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To the gentleman COCO

To the gentleman COCO,

Why do not you debate the hard facts? The greatest portion of the population in Libya knows for certain and beyond any doubt that Mr. Gadafi is responsible for the following blunders. You have to prove the Libyans wrong through debate and by hard evidence and prove their beleifs otherwise. The problem you are facing is that the samples of facts stipulated below are history and you can not rewrite history.

1. Gadafi criminalised party system to have absolute control of the power.

2. He assassinated and jailed opponents and whoever disagreed with whatever he laid out even if it were a mere discussion.

3. He never accepted responsibility and never admitted putting the sons of Libya in harms way in Uganda and Chad and covered it up by killing all the injured before they returned home. That is why there are no disability cases in the population as a result of those wars.

4. He wasted the Libyan wealth to buy arms to use them against the Libyans directly like in Tarhuna in 1986, Benwaleed in 1993 Aljabel Alakhder in 95, 96 or indirectly in Uganda and Chad.

5. He wasted and is still wasting billions of dollars and literally dumping the Libyan wealth in a bottomless drain named Annahr. In 1983, Libyan experts has strongly felt that the project was going to be a great failure and instead recommended that the financial resources going to finance the project be invested and use the returns to erect seawater desalination plants along the coast line to provide Libyans with more than 10 times what the ‘River’ would, in the best circumstance, yield when the project is done, or over 40 million cubic meters per day to have been made available to Libyans at a small fraction of the ‘Annahr's’ cost. The interest alone would be sufficient to accomplish that goal and keep the principle in the bank to yield more interest. Now the unfinished 'nahr' is 17 years old and still with no end insight. The early stages of the first phases are crumbling. The Libyans lost all those billions of dollars to fatten the pockets of strangers through Dong Ah and B&R.

6. The rate of rheumatism has now become the highest in Libya among the young due to the prolonged exposure of children to cold space conditions and humidity in classrooms that can hardly be described as classrooms. All schools in Libya suffer from lack of maintenance, which has not been performed for the last three decades. Broken windows and doors and overflowing sewage are trademarks of Libyan schools. More than 50 students get crammed in one room with a few remnants of broken desks. Students usually bring along with them rags and pillows to sit on in the deskless classrooms. Teachers have no appetite to teach and usually get busy somewhere else outside the school to earn a minimum standard of living. Months pass by before teachers get their already inflation prone pay checks fixed to the standard official exchange rate which is much less than the actual market rate. Besides, teachers wait months to get the new books for the new curriculum that keeps changing every year. They expect the changes this year to include the Gadafi’s new African space and his United States of Africa.

7. Mr. Gadafi has been vigorously trying to push the Libyans to immigrate to Tropical Africa, God’s paradise on Earth as he calls it. But Libyans say ‘Kan Albuma Fiha khair ……’ and if so, they ask, why Africans are leaving that paradise by the millions and coming to Libya bringing along with them crime and infectious diseases like Ebola that is killing them by the hundreds and AIDS that is killing them by the millions, not to mention Cholera, Hepatitis, Yellow fever and many more of the black African treasures Gadafi saving for Libyans?

8. Gadafi is literally looting the national treasury in broad day light and donating parts of his loot to South American states like Nicaragua, Panama, Grenada, to African states like Mali, Liberia, Chad, Central Africa, Tunis, Egypt and many others including Nigeria which is the second richest country after Libya. He relinquished oil fields to Tunisia and Algeria; he poured billions into the Egyptian and Maltese treasuries. The main motive behind his lavish generosity is one and only one: to keep those countries off limits to the Libyan opposition which he calls the Stray Dogs especially the neighboring ones like Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, and Egypt.

9. And the list grows much longer but here we are only listing a few samples of the 31 year history of accomplishments.

You should debate these points and show to the readers where they are wrong. Tell them what you have to say about the schools and the state of education in Libya. What you can say about the conditions of the Libyan health system, about the state of the security and how safe you would feel traveling the streets and the Libyan roads. Tell them how many locks and steel doors and windows you have to fix to your home and how safe your private property is including your home and car if you have them. How about job security? Can you make a plan for your life that would go beyond one day? Would you be surprised if someone would knock on your door and tell you that he got the necessary documents to prove that your home is no longer yours and it is his,? You have no choice but either to leave or get yourself in trouble with lawless law…… Ask yourself a question why there are so many Libyan refugees abroad and why so many Libyan human rights agencies sprung up in the last 20 years? Do you think they are just doing it for fun and in the process risking their lives.? Why when you talk about people who write on this page and other pages you talk in an ill way filled with errogance and ignorance. Writers here bring up arguments supported with facts and statistics, instead of attacking the writer and whether he is a Libyan or nonlibyan, debate the facts he brings up.

Have a substance and make arguments and debate these facts and stop the senseless behavior of repeatedly calling writers and site sponsers names. Stop relating the flood of facts you see on the Libyan pages to certain individuals. Do not look for scapegoats. 100% of the Libyans, including you, have survived and are surviving the effect actions listed above.

Carry on a discussion that represents your point of view in an educated manner and stop the miserable way of discrediting the Libyan boards. Anyone, including the very few guys who are on your side at least in the open when they read your contributions, they wonder what a sick mentality they have before them. They go on saying, “ It is the same mentality that colors the maps of some countries in black when presented on the Libyan TV like the maps of Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, and others at one time or another. It is the same mentality that uses negative naming to describe opponents like Albarik, Marbat Alhameer, Koheen Masr, ‘isabet Ya’s, Almigrif, Alkilab Adhalla, etc.etc. and it is the same mentality that removed the traffic signs from the expressway in Tripoli.”

You who identify yourselves with meseries the Libyans are suffering may wish to realize that you are contributing a great deal to your citizens suffering and may wish to reverse your positions.

Slemani Hrawi

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