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... then and only then, we would listen to what you have to say

Once again, I write these simple words to show my appreciation to your honest heartfelt effort Dr. Ighnaiwa, for the beautiful work that you are doing on this page. Better days will only come if we can work as honest and as hard as you. Dr. Ighnaiwa, you make us proud of being Libyans. Keep up the good work and God Bless you and all of those good honest Libyans.

Today, I write my second letter and more than ever I believe that my observation was 100% right when I raised some points about the writings of a person by the name of Orkin Man and questioned the motives of LFC's webmaster and if he is doing his job as he promised. I also find it hard to believe that anyone would get angry when I raise a question about two unknowns, and the same person says nothing when Omar El Mokhtar is being hanged again on LFC, by some jealous individuals. Here again, I only raise few points that caught my attention.

Now, let's go to the pages of LFC and read some of the writings that I find very funny and most of the time stupid. Please allow me to quote some of the things that caught my attention.

1 - "I recently pointed to our near-worship fascination with Omar al-Mukhtar as a sign of our poverty."

2 - This man [Omar Al Mokhtar] has done great disservice to Libya and Libyans. He led an ineffective rebellion and refused to end it, because of his sick selfish goals. The subsequent regimes of Libya used his nationalistic appeal to rule Libya and prolong the suffering of its people. If history is closely examined Omar Al Mokhtar is nothing but a modern day outlaw, a rogue terrorists. I hope one day we stop worshipping this man and demolish every shrine of him so we can bury his sad memories.

3 - Omar Al Mokhtar only achieved some form of moral victory based on nationalistic ideas packaged as Islamic values. Libya was liberated by the British and not by Omar Al Mokhtar or any of his followers.

4 - Though free to reply, idiots and Torelli terd-heards need not reply here. They are encouraged to send a letter to Libya Our Home in which they may call Kikhia "ustadh," and they can also enlighten us with such earth-shattering discoveries as "Allah is not from Benghazi."

These posts were signed by two different names and I think that most of you will agree with me when I say that those two people are one person. I say that because I find it hard to believe that we could find two people in Libya that would question the heroism of the Great Omar El Mokhtar. In these quotes, one can see the hatred and the un-comfort in the tone of the poster's words toward Cyrenaica (BARGA) and its people. He is not worried about offending all of us Libyans who are 100% Muslims. Just read quote #4. In other posts he questioned the way our hero died and how come he didn't die in battle at the age of 80? I tell this great thinker and freedom fighter!!!!!!, the one and only Orkin Man, I would like to see you walk at the age of 80 let alone riding a horse and fighting the modern Italian army of that time. This hero Omar El Mokhtar is bigger than me and you and all of us to question or defend him and his bravery. History will not lie, the truth will always be spoken. Our heroes are marked in the biggest pages of history no matter what anyone would write or say. Everyone of them played a different part, but a major one none the less, from Omar El Mokhtar and Sfai El Deen El Sinousi who won the Gordabia battle against the Italians, to Mustafa Ben'amir, Bashir El Mghairbi and all the others who called for the independence and unity with Tripolitania when only Barga was independent in 1949.

Orkin Man is spreading his wings because he is hiding behind an assumed name. And I am not asking him to say who he is either. But when Omar El Mokhtar fought the Italians who killed all those who stood in their way, he didn't hide behind anything. He fought till the last minute where he could have bought his freedom if he agreed to surrender and accept the demands of Garaziani and the Italians.

I am also wondering at the attitude of the Orkin Man who is intimidating others to answer his questions and he stays clear of the questions others ask him. Sorry to tell you Orkin Man, there are those whose writings are more superior to the venom you spit. Writing under different names is not a good way of hiding. One word is enough to reveal who's behind it.

You will not succeed in dividing us nor corrupt us with your not so patriotic ideas. And to those who are refraining from entering the slaughter house with this Orkin Man (and not Orkan Man as someone intentionally misspelled it), you are doing the right thing by showing the true behavior of Awlaad El blaad from the low and the fake. Behind this assumed name, you live in the dream of being this hero, but in reality you are putting a show for a reason unknown. All I can say is that you are trying to protect your interests in Libya now. Let me quote this line from someone's post on LFC that would describe it best. " I still have family in Libya who I would like to visit without the fear ..." This is the reason why you write under assumed names. When you can take a stand as a real man just like Omar El Mokhtar and all the other Libyan heroes did, then and only then, we would listen to what you have to say.

Ahmad El Shibbani

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