attacked him in the way Bagdadi put it.

- Azzwari, if he has been attacked, in my opinion, he was attacked for his provocative radical views about Arabism and Islam. He has his own Amazigh agenda.

- Adrar, has less radical Amazigh views, yet he was not attacked, nor criticized the way Bagdadi has attacked others.

Abou-Ali is comedian-writer wanna-be. Not everybody agree with his way of distorting facts, nor they bother about his tasteless jokes.

(Start pronouncing words between brackets in Egyptian accent!)

Now we get the (Gaballah) Dokttor thing! This is a different story, this (Gaballlah) is known when he was in Libya and how he obtained his Libyan Nationality (Arabic Nationality) where he studied and got scholarship from the Libya government to do his Ph.D. in Egypt. To pay back LIBYA (Gaballlah) gone stray, and lately started boring us at this page with his ‘precious gems’ about the country that we were born in!

Reading his irritating lengthy posts makes me feel dazed and I get the urgent need to vomit! As a result, I decided not to read his trash in the first place! (GabboLLah) ‘Gems’ reminds me of the cheap Egyptian Magazines like ‘Rose al yousif’ and ‘'alem Almar’a', not to say (Al-Goumohoriya)!. It seems that he is looking for fame at any cost even if that means becoming the letter to be skipped at LN&V!. In this page he wrote a letter cheering his personality and in Arabic he wrote about himself (Gamma Shamikha)! The funny part is that he signed this cheering letter it with “Telmmeth Dr. Jaballah”.

You can read this letter and compare it with (Al-Gamma Al-Ashamekha) letters and don’t tell (Gaballah) about anything, he is hopeless case! He will keep posting and defy the nature of human being to stop when others get irritated!

I guess any Libyan male/female –by default- would not reduce him/herself to ‘telmeeth’ whoever, let alone telmeeth (Gaballah)! BTW, (Gaballa) Libyans never used ‘telmeeth’ not even in primary schools, we use ‘Taleb’ (Ya m'alem!). we only read telmeeth at the 60 pages (krra-rreeees) imported from Egypt!

I don't think anyone bothers about what he writes ending each sentence with two Egyptian (!!), not to mention the English ('anjellezzi illi- be-barTamouh al-afokatoh Gaballh) terms to explain. It’s both boring and meaningless to talk to Libyans about Libya from the Egyptian prospective. Reading Egyptian Newspapers, is the last thing most Libyans would think of, not even online! This is a simple fact (Al-Gamma Al-Shamekha) missed. Tips: LN&V contains links from all over the world but not Egypt. This should not interpreted as looking down at Egyptian press or Egypt as a country or its people. It’s simply Libyan thing that we don’t need or can explain it to (Al-Captin Gaballah)!

( dahaqenat Al-Ketaba) like (Alwadd Gaballah) style of Arabic scripts could be used as a benchmark-like comparison of different (dahaqenat) Egyptian-translators from English or French fiction. Ironically, He continues writing as if Libyans are reading or impatiently waiting for his next letter and what it might bring from (Alkateb Al'azeeem Gaballah).

In fact, I have more respect and admiration for any Libyan whom I disagree with and they write for or against Libya or its leader on this page, if compared to this kind of (Gamma Shamkha)! At least, there is something common between us Libyans that Gaballah lacks deeply and he would ever have it. (Stop pronouncing words in Egyptian Accent PLEEAASSSE!)

Back to the Libyan thug, Bagdadi, I stress again that this Bagdadi deserves what he got, and no excuse for him now to appeal for forgiveness and insert his name with others thinking that no one will spot him.

Bagdadi, you commit a countless number of serious bad-mouthing against many Libyans. Even Dr. Askandarani, a 70+ years old scholar you couldn't spare him from your bad-mouthing campaign. Dr. Ali Al-Rishi decided to leave you in your madness when you started snooping around his work, let alone posting links to his tax records.

You should stop this strategy of harassment against Libyans that doesn't agree with you. You will be given a taste of your own medicine. You must stop trashing MYLIBYA.COM message board and don’t tell me that you do that for fun,okay!?
Also, STOP attaching its webmaster name with Gabollah like stories, I will save no efforts to post whatever info about you could be found on the net. Bagdadi, -As Al Gore shouts- YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!


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