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The Exiled Libyan Healthcare Professionals

Dear Dr Ibrahim,

We are a group of Libyan heathcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, lab technicians, hospital administrator, etc) who live and work ouside Libya for many different reasons - political, social, and economic. However, we all have in common the desire to return to Libya one day (hopefully in the near future) to contribute to the enhancement of healthcare in Libya our home and lifting the misery and suffering due poor and often primitive health services in our country. For this reason and despite our very busy schedules in exile we formed a mailing list that allows us to communicate and discuss healthcare issues and keep current on the state of health in Libya.

To make individual healthcare professionals feel comfortable communicating and criticizing the current chaotic management of healthcare in Libya we decided that all communication is done through a single coordinator, who is responsible for forwarding all messages to all members of the group without revealing the email or identity of the rest of the group. Also, all members are ecouraged to use an alias and a browser-based webmail. Our experience so far has been extremely pleasant and we would like many more professionals to join in the discussion. Some of us are even thinking of organizing a meeting in which to present papers on current healthcare issues in Libya. Our optimism for the future has no limits

We would like you to help by publishing this letter including the invitation below:

To Join the mailing list for ELHPs

If you are a Libyan living in exile and working in the healthcare field you may join our mailing list by writing directly to (the Excite community board is not active any more). Here are some of the topics we have been discussing so far:

-- the HIV tragedy in Benghazi, and the epidemics of AIDS in Libya (HIV is now found in several areas including Tripoli, Mesrata, and Sabha). We shared information on the relationship between the spread of AIDS in Libya and the new pro-African policy of Qaddafi. We also discussed currently available information concerning the trial that is supposed to resolve the case of the spread of HIV in the Children Hospital in Benghazi, including the state of foreign staff (Bulgarian and Filippino).

-- the deterioration of public health standards in Libya including the decline in public hygiene in the main cities as well as in rural areas and its impact on the spread of contagious diseases.

-- the poor state of hemodialysis centers in terms of equipment and adminisrtion and the relationship between the current conditions of these centers and spread of blood-borne viral diseases such as HIV, CMV, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B.

-- the current unrestircted use of antibiotics and its impact on the development of resistant strains of microorganisms.

-- the current state of medical and allied-health education in Libya today.


The Exiled Libyan Healthcare Professionals (ELHP) group is aware of the fact that Libyans residing in Libya have no *free* access to the internet and therefore are not able to participate in free discussions of topics such as these. However, the ELHP group welcomes correspondence from healthcare professionals (Libyan and non-Libyan)currently working in Libya who may be traveling and able to access the internet. WE depend on our colleagues and friends within Libya for our information.

Amico99, List Coordinator

Aug 29 1999

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