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The real problem is back home

Elsalam Alikum Dr. Ibrahim

First, I would like to thank you for responding to my previous letter and for understanding my point of view.

Second, I would like to respond to the letter that was published on September 23, 1999, from ( Elbay ) titled: "Questioning why not to negotiate with Dorda!"

Well, the answer is very easy; the real problem is back home in LIBYA not in North America, he should be talking to the Libyan people inside Libya and asking them: what can he do to ease the pain and miseries that they are going through every day?

Libyans in North America have never asked Dorda for any help, we do not need his help, nor do we need his blessings to visit our home. If it wasn't for people like him we would not be here, away from our families and friends.

My friend, we did not miss the "Train." You and a few people like you are jumping in the wrong train, with a mad driver, going no where but backward, doing nothing good for nobody and wasting your life on bunch of titles and theories that make no sense.

My friend, as for the negotiations with Israel, that's a long story and we do not want to discuss that, that has no relation to our struggle, and for others like Tunisia, Sudan and Algeria, where are the negotiations going? No where. My friend, we have been struggling for thirty years, this is not a new government in Libya that we should give a chance and negotiate with, we have exhausted all of our efforts trying to solve this problem with the Mad Man of the middle east.

My friend, tell me one good thing that Mr. Dorda did for anyone outside of his family and friends.

We all lived in Libya after 1969 and we know Mr. Dorda, I remember when he was a Minister, he was no good then and he is still no good now, so how can you defend such man.

My friend, a few things in your letter were right, which we have to defend our country and to defend people who are loyal to their country and their people. Well, I do not think that your friend can fit the description.


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