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Hypothetical Discussions

I was reading through the letters in "Libya our home" and I was surprised to see many people who are very interested in what ElAsha said and ignored what Gadafi said on Al-Jazeera last Tuesday.

What ElAsha said is his opinion and he obviously not in agreement with any Islamic views or suggestions. Maybe he did not fully explain himself and what he said is not what actually people understood. The man is very clearly against any Islamic rulers and he should not be considered as Gadafi sympathiser, as he is one of the courageous people who exposed Gadafi on Al-Jazeera. No need to prove his religious identity and all the discussions by many people who wrote on this page in last few weeks is hypotethical discussions and away from reality and target. What every one will do about Mustafa who is more liberal than ElAsha and went far away to expose himself and expose all innocent women who work at the Tobacco factory (Reegaia) in Tripoli. Not like this Ya Mustafa, you have caused a lot of agony to many Libyans whose mothers, sisters and friends worked in Regeeia to feed their children and to get daily simple requirements for there families. I have many relatives and friends that their women worked in that place. 'Aib Ya Mustafa.

As I have been away for the last 6 weeks but I still follow the letters page on a daily basis. Few things, which are carefully addressed about what Gadafi, said on 23/10/01 on Al-Jazeera TV.

1- He totally rejected any thing related to Islam and not want any one to link Islam to politics.

2- He described all faithful Muslims as rabid dogs which is exposing his deslike to Islam.

3- He totally flattens to American and start talking about humanity and how human beings should be related to each other. He forgotten about thousands of Libyans in prisons and abroad who have been treated very badly and tortured and expelled from their homeland against their well.

4- He started and wanting to convence people that he was and still a victim of terrorism and want revenge from any one opposing his views. He will do that and even against the well of the Americans and the British.

5- He donated blood and money to Americans and described Arafat who gave blood, which is political gesture rather than any thing else and ordinary people will not understand it. By this Gadafi showed his intelligence to the whole world and expose Arafat intention to get sympathy from the Americans. Who will argue that Gadafi is not intelligent and can read between the lines.

This is in general and I hope all of us are aware of what Gadafi want to do and how far he wants to go. He is back to use his old phrases of killing, stray dogs and rabid dogs and Zandaqa etc. He appeared very frightend and disorganised in his thoughts but he think he found a solution to all Libyan nationalists who fought for Libya and want Libya to be free from Gadafi and his dirty hands. Gadafi wants the Americana to believe him and want the Libyan opposition to go underground again. It is in his dream and it is the right time for all of us to be more active and precise to expose him and his family and Al-Tawriyeen.

The hypothetical discussions about ElAsha, or others will not benefit any of us. Keep all your writings focused and targeted and intellectual to Libyans who are struggling to get rid of Gadafi not To ElAsha who is struggling to protect himself from various attackers.

God bless Libya.


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