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" Here we go again II"
Dear Dr. Ighneiwa:

     For days I was reluctant to respond to the misleading statement that was posted on “Libya News & Views” by Dr. Scandarani. Unfortunately, the serious imparity that exists in this article left me with no choice but to revisit the topic. I will strictly elaborate on the points that are directly related to me leaving the rest to those whom it may concern.

     It is really disappointing to observe an intellect discussion turned to “Hide & Seek” which reminds us of the hollow propaganda of the seventies & eighties. This type of empty speech is remarkably manifested in the series of imperious commands, personal attacks, (maseeh el-jookh), and insensibility.

     Obviously, the fabric of this article was tailored in falsehood and fabrications. The author wrongfully assumed that I am on the payroll of one of the human rights organizations therefore it is my job to speak on behalf of the Libyan political prisoners. (Quote) “I assume he is paid by the Human Rights Organization and should not ask someone else to do his job for him” (unquote) to keep the record straight it is worthy to mention:
     - The organization I belong to is a pure Libyan entity, which sponsored only by Libyan resources, this commission was established in 1985 and has won international recognition & respect for its impeccable effort in promoting the essence of human rights in Libya. I am honored to be one of the founders and among the volunteers. I strongly believe that every Libyan citizen is entitled and invited to participate in this campaign to free prisoners of conscience and to speak against all forms of atrocities & sporadic killings of our fellow Libyans at the hands of the Libyan authorities.
     - This organization was founded when the majority of the nowadays champs were fearfully hiding in their bunkers. The stalwart commissioners spoke in public against the violations of basic human rights in Libya.
     - The commissioners took firm stand in the past and they are in a solid position today, proudly serving hundreds of Libyans around the globe (from Australia, through Malaysia, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia, England, United States and Canada) and helping those whom were abandoned by their concerned brothers such as Mr. Scandarani. Inshaa Allah the day will come when the truth will speak for itself.
     - Dr. Scandarani’s pugnacious attitude is the reason he is involved in so many arguments. (Quote) “This brother criticized us for not discussing the human rights issues” (unquote). In my judgement Mr. Scandarani took my wish out of context. I actually meant that the discussion would be more fruitful and productive if the attendees had seized the opportunity to dissect this issue face to face with the Libyan officials, especially when they convened in a pleasant, hospitable, open, warm and brotherly atmosphere. Bluntly, I learnt in life that manhood, dignity and pride are innate and not life earns. I want to say to Dr. Scandarani: sorry, the catastrophe is beyond our imaginations and you deserve the benefit of the doubt only because you have been out of Libya for the last 40 years (I will refer you to Amnesty International Reports and to the recent tragic summarily execution of Mr. El-Wafi Embaia).
     - Dr. Scandarani’s insolent retorts is clearly demonstrated in this quotation, “We don’t want anyone to condone our actions, especially from one who quotes his hero, a murdering S.O.B. who ordered the bombing of Libya, with the blessings of some, to kill and injure our citizens including Mr. Dorda and his family” (unquote). He is blaming me for using former president Reagan's phrase “Here we go again,” in this regard I would like to emphasize:
          1- Plagiarism is unacceptable conduct in academia, yet it is permissible to quote others. Therefore, I kept myself within the guidelines. Whenever I quote I do not have to select texts that please others, but I have to utilize what will exactly express my thoughts.
          2- I did and will always condemn any internal and/or external aggression against Libyan soil and (ALL) her citizens. The bombing or intrusions of our country is a crime, but we should be politically correct when we use the same measure and say that the aggression and atrocities against Libyan people by the Libyan authorities is a crime against humanity. Let us be honest and sincere and not mixing the issues by finding an escape goat to divert the healthy dialogue to non-irrelevant theme or create in us non-existent champs.
          3- I have never judged people by their intentions and I will never do, as I have neither earned such privilege nor authority. However, we can hold them up to their action, reaction and words. Ironically, Mr. Scandarani’s article is self-explanatory and clear reflection of his inner part & his unseen.

     It troubles me to read this segment from the article “there are former POW's who were brought to the U.S. and abandoned. Such needy brothers are the immediate concern at this point in time” I totally agree that those brothers should receive our immediate care all the time but they have been living in this chaos for the last eight years. Who should be blamed for their tragedy? Who did send them to Chad and why? It troubles me more to treat this segment as an innocent one. Especially when someone has just hatched out the shell to open the gates of New York and rescue the ex-Libyan POW’s. Such personality surely will shackle people within their own thoughts as they try to figure out the true mission of the new crusader. Furthermore, why it is at this point in time and not eight years ago when they first landed on this soil.

     When somebody suddenly dust himself off the Southern sands and lead the marathon to NYC to speak about needy Libyans, “here are brothers surviving on welfare, food stamps and living below the poverty line, not to mention those who get involved with drugs, some of whom are well known to most of you” it becomes legitimate question to ask: why this care taker has just arouse now and not thirty years or even twenty years ago. Surprisingly, he has lived in this country for four decades and attended only one single gathering with his countrymen 1984 -1985.

     The relationship between Libya and the United States has been severed for years, the question that pose itself why no attempts were made earlier to lobby the decision makers in this country to engage in constructive dialogue with Libya.

     We all agree that the sanctions imposed on Libya are unethical and are harming the Libyan people and not the regime. Therefore, we loudly should call for the total lifting of this unjustified embargo.

     My final thoughts will focus on issues that Mr. Scandarani deliberately ignored; yet the sieves can not prevent the sun rays from passing through.

     For any constructive dialogue we ask for the followings to be on the agenda:
          1) A constitution to rule Libya that reflects Libyans' faith and culture.
          2) The establishment of legitimate institutions.
          3) Full respect to human dignity.
          4) The freedom of speech, expression, assembly and all citizens are equal
               before the law.
          5) The immediate and unconditional release of the political detainees and
               prisoners of conscience.
          6) The immediate abolition of the Revolutionary Committees and the secret
          7) All those who are responsible for the political, economical, social and/or
               cultural corruption along with those who committed torture, mental, physical
               harassment and blood shed should be brought to justice.

     I have no hard feelings against Dr. Scandarani but I felt degraded and insulted when I have read this sentence “You had your chance, so let someone else try” as if he tried before and was blocked. The prophet (The blessings of Allah be upon him) used to say: “Allahuma Ij'al Akhir Ayamena Khawatimeha”

     I will conclude with the following: There was a story once told that Winston Churchill, the famous British Prime Minister, was attending the opening meeting of the Parliament and while waiting for the session to convene, he was engaged in a discussion with a newly elected enthusiastic member. This gentleman volunteered a lengthy discourse on why he was elected to this seat and his agenda on nonsense. Mr. Churchill politely replied in his dignified manner, with roused eyebrows and his signature cigar: Do you know why I am here ... to protect you from yourself and to prevent such nonsense from occurring.

I hope I made my message across.

Dr. Amin Elhuni

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